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Variable spray mixer for fertiliser & weed sprays

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Connect the Fertiliser Spray Mixer to your hose and quickly and conveniently dispense commercial fertiliser or weed spray on to your lawn or garden. The easy-to-use trigger spray is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis and are unable to use a pump-style bottle.

Not suitable for low water pressure or use with water tanks.

Tired of ill-fitting connections to pre-mixed fertiliser spray bottles? Due to strong demand, we've introduced the Fertiliser Spray Mixer so you can enjoy a reliable connection between your Hoselink-fitted hose and the Fertiliser Spray Mixer - no more leaky fittings!

How to use the Fertiliser Spray Mixer

  1. Add concentrate to the bottle, no pre-mixing required. *Please ensure you read the instructions on the fertiliser bottle as this may vary.*
  2. Set dilution ratio by turning the selector dial until the desired number is aligned with the brass knob on the side of the dial.

    To work out the setting required for your own brand of fertiliser use the table below:

  3. Attach the Mixer to your Hoselink-fitted hose using the included Accessory Connector.
  4. Turn water flow on. Squeeze the trigger and spray on to your lawn or garden as required.

Installing the flow reduction

  1. Unscrew the bottle and remove the siphon tube.
  2. Unscrew the brass pin from above the selector dial.
  3. Push the flow reducer into the top of the siphon tube. 
  4. Put siphon tube back in place firmly and reassemble the bottle.

How it works

The selecter dial draws a measured amount of fertiliser up from the spray bottle and mixes it with water flowing through from the sprayer. Dilution rates are printed on the outside of the bottle for convenience. The benefit of this system is it allows for an even spread of fertiliser.

A note about the Fertiliser Spray Mixer

This product is suitable for use with Hoselink fertilisers and our car cleaning range as well as commercially available liquid fertilisers or weed sprays. If you are using a concentrate please follow the directions on the bottle (it may recommend diluting with water before use). 

It is not suitable for use with granulated fertilisers, compost or worm farm liquid as the sediment in these liquids will clog the spray outlet.

Clean and reuse! Fill bottle with water, set dial to 10 and spray until empty. This will prevent the contamination of multiple fertilisers/cleaning products.

Bottle holds 450ml.

This product comes with a Hoselink connector included for quick connection to your Hoselink-fitted garden hose. If you are new to Hoselink then you will need to either convert your hose to Hoselink no-burst fittings (we recommend the Water Wise Starter Kit) or alternatively you can unscrew the Hoselink connector from this device and replace it with a standard click-on style male connector (please note we do not sell these).



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Product Specifications

Model Name Fertiliser Spray Mixer
Model Number 5538-WG
Material ABS plastic, PVC bottle
Colour Black and white
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Minimum Pressure 50psi
Bottle Volume 500ml
Hose Fitting Size 12mm
Warranty 1 year

What's Included

  • Fertiliser Spray Mixer (x1)
  • Accessory Connector (x1)
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue

Q. How can I achieve an exact measurement?

A. In reality, you cannot achieve an exact measurement as there are many variables including your water pressure, how much concentrate you use, which brand you use, what type of product you are using.  You can vary output by increasing or decreasing the flow rate, or by increasing or decreasing the concentrate used.

Q. What Setting do I need to use?

This will depend on what type of fertiliser you are using. Recommended dilution rates will be on the back of the product.

The dilution rates detailed on the mixer are per litre of water. Hoselink fertilisers will indicate a per litre setting on the back of the bottle
Other brands often use a dilution rate based on a 9 litre watering can. In these instances, to work out the per litre amount, divide the dilution by 9.

Use the Table Below to work out the required dilution rate:


Once you find your dilution rate, refer to the table on the back of the mixer to find the closet setting to achieve that dilution rate.

Q. How much fertiliser do I put in the bottle?

You can put as much fertiliser as you want in the bottle. The amount in the bottle does not determine how much fertiliser is being used. This is all based on the dilution rate setting.
It’s often easier to put in more than you need.
Any unused fertiliser can always be poured back into your fertiliser container when finished.

Q. My fertiliser bottle is filling up with water, how do I fix this?

Generally, if the bottle is filling up with water it indicates that water pressure is lacking. Try turning up the water from the tap or checking for leaks.

Q. The sprayer is not drawing up the fertiliser, only water is spraying out. How do I fix this?

Check there is enough fertiliser in the spray bottle to reach the siphon tube. Feel free to put more fertiliser in than you need as it always can be poured back into its original bottle if not needed.
If using a reducer, the dilution rate may be so great that it does not appear to be drawing up much fertiliser, and won’t be visible to the naked eye. Not sure? The best way to test this would be to fill the bottle with water, reduce the dilution rate to setting 10, and turn the hose on. If the liquid is sucked up, then you will know that the mixer is functional.

Q. When should I use the reducer?

Looking at the dilution rate table printed on the spray mixer;
Only use the reducer if the you cannot get the dilution rate you need without its use.
The reducer is designed for products that require a very high dilution rate. So that only a miniscule amount is used per litre of water.

Q. How do I use the reducer?

To use the reducer; remove reducer from top of selector dial. Unscrew the bottle, take the filter off the bottom of the siphon tube. Place the reducer (Thread side up) into the siphon tube and replace the filter. Screw bottle back on to spray head.

Q. Why are there 2 dilution lists on the bottle?

The two lists show the difference in dilution rate, with and without the reducer in place.
The reducer should only be used to achieve a very high dilution rate ( as per the instructions on your fertiliser)

Q. What Fertilisers / concentrate can you use in the bottle?

Most fertilisers are fine to use.
Granulated fertilisers, when used with the reducer, can cause blockages

Q. Do you have larger bottles? or spares?

We only offer the one size bottle – 450ml.
Spare bottles will be available late 2020


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Stephen T.
I recommend this product

fertiliser spray mixer

excellent thankyou

Philip K.
Australia Australia

Excellent Customer Service

Initial purchase found to be faulty. Rang customer service who was very helpful and accommodating and immediately arranged for replacement to be sent out. It arrived after only 3 business days. I tested the unit and completely satisfied.

Paul A.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

All your products are of quality standard.

Keep it up was very impress with your staff n Ryan, Jasmin, have been very help, I have recommended to my neighbours , who have ask me to order to 20mm retractable Garden host, which Li have spoken to Ryan about it today 13/5/22

Stephen C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Love this sprayer

Got like all my other Hoselink purchases this sprayer is great. Easy to use and can be used for a multitude of uses. Great delivery service and customer service by Hoselink as usual. Wouldn’t use any other gardening products.

Catherine M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Happy with product! Definitely would recommend.

James C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

What a timesaver

Easy to use, and gets the job done faster. Great little addition to our gardening arsenal

paul h.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Very good I like it

Jennifer G.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Do your research

I recently purchased a fertiliser spray mixer and connected it filling the bottle with tap water putting the setting on ten to see if the water was used. It didn't so I put the restrictor in still no result. With a bit of research I found you needed 50psi minimum for it to operate. I tested my water pressure at the tap and the hoselink retractible hose and it was 30psi.

Eric W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Sprayer almost perfect.

Very impressed the sprayer worked as well as I hoped. Looks and feels very well made and operates precisely. If I have any criticism of the product the vacuum tube is perhaps 5mm too short and leaves a residue of product in the bottom of the container and the tube should be weighted a little, as when in use the sprayer is an angle forward and a little weight would keep the tube in the fluid and empty the bottle fully. However, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Susan S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


I haven’t used the product yet but looking forward to it. The product feels very good quality

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