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    Hose & Hanger Pack | Sage Green | Limited Edition

    Durable Superflex Hose and Stainless Steel Hanger
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  • Limited Edition

    Sage Green Hose & Hanger Pack

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Hoses frequently asked questions

Is 30 metres the longest garden hose you have?

Yes, our longest hose is 30 metres - this applies to Retractable Hose Reels and the Superflex garden hose.
Garden hoses can be extended if required. Hoses fitted with Hoselink Hose End fittings can easily couple together to get the length you need, thanks to the no-burst nature of our hose connectors.
Some customers even opt to use our Retractable Hose Reel Leader Hose Extensions, to extend short distances of up to 5 metres.

Can you buy the hose without the fittings?

Our Superflex hoses come pre-fitted with Hoselink fittings.  Our Drinking Water hoses come without any fittings pre-fitted, these must be purchased separately.

What is the difference between the Weeper and Soaker Hose?

A Soaker Hose is a plastic hose with holes throughout its length and emits a spray outwards, similar to a sprinkler. A Weeper Hose slowly "weeps" water and looks like it is dripping. Because Weeper Hoses drip directly into the ground underneath them, they are suitable for watering garden beds, can be buried under mulch and are useful for conserving water. Soaker Hoses, on the other hand, act more like a sprinkler. Many people like to use them on nature strips or other long sections of garden.

Can I join a Hoselink hose to one of my other 'click-on' style hoses?

In order to attach a 'click on' hose to a Hoselink hose, you will need to replace the click on end with a standard Hoselink Hose end connector so you can couple the hoses together.

Can I join two hoses together?

Yes, with ease! All our hoses come pre-fitted with Hoselink Hose End Fittings, so to join two Hoselink hoses together is as easy as lining up each fittings and twisting!

What's the best way to store a garden hose?

We recommend storing your hose in large loops over a hose hanger. This will make it easier to retrieve the hose for its next use and help prevent it from twisting. Hoselink sells a range of hose holders to suit the style of your home.