Hi-Flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel

The Complete Watering Solution

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Watering innovation at its best.  The difference between the Hi-Flow and our standard reels is we've designed it with a larger internal hose diameter (14mm vs standard 12mm), which increases water flow by up to 25% compared to our standard model. In fact, Hoselink is the only hose reel with this important innovation.

What does this mean?  A stronger flow of water through the hose reel resulting in more efficient watering for you.  That's more pressure to clean the car, drive the sprinkler or water hard-to-reach plants and a better watering experience overall!

But don't worry, the special 14mm Hose Connectors on this model are compatible with our standard 12mm fittings, so you can still attach any sprinkler or watering accessory as you need to.

The 25m Hi-Flow Retractable Hose Reel is a wall-mounted unit featuring a high quality spring-loaded hose that automatically retracts on your command.  Its specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism secures the hose at any length, eliminating excess hose to prevent kinks and tangles.  To lengthen, simply walk the hose out further and stop wherever you want.

When you’ve finished, lightly tug the hose to engage its automatic rewind system.  The integrated self-layering mechanism takes over, neatly coiling the hose into the reel as you walk it back in.  It’s that simple!

The 25m Hi-Flow Retractable Hose Reel arrives at your door as a complete package with everything you need to get started.  It comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with:

  • Hoselink no-burst hose fittings
  • Metal 7-Function Spray Gun
  • 25m of quality 14mm diameter hose
  • 2m leader hose
  • Durable Bracket + Installation Hardware

Installing your hose reel is a quick and easy process.  Simply mount the bracket to a wall or post, place the hose reel on the bracket and attach the hose to the tap.  Turn on the water, pull out the hose and you’ll be happily watering in no time!


It's the only retractable hose reel in Australia to feature a larger hose and it's only available from Hoselink.

Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reels are covered by a 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

All Hoselink garden hoses are BPA and lead free.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team who are always happy to help.


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Easy to use Reel

Easy to Use

Effortlessly keep your hose at any length with the specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism. To put your hose away, simply give it a gentle tug and the automatic rewind feature and self-layering mechanism retracts and coils your hose saving you time and energy.

Flexible Rewind Reel

Flexible Watering

Thanks to the cleverly designed mounting bracket, the hose reel pivots 180° and follows your direction around the garden as you water. When you’ve finished, the reel can be stored flat against the wall keeping your garden neat and tidy.

Garden Hose Reel

Ready to Go

The Hose Reel comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with Hoselink hose fittings and Metal 7 Function Spray Gun. Simply mount the bracket to the wall using the supplied stainless steel screws and you’re ready to start enjoying hassle-free watering!

Built Tough

With UV stabilised casing, stainless-steel hardware, premium quality hose, and no-burst hose fittings, the 25m Hose Reel is ready for whatever Australia’s tough environmental conditions throws at it. The durable case protects the hose to remain flexible in the cooler months and safe from the heat of the harsh summer sun.

Portable Hose Reel

Comfortable to Carry

Integrated carry handles make it easy to lift the Hose Reel from its mounting bracket to transport it wherever you need. With the optional purchase of an Additional Bracket you can use and store your Hose Reel in multiple locations. The Hose Reel can also be padlocked to the bracket to thwart would-be thieves.

complete hose package

Complete Package

The Hose Reel arrives at your door with everything you need including a complete set of HOSELINK hose fittings, Metal 7 Function Spray Gun, 25m of quality hose, a 2m leader hose and mounting bracket.  Everything is set up and ready to go.

Product Specifications

Hi-flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel
Model Name Hi-flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel
Model Number 3425
Material Reel/bracket (polypropylene), hose (PVC), screws/pins (stainless steel), plugs (plastic)
Colour Grey
Hose Reel Dimensions H49cm x W27cm x D61cm
Mounted Hose Reel Dimensions

D71cm (when facing out)
D27cm (when pushed flat against wall)

Universal Bracket Dimensions H20cm x W10.5cm x D16cm
Weight 13.55kg
Fitting Size 14mm fittings specifially designed for use with this hose reel only. 
Compatibility The 14mm connectors can be used with any standard Hoselink 12mm fittings and watering accessories.
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Maximum Water Temperature 40 degrees
UV Resistant Yes
Wall Mounted Yes
Leader Hose 2m
Assembly Required Yes (you will need a drill)
Use with Water Tanks Yes


What's Included

  • Spring-loaded Retractable Hose Reel
  • 25m of Quality 14mm diameter hose
  • 2m Leader Hose
  • Ned Kelly Starter Kit, which includes Hose Connectors (14mm) (x2) already fitted, Tap Connector, Accessory Connector with Swivel, Premium 7 Function Spray Gun, Spare O-Rings (x3), White Split Rings (x2)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel screws (x4)
  • Washers (x4)
  • Masonry plugs (x4)
  • Instruction Manual


Retractable Hose Reel Unit 2 years
Hose Fittings 3 years
Premium 7 Function Spray Gun 12 months

Q. Can I put my own hose in this hose reel?
A. No, the hose reel comes with a spring-loaded 25m length of hose already.

Q. Which hose from your range comes in the hose reel?
A. None.  It comes with a specifically designed hose for use in the retractable unit.

