Collection: Cleaning Devices

  • Firm bristle attachment head for extendable cleaning brush on white background

    Firm Bristle Attachment for Extendable Cleaning Brush

    Optional accessory, perfect for those tougher cleaning jobs

    Item: 7004FBH

    9 reviews
  • Extendable Cleaning Brush

    Extendable Cleaning Brush

    Super soft bristles + water flow control

    Item: 7004-WG

    291 reviews
  • Super Jet Washer

    Super Jet Washer

    Makes any cleaning job easy

    Item: 5563-WG

    1070 reviews
  • Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner

    Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner

    Light, extendable gutter cleaner with pivot head

    Item: 5564-WG

    160 reviews

Cleaning Devices frequently asked questions

What products are best for washing the car?

If you are hand washing your car with a cloth or mitt, the Super Jet Washer does a great job of washing off the suds and is also good for blasting water onto tyre rims and bumpers and reaching the roof. For a less hands-on approach, the Extendable Cleaning Brush can be used with a squirt of soap on the brush combined with a gentle stream of water to wash away dirt and grime. You will still need to rinse the soap off with either a jet spray or Super Jet Washer afterwards.

Does the Super Jet Washer have the same pressure as a Pressure Washer?

The Super Jet Washer has a similar spray to that of a pressure washer (like a Karcher or Gerni) but is not nearly as strong. It is essentially the strongest jet spray you can get when using a standard hose. For large cleaning jobs, you can’t beat a machine pressure washer but for a convenient option inbetween use, many customers report the Super Jet Washer is effective at removing light dirt and grime. The Super Washer is also a great accessory for cleaning walls, pavers, windows, caravans, 4WDs and cars.

What are the best accessories for cleaning gutters?

Our two most popular accessories for cleaning gutters are the Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner and the Super Jet Washer. They both produce a high pressure water flow making it easy to clear out leaves and debris from gutters. The added bonus with the Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner is that the pivoting head and long reaching handle means some customers can flush out gutters without the use of a ladder, making the job easier.