Not sure which reel is right for you?

Why a hose reel?

A hose reel is the ideal hose storage solution.  It keeps your hose tidy, makes it easier to manage and prevents kinks and tangles.  When you don't have to deal with tangles, watering your garden or washing the car is a much more enjoyable task. 

Automatic Stop/Rewind Hose Reels

A retractable hose reel is a permanent solution that is typically mounted to a fixed wall bracket.  The hose is encased in a plastic unit that sits in the bracket, protecting the hose from the elements and keeping it tidy.  The specially designed hose is wound on a spring-loaded drum that stops and starts at your command, so you only use as much hose as you need at any time.  The hose locks off with a slight release of pulling pressure and retraction starts with a small tug - similar to how many vacuum cleaner cords work.  This manages the hose, keeps it from kinking and tangling and makes it easy to use for almost anyone.

Retractable hose reels are ideal for anyone able to permanently install the unit and wanting the ultimate in easy watering solutions.

Manual Wind Hose Reels

With manual hose reels, the user turns a handle to wind the hose back onto the drum.  The benefit of a manual hose reel is that you can install your existing hose (any standard garden hose) onto it.  You can also move the unit if necessary, making it ideal for renters or where it isn't possible to install a wall bracket.

Tim's Tip

"Think about whether or not convenience is important to you.  For example, if you need to water quickly before you go to work, then a Retractable Hose Reel is ideal.  If you rent and want to take the hose with you, then a free-standing manual wind hose reel is a better option,"  says Hoselink CEO & Founder, Tim Kierath.

Still not sure?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hose Reels

Our standard Hose Reels are made with a 12mm garden hose whereas the Hi-flow Reels are made with a slightly larger 14mm garden hose. Because of the design, all retractable hose reels will reduce water pressure to varying degrees. With the larger diameter hose in the Hi-flow model, we've calculated a 25% better water flow rate in comparison to our standard models, making for easier and quicker watering. Unless you have extremely high water pressure, we would always recommend the Hi-flow model for the best watering experience. In particular, anyone who has low to medium water pressure at their home should choose the Hi-flow model to minimise loss of pressure.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding which type of hose reel is right for you. Where can you locate it? Do you have a wall you can mount it to? If you have a big property, do you want to move it around from place to place? Are you renting and want to take it to your next home? What is your budget? Do you need a heavy duty solution? What is most important to you, convenience or value? Here are our brief summations of the hose reels we offer:

Wall Mounted
If wall mounting is ok, the most popular choice is a Retractable Hose Reel. In heavy use situations, our Heavy Duty Manual Reel is the best choice.

A Hose Reel Cart allows you to move the hose as much as you need and is rewound via the handle on the side of the unit. It is possible to purchase additional brackets that allow Retractable Hose Reels to be used in more than one location but keep in mind the reels become heavier when full of water and having to move it won’t be as enjoyable an experience as simply pulling it in and out when needed.

You can create a free-standing solution for the Retractable Hose Reel by purchasing a specialised mounting solution such as the Fixed Ground Mount or Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post, bear in mind that both options need to be permanently secured. Alternatively, our manual wind Hose Reel Box is an attractive storage option that sits on the ground with no installation required. This is also a good solution for renters.

Yes, you can attach an additional hose to the main hose on the Hose Reel, however the additional hose will not retract back into the unit. Also, your additional hose will need to have Hoselink connections in order for it to join to the end of the main hose. We offer standard 12mm garden hoses as well as Leader Hose Extensions, all of which come ready-fitted with Hoselink Hose End Connectors for fast and easy joining guaranteed never to burst off or leak.

The Retractable Hose Reels come with a 2m Leader Hose (the hose that goes from the tap to the unit). If this isn’t long enough (remember to allow a little extra length for the hose reel unit to swivel on the bracket), you can add an additional length of hose as long as it is connected with Hoselink Hose End Connectors. For your convenience we sell Leader Hose Extensions in 1.5m and 5m lengths.

There are four hose lengths to choose from: 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m. The Hi-flow model is only available in 25m.

Yes, we sell a padlock which you can use to secure the Retractable Hose Reel onto the bracket so that no one can lift it off. The padlock fits into one of the holes that protrude from underneath the bracket, thereby securing it to the wall bracket. If you choose to use the Hoselink Fixed Ground Mount or Mounting Post, please be aware that the padlock is not compatible with these products. 

There are two ground mounting options that allow you to position the Retractable Hose Reel away from a wall or fence. The Fixed Ground Mount is low to the ground and can be screwed onto decks or concrete. The Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post must be concreted into the ground but allows you to position the reel anywhere in the garden. The hose reel slots into a hole in the top and allow the reel to swing freely during use. Keep in mind the Retractable Hose Reel must be mounted in order to function, it cannot be used as a free-standing hose reel. The wall bracket is pre-packaged with all Retractable Hose Reels and cannot be swapped out.

The Hose Reel Covers are made with UV protected materials to add an increased layer of protection for any Hose Reels that may be positioned directly in the sun for any given length of time. They also protect the Hose Reel from any creatures that may find their way into the reel through the screw holes, or alternatively, we also sell Hose Reel Plugs to block up screw holes all together. Please keep in mind that the cover is fabric and will eventually deteriorate from the elements, however, it is a great value way to protect your investment over time and with three eye-catching designs to choose from, you can add a splash of colour to your backyard while you're at it.

Our Manual Hose Reels are designed to hold up to 30m of hose.

No, unfortunately the 18mm hose is too large to be loaded on to our Manual Hose Reels.

The Retractable Hose Reel repair kit will enable you to cut out and repair a damaged hose section, so you can continue to use your hose reel.

We have two Hose Reel Carts: the Heavy Duty Hose Reel Cart available with and without a 30m Hose, and the Metal Hose Reel Cart also available with or without a 30m hose. A hose reel cart offers a portable hose storage solution that will keep hoses tidy and tangle free whilst allowing you to move your hose from tap to tap with ease - ideal if you have a particularly large outdoor space with multiple tap points.

There are some key differences between the two. The Metal Hose Reel Cart is better suited to everyday use in home gardens. The sturdy trolley will allow you to move your hose around the yard wherever you need it. Easy to manoeuvre, the cart features a handy shelf perfect for storing watering accessories, as well as puncture-proof wheels for tough terrain, an integrated self-layering mechanism for easy rewind and solidly built zinc-plated construction. The Heavy Duty Hose Reel Cart is built to last, made from strong rust-proof aluminium-alloy and stainless steel. This premium quality cart is better suited to commercial and/or rural environments. Its large puncture-proof tyres will keep you moving, it's solid construction is easy to move even over the toughest terrain, whilst the handy built-in cam lever brake prevents unspooling when in use.