Understanding Our System

The Hoselink System has been designed to ensure watering is as easy as it is pleasurable. Each of our watering products are part of an interchangeable system that is easy to use, leak-free and versatile. Each system element is compatible with the other, allowing you to customise and create the ultimate watering set-up in your garden. 

There are three elements in our system:

  • 1. Connectors

    Our system starts with our connectors

    Strong, robust and built to last with a simple point & twist connection!

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  • 2. Hoses & Hose Reels

    A comprehensive watering experience

    Multiple colours and sizes available!
    Your premium watering solution

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  • 3. Watering Accessories

    Options for every situation

    From the car to the patio, find the tool that's going to get the job done!

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1. Connectors

What are the benefits?

  • Watertight o-ring to o-ring seal between connectors

  • Reliable point and twist bayonet connection

  • Identical face on every connector making it easy to join together

  • Change watering accessories with ease

  • Split ring and barbed stem grips the hose and won't let go

  • Screw-on thread to accessory guaranteed not to leak

  • Screw-on thread to tap guaranteed not to leak

  • Made from durable nylon with UV protection

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Understanding our Connectors

If you’re tired of leaking, bursting fittings, then you’ve come to the right place. Install our patented fittings on your hose and enjoy a 100% watertight connection you can rely on. That means no more worrying about wasted water and no soakings from a bursting hose! 

There are two main sizes of connectors: residential (12mm) and commercial (18mm). 

They include: 

  • Tap End

    Hoselink’s durable Universal Tap Connector is specially designed to deliver a watertight seal. 

    Fits: The two standard tap sizes found in Australia – ¾” and 1” BSP. Use it either with or without the supplied reducer to fit. 

    Options: Available in a choice of colours in residential 12mm or commercial 18mm sizes. 

    Connects to: The Hoselink Hose End connector. 

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  • Hose End

    Hoselink’s Hose End connector works by clamping to your hose securely to deliver a watertight connection.  

    Fits: Standard size 12mm, Hi-Flow 14mm or 18mm garden hoses. 

    Options: Available in a choice of colours in residential 12mm, Hi-Flow 14mm or commercial 18mm sizes. 12mm is available with or without Flow control. 

    Connects to: The Hoselink Tap End Connector. 

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  • Sprayer End

    Hoselink’s Accessory Connectors provide a watertight seal for the watering accessory of your choice. 

    Fits: ¾“ BSP threads. 

    Options: Available in a choice of colours in residential 12mm or commercial 18mm sizes. Available with or without Swivel. 

    Connects to: The Hoselink Hose End connector. 

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  • Adapters

    Simply remove the click-on style fitting from your accessory and replace with a Hoselink Accessory or Universal Tap Connector for a leak-free connection with your non-Hoselink product. 

    Fits: ¾“ BSP internal threads and both 1” and ¾” external threads. 

    Can’t remove it? Our Click-on Adapter Set will solve that problem! 

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2. Hoses & Hose Reels

Benefits of our hoses and hose reels:

  • Durable, kink-resistant and free from tangles

  • Built tough with UV-stabilised materials to protect against Australia's harsh climate

  • Pre-fitted with Hoselink's patented no-burst fittings for easy set-up

  • All hoses are BPA and lead-free

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Understanding our hoses and hose reels

Hoselink has a range of quality hoses and reels to suit any watering requirement! 

All products come complete with Hoselink’s no-burst fittings, so they can be used seamlessly with other watering accessories in the range. 

Hoselink offers four categories of hoses and/or hose reels: 

  • Retractable Hose Reel

    Ideal for those wanting a hose solution that’s both tidy and easy to use. 

    What it does: A wall-mounted unit with a spring-loaded hose that can be pulled out and retracted without effort. 

    What it includes: The Retractable Reel comes with a wall bracket, hose fittings for the tap and sprayer, as well as a quality spray gun. 

    Options: Available in a variety of hose lengths & colours, plus a Hi-Flow option for those with low water pressure. 

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  • Manual Hose Reels

    Ideal for people who are after a portable cart or stylish storage box and do not require automatic retraction. 

    What it does: Neatly stores your hose. The built-in self-layering mechanism takes all the hard work out of watering. 

    What it Includes: Each product comes with Hoselink’s no-burst hose fittings, a quality spray gun and the option to purchase with or without a hose. 

    Options: Choose from a portable cart or stationary box, each available with or without the hose. 

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  • Hoses

    Ideal for those wanting to replace their current garden hose, without requiring a retractable reel. 

