Collection: Adapters

  • Residential
    Warm grey Click-on Adapter Set laying on dark grey stone and speckled moss.
    Click-on Adapter Set

    Click-on Adapter Set

    Connect ANY accessory to your Hoselink-fitted hose

    Item: 2491-WG

    4.9/5 from 3806 reviews

  • Adapter Pack

    Adapter Pack

    Adapt to any brand watering accessory

    Item: 9962-WG

    4.9/5 from 311 reviews

  • Residential
    Warm grey Click-on Adapter being held from below in front of a grey wall
    Click-on Adapter

    Click-on Adapter

    Easily connect to your 'click-on' watering accessories
    The expected arrival date into our warehouse is on 11 - 31 - 2023

    Item: 2490-WG

    4.9/5 from 942 reviews

  • Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter

    Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter

    Use your tap with more than one hose!

    Item: 5743

    4.8/5 from 166 reviews

  • 2-Way Brass Tap Adapter

    2-Way Brass Tap Adapter

    Turn one tap into two!

    Item: 5742

    4.8/5 from 411 reviews

  • Easy Tap Turner

    Easy Tap Turner

    Makes it easy to turn the tap on and off

    Item: 5822-WG

    4.8/5 from 380 reviews

  • Angled Tap Protector

    Angled Tap Protector

    Built-in swivel & direction for hose angle from tap

    Item: 2741-WG

    4.6/5 from 56 reviews

  • 4-Way Brass Tap Adapter

    4-Way Brass Tap Adapter

    Turn one tap into four!

    Item: 5744

    4.8/5 from 130 reviews

  • In-line Water Filter

    In-line Water Filter

    Trap dirt from tank or ground water

    Item: 5830

    4.7/5 from 103 reviews

  • Recycled Water Tap Adapter

    Recycled Water Tap Adapter

    Converts 3/4" and 1" recycled grey water taps to standard thread

    Item: 5748

    4.8/5 from 51 reviews

  • 12mm to 18mm* Converter

    12mm to 18mm* Converter

    Allows you to join a standard 12mm hose to an industrial 18mm hose

    Item: 2595-WG

    4.9/5 from 18 reviews

  • 3/4" US Thread Adapter

    3/4" US Thread Adapter

    Converts AU Tap Connector into US thread

    Item: 2731

    4.4/5 from 13 reviews