Sprayers & Wands

Sprayers & Wands

  • Sprayers for watering, cleaning & fertilising
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Task-specific spray patterns


Frequently Asked Questions about Sprayers & Wands

The Blaster and the Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle are both designed to have a strong pressure jet spray. The Blaster is controlled by a lever on the side which is used to reduce and increase the water pressure as well as turning it off and on. The Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle has a brass head making it very durable and is controlled by twisting the head to open and close the ball valve. The spray output of both sprayers is similar although there is more control available on the Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle and because of its sleek design it’s also likely to be more durable over time.

These sprayers are very similar with the main difference being the handle function. The 7-Function Spray Gun has a trigger whereas the 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Gun has a lever, which seems to experience fewer problems. Both are similar in terms of function, with six functions in common including the Centre, Flat, Cone, Shower, Full and Fine Mist functions. The 7-Function Spray Gun also has a Jet Spray function, and the 8-Pattern Flow Control Spray Gun has a Vertical and Stream function.

Yes you can use our sprayers with your ordinary fittings but you will need to connect a male click-on connection to connect it to your hose. You could either make use of one you already have at home, or you would need to purchase one from a hardware store. Click-on or quick connect fittings are a different system to Hoselink. As all Hoselink sprayers and sprinklers present with a threaded end, this is why you would need to get a separate male click-on connector. Naturally, we suggest considering converting your garden hose to Hoselink’s reliable no-burst hose connectors for the best watering experience!

Our Long-Reach/Wand fittings will all come with the Accessory Connectors needed for connecting to a Hoselink fitted hose. The hand-held spray guns typically require the additional purchase of an Accessory Connector or Accessory Connector with Swivel, unless you are already purchasing a complete nozzle set such as our Water Wise Starter Kit or already have a fitting at home. The Starter Kits are a good way to save money on the purchase of your sprayers.

The standard Shower Wand has a length of 490mm and the Long-Reach is 700mm.

The 4 pattern Extendable Wand can be extended anywhere between 93cm and 160cm to suit the task and is easily adjusted whenever you need to. The 8 Pattern Spray Wand is a 49cm long wand that has multiple spray settings but cannot be extended like the 4 Pattern Wand.

If you are hand washing your car with a cloth or mitt, the Super Jet Washer does a great job of washing off the suds and is also good for blasting water onto tyre rims and bumpers and reaching the roof. For a less hands-on approach, the Extendable Cleaning Brush can be used with a squirt of soap on the brush combined with a gentle stream of water to wash away dirt and grime. You will still need to rinse the soap off with either a jet spray or Super Jet Washer afterwards. Hoselink now sells a range of car cleaning products including Car Shampoo, Waterless Wash & Wax, wool wash mitt and microfibre cleaning towels for a sparkling finish. Click here to view the full range.

The Super Jet Washer has a similar spray to that of a pressure washer (like a Karcher or Gerni) but is not nearly as strong. It is essentially the strongest jet spray you can get when using a standard hose. For large cleaning jobs, you can’t beat a machine pressure washer but for a convenient option inbetween use, many customers report the Super Jet Washer is effective at removing light dirt and grime. The Super Washer is also a great accessory for cleaning walls, pavers, windows, caravans, 4WDs and cars.

Our two most popular accessories for cleaning gutters are the Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner and the Super Jet Washer. They both produce a high pressure water flow making it easy to clear out leaves and debris from gutters. The added bonus with the Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner is that the pivoting head and long reaching handle means some customers can flush out gutters without the use of a ladder, making the job easier.