Q. Does the hose in the hose reel kink?
A. This hose has been specifically designed for use in an auto rewind hose reel unit and must be soft and pliable so that it retracts easily back into the unit. Although this hose is not designed for kink-resistance specifically, using a hose reel greatly reduces the chance of a kink occuring. This is due to only using the correct length of hose for the task at hand so there is no extra hose for a tangle or kink to occur. In addition, the retraction mechanism on the reel ensures that the hose is always reeled back in a straight line, so the hose does not twist - which would normally result in a kink.

Q. Does the hose reel have to be mounted?
A. Yes, the hose reel design requires this hose reel to be secured in its bracket, which can be mounted to a wall or post.

Q. If I would like to put in a post for the mount, how deep should the post be into the ground?
A. The post depth required depends on a number of factors, including how hard packed the soil is and how much concrete is used. We suggest 0.5m as a safe depth for the post before pouring the concrete. In addition, we would recommend that the hole be 30cm square to provide enough concrete to keep the hose reel firmly in place.

Q. Can I use the Retractable Hose Reels with hot water?
A. No, they are not recommended for use with hot water.

Q. Why would I choose this one over the standard models?
A. All auto rewind hose reels reduce water pressure due to their design.  With the larger diameter hose in the Hi-Flow model, we've calculated a 25% better water flow than our standard models.  This makes for easier and quicker watering.  For people who experience low water pressure already, they should definitely choose this model over a standard model to minimise loss of pressure.



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Hi-Flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel has a rating of 5/5 based on 2373 reviews.

Best yet

By: Verified Buyer
12 October 2017
Great design, great functionality


By: Verified Buyer
12 October 2017
I have a large backyard and the hose is able to reach all of it. The retract function works smoothly and I love all the different settings on the nozzle. The whole unit is of excellent quality and I am very happy with the purchase. I definitely recommend this product.

Much easier to use than a standard hose

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2017
We needed a really long and powerful hose to replace our existing awkward standard hose. This product was easy to set up and provides a number of benefits we didnt expect like the easy flow control and being able to pull out the hose with ease.

Best decision ever!

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2017
Purchased the Retractable Hose Reel as recommended by a friend. It was the best decision. Was more expensive than shop ones but is well worth it so far, great quality! Will be aiming to get a second one for the back yard too soon. Highly recommend.

very happy

By: Verified Buyer
7 October 2017
I liked it so much that I bought a second one

Hose reel

By: Verified Buyer
7 October 2017
An end to tripping over a mess of tangled and kinked hose. A joy to use.

Hoselink hose

By: Verified Buyer
7 October 2017
Fantastic company to buy from, the first hose we bought was faulty, hoselink had no hesitation in replacing the product for us, will recommend to all.

Purchased for 77 year old mother

By: Verified Buyer
5 October 2017
Mum had so much trouble with the old hose trying to untwist or roll it up. This has been a god sent for her effortless compared to old hose watering the garden to hosing down the back porch has been made so much easier.

No-Kink it's a Hoselink!!!

By: Verified Buyer
4 October 2017
Extremely happy with the 25m highflow Hoselink reel. It is easy to take away from the wall of the house when ever I wish to store it if I go away for a period of time. The hose is also kink resistant and doesn't leak at all. The screw in connection is solid and a brilliant idea for non-leak awesomeness. I have no hesitation in giving the Hoselink brand the thumbs up.

Finally tried Hoselink

By: Verified Buyer
4 October 2017
I have had my eye on the Hoselink hose real for quite sometime. Each time I saw the ad on TV, I would think about purchasing the hose reel. I finally decided to give it a try and I now have 2 one at the front yard and one at the backyard. I cannot be any happier with this product. I was so tired of purchasing different hose connections to stop burst and leakage with the irrigation system in the garden. With Hoselink the problem has finally been solved. In addition the extra thick hose providing extra water pressure has been great as our water pressure at home is very week at best of times. Great product and would recommend to anyone who is considering.

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