Our Partnerships

At Hoselink, we believe in forming meaningful partnerships that support communities around the country and make a difference in protecting and rejuvenating Australia’s fauna and flora

  • We are proud to support:

Wheen Bee Foundation

Hoselink is proud to partner with Wheen Bee Foundation, Australia’s only registered not-for-profit bee charity that promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees, for a second year. Wheen Bee Foundation supports vital research projects and activities to help keep bees healthy and provide education initiatives that strengthen bees, pollination, food security and ecosystem health. By working with the Foundation, Hoselink hopes to help raise awareness around the importance of bees and help fund vital research. 

Find out more about the importance of bees and how you can help to protect them in this video - WATCH HERE.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens

Since 2020, Hoselink has partnered with The Royal Botanic Gardens to support leading plant science and horticulture initiatives in NSW. By working with the Gardens, we are helping to support integral research for the long-term protection and sustainability of Australian plant life and the animals that rely upon them. In addition, we are proud to donate water-saving equipment to the Gardens and volunteer our time in the Royal Botanic Garden’s Community Greening programme.

You can find out more about The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and Hoselink's involvement via our Cultivating Connections video - WATCH HERE.

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Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo, home of the Crocodile Hunter, is globally renowned for its incredible animal conservation efforts. Founded by the Irwin family in 1970, Australia Zoo is perhaps best known for its original Wildlife Warrior and force of nature behind the set-up you see today, Steve Irwin. In 2021, Hoselink became a proud partner and supporter of Australia Zoo, providing our reliable watering products across the Queensland Park. Today, Steve's legacy and mission to conserve animals through exciting education live on through Terri, Bindi and Robert's efforts.

You can find out more about the Zoo’s conservation work and the Hoselink partnership in our Cultivating Connections video - WATCH HERE.

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greyhound dog in splash pool smiling

Greyhound Rescue

Hoselink is proud to partner with Greyhound Rescue, a volunteer-run organisation that ethically rescues hundreds of greyhounds and lovingly rehabilitates them before finally rehoming them. Greyhound Rescue gives greyhounds from the racing industry a second chance by finding them new homes with loving families to become cherished pets. Hoselink hopes to help Greyhound Rescue’s mission of advocating for awareness and education about how greyhounds can be incredibly loving, beautiful pets while also donating hoses, watering systems, cleaning tools and solar lights to their NSW shelter. 

You can find out what the Hoselink team and the gorgeous greyhounds got up to during our volunteer day at the shelter in this video - WATCH HERE.

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Port Stephens Koalas

Port Stephens Koalas has been saving and protecting the local koala population for over 30 years, and we are proud to have supported their fantastic work since 2017. Koala numbers have sadly been declining due to habitat loss from severe bush fires and land development. Port Stephens Koalas works to save injured koalas and rehabilitate them before, hopefully, releasing the animals back into the wild. Since partnering with Port Stephens Koalas, Hoselink is thrilled to have raised over $15,000 and donated thousands of dollars' worth of products to their fantastic new facility, the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary.

You can discover more about the charity’s work and Hoselink's involvement in our Cultivating Connections video - WATCH HERE.

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We care about Australia and the planet

We're always pushing to do better for the environment and have committed to building partnerships to help protect and rejuvenate Australian flora and fauna while we cultivate a better world with our sustainability efforts