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Hand Attaching Hoselink Connectors

Adapt to Hoselink

Connect Just About Anything to Our No-Burst Hose Fittings

How to Adapt to Hoselink

There is one simple principle to understand about adapting to Hoselink – any accessory or device with a screw thread can be attached for a no-burst connection.

Got a sprinkler? See if you can unscrew the ‘click-on style’ fitting. Same goes for pressure washers and sprayers. Once you’ve got a thread, you can attach one of 2 Hoselink fittings for a no-burst connection (use a Universal Tap Connector or Accessory Connector depending on whether it has a male or female thread).

If you’re stuck with the ‘click-on style’ fitting because it’s glued or molded in, then our Click-on Adapter will get you out of trouble.


There are 2 common tap sizes found around Australia, being 1” and ¾” BSP thread size. The Hoselink Universal Tap Connector will fit either size via the included size reducer. Rest assured, Hoselink will fit your garden tap.

1 Inch Tap
1 Inch Tap
¾ Inch Tap
¾ Inch Tap


Hoselink connectors are suitable for fitting onto any standard garden hose, and come in 2 sizes to fit 12mm and 18mm hoses.

Most household garden hoses are 12mm, which is the measurement of the internal diameter of the hose. External diameters vary depending on the type and quality of hose. We’ve only found one type of hose that Hoselink cannot be used with – the internal pipe is split into four “cells”.

1 Inch Tap
12mm (1/2”) Hoselink Green and Yellow Fittings
¾ Inch Tap
18mm (3/4”) Hoselink Red and Black Fittings

Sprinklers & Sprayers

If you’re switching your hose to Hoselink, then it’s a good idea to change the connection on your existing sprinklers and sprayers too.

First step, see if you can unscrew the ‘click-on style’ fitting in the sprinkler or sprayer. If you can that’s great because you can then replace it with either a Hoselink Accessory Connector (most common) or Universal Tap Connector, depending on whether you need to fit a male or female thread.

Click-On Fitting in Sprinkler
Click-On Fitting in Sprinkler
Sprinkler Converted to Hoselink
Sprinkler Converted to Hoselink

If the ‘click-on style’ fitting is molded or glued in, then you’ll need to revert to using the Click-on Adapter Set.

Once you’ve switched over to Hoselink, we advise looking for watering accessories that can be converted to Hoselink via a screw thread.

Pressure Washers

Hoselink fittings are compatible with Gerni, Karcher and other brands of pressure cleaners to ensure a secure and stable connection between the hose and machine.

All pressure cleaners are different, so at the water inlet unscrew the ‘click-on style’ fitting to check whether the machine has a male or female thread.

Unscrew Click-On Fitting
Unscrew Click-On Fitting
Washer Converted to Hoselink
Washer Converted to Hoselink

Fertiliser Bottles

There is only one way to connect ready-made fertiliser bottles such Yates Weed’n’Feed and other liquid hose-on products.

The Click-on Adapter Set will connect your Hoselink hose to the ‘click-on style’ connection on the bottle.

Fertiliser Bottle Connection
Fertiliser Connected with Click-On Adapter


Connecting with Hoselink gives you peace of mind knowing you have a secure, reliable, burst-proof connection between the tap and van.

Before you purchase any fittings, confirm what type of water inlet your caravan has. Some vans are fitted with a BSP threaded inlet (standard Australian connection) and others are fitted with an NPT threaded inlet (US). You’ll also need to note whether the van has a male or female thread. The great news is Hoselink has a connector to suit any inlet type!

Water Inlet Type Hoselink Connection Required Recommended Setup
Female thread BSP Accessory Connector (2470) Starter Kit
Male thread BSP Universal Tap Connector (2320) Starter Kit + Universal Tap Connector
Female thread NPT (US) US Thread Caravan Connector (2730) Starter Kit + US Thread Caravan Connector
Male thread NPT (US) ¾” US Thread Adapter + Universal Tap Connector (2320) Starter Kit + ¾” US Thread Adapter + Universal Tap Connector
Molded ‘click-on style’ fitting that cannot be removed Click-on Adapter Set (2491) Starter Kit + Click-on Adapter Set
Click-On Adapter + Angled Tap Protector
Hoselink Connectors + Angled Tap Protector

A sprayer can be handy in case you need to wash down your car or van, therefore we recommend a Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit as the basis of your set up, plus any additional components required.


Even irrigation systems can fail when used with ‘click-on style’ fittings. Even though not designed for use with 13mm black polypipe, many customers have successfully used Hoselink on their irrigation system to ensure a watertight connection.

Fittings instructions differ slightly so follow these steps to fit a Hoselink Hose End Connector directly onto 13mm black polypipe:

  1. Cut a 2mm gap into the “split” in the white split ring.
  2. Slide the yellow nut up the hose.
  3. Put the white split ring around the polypipe then push the polypipe down to the bottom of the stem of the Hose End Connector.
  4. Let the white split ring fall down into the connector.
  5. Screw on the yellow nut.
Male Thread on Machine
Cutting the Split Ring
Female Thread on Machine
Connect the Polypipe to the Hose End Connector

Water Tanks

Most water tanks have a conventional tap that will accommodate standard Hoselink connectors. As Hoselink fittings can withstand very high water pressure (550psi) without breaking or bursting off, even tanks installed with pumps are assured of a watertight connection.

Water Tank
Water Tank Connection

Bore Water

Hoselink fittings are suitable for use with bore water. As bore water is often associated with low water pressure, we recommend using a straight-through sprayer (such as the Basic Spray Nozzle or Blaster), as opposed to one of the spray guns which can impact water pressure.

Bore Water Tank
Bore Water Tank

Recycled Water

Recycled water taps are configured with a reverse thread. By first attaching Hoselink’s Recycled Water Tap Adapter, standard hose connectors can then be attached to the recycled water tap.

Recycled Water Tap Adapter Changes Thread Direction
Recycled Water Tap Adapter Changes Thread Direction
Attach Standard Thread Hose Fittings
Attach Standard Thread Hose Fittings