    What it does: Allows you to manually wind your hose onto a hanger, loop over a tap or put on to a manual wind-up hose reel. 

    What it includes: Comes fitted with Hose End Connectors and the option to purchase a Starter Set including fittings for the tap and sprayer, plus a quality spray gun. 

    Options: Available in 20m or 30m lengths 

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  • Compact Hose Reel

    Ideal for small space gardening. 

    What it does: This lightweight and portable hose reel is ideal for watering small backyards or balconies, using while camping, washing the dog or even rinsing off the car.  

    What it Includes: Comes with a quality 10m hose, no-burst fittings, a 2m leader hose and spray gun.

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3. Watering accessories

Benefits of our watering accessories

  • Securely connect to other components within the Hoselink system

  • Durable, sturdy and high quality

  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use

  • Wide range of accessories to suit every watering need

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Understanding our watering accessories

Hoselink has a wide range of watering accessories that are fully interchangeable with the Hoselink System.

There are 4 categories for our watering accessories

  • Sprayers & Wands

    Designed with the gardener in mind, Hoselink has a sprayer or wand to suit every watering requirement.

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  • Sprinklers

    Offering customised watering at its absolute best. Hoselink has a variety of sprinklers to suit all types of gardens. 

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  • Irrigation

    Weeper and soakers hoses are designed to deliver water to the most awkward of spaces in your outdoor area. 

    Connect from the tap or the end of your Hoselink hose. Daisy chain up to 30 metres of hose for the most efficient watering solution. 

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  • Cleaning

    Make washing and cleaning easy by connecting a task-specific tool to the end of your Hoselink hose.

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Product Testing

Over the years, Hoselink has carried out numerous tests to prove how superior Hoselink Garden Hose Connectors are, in comparison to any other hose connection system available.

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Testing Summary

The CSIRO testing results proved that Hoselink fittings could be subject to extremely high water pressure (over 200 PSI) and they would never burst off the tap or hose, bearing in mind the average Australian garden tap pressure is usually in the range of 30-100 PSI. 

The USA testing proved that when Hoselink fittings were subject to two months of continuous water flow, consisting of different temperatures and water pressures, it was far superior to the old, unreliable click-on style fitting. These fittings, on average, lasted approximately 2.5 hours, while the Hoselink fittings were still in perfect working condition after two months! 

CSIRO Testing

Hoselink commissioned the CSIRO to carry out rigorous testing of the Hoselink Hose Fittings range. The following tests were conducted:

Hydrostatic pressure tests
Longitudinal load tests
Bending moment tests

The purpose of these tests was to determine:

- Maximum pressure the fittings would absorb (to destruction)
- Maximum pressure at which leakage occurred
- The performance of the Hose Retention System
- The ability of the product to absorb pressure applied at right angles (to a hose being pulled when fully extended)

In summary, the testing produced the following results:

The pressures absorbed by Hoselink, before destruction, far exceeded the pressures that any normal Australian taps would ever experience. More often than not, the hose would split open before our fittings broke.

USA Testing

The Product Testing Engineer at Dayco Inc. in USA, undertook the following testing with remarkable results:

Hoselink fittings were tested by connecting a hose to a tank that generated continuous cycles of water throughout the day, without interruption, for up to 480 cycles per day.

The tank runs cycles of both hot and cold water. Hot water ranged from 120 - 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, while cold water was generally anything less than 80 Degrees Fahrenheit.

One cycle of three minutes consists of the following flows of water:

30 seconds of flow through water at zero pressure (cold water)
1 minute at 100 PSI cold water
30 seconds of flow through water at zero pressure (hot water)
1 minute at 100 PSI hot water.

The three minute cycles continued without interruption for the full day equalling a total of 480 times per day.

To create a good comparison, the more conventional click-on style fittings were also subjected to the above testing.

Test Results

The testing period consisted of 30,000 cycles (approximately two months continuously).

The results reported that the conventional click-on style fittings survived less than 50 cycles.

Hoselink, on the other hand, was still working perfectly at the end of 30,000 cycles. During the testing period, approximately 60 hoses split, cracked or broke under the pressure, while Hoselink fittings never burst off the hose, nor did they break!


The Australian Business Award for Product Excellence recognises market-leading products that demonstrate product superiority

  • Hoselink Hose Connectors were awarded the 2013 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence

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  • Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reel was awarded the 2015 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence.

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  • The Hoselink Water Wise Starter Set and Hose Connector with Flow Control have been certified by Australia's Smart WaterMark for their water efficiency.

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