No-burst Connectors & Accessories

No-burst Connectors & Accessories

  • No-burst, no-leak reliability
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Frequently Asked Questions about No-burst Connectors & Accessories

The Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit and the Water Wise Starter Kit have much the same fittings. The difference is the Water Wise Starter Kit comes with a Hose End Connector with Flow Control, instead of a standard Hose End Connector. The added flow control feature can be used to shut off the flow of water completely, or part way, from the hose end. This makes watering more convenient because you can adjust the water flow where you are working instead of walking all the way back to the tap. This can be especially useful when switching over hose end accessories (for instance switching from a spray gun to a sprinkler).

The Click-on Adapter is for linking up Hoselink's unique fittings to accessories from any other brand that has the male ‘click-on’ connection. This allows you to use your reliable Hoselink system with any existing watering accessories.

We have designed an adapter that connects a 'click-on' attachment to the Hoselink system. However, our recommendation is to remove the 'click-on' attachment by unscrewing it, if possible, and to replace it with a Hoselink fitting to ensure a watertight no-burst connection. If removal is not possible then the Click-on Adapter is a good alternative, but it does not carry the same no-burst guarantee.

In order to attach your existing hose to a Hoselink hose, you will need to use Hoselink connectors on both hose ends. Therefore, you will need to change the ‘click-on’ type fitting on your existing hose over to a Hoselink Hose End Connector. The Hose Joiner Set allows you to fit two hose ends together with ease, making any 12mm garden hose compatible with Hoselink hoses. A great way to convert a hose to Hoselink is to purchase one of our Starter Kits, such as the Water Wise Starter Kit, which will fully covert your hose to the Hoselink ecosystem. The Water Wise Starter Kit includes a Hose End Connector plus a Hose Connector with Flow Control, a Tap Connector, an Accessory Connector with Swivel and a Premium 7-Function Spray Gun. For the best end-to-end system, we recommend converting all your hoses (and watering accessories, where possible) over to the Hoselink ecosystem. This will make it easier to use all your equipment together and ensures a watertight connection at every fitting.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control gets connected to the hose itself in the same way as the standard Hose End Connector, however, what makes the Flow Controller unique is that it can be used to shut off water flow from the end of the hose. This prevents you from having to walk back to the tap to turn off the water when you want to change watering accessories, for instance switching over from a spray gun to a sprinkler. The lever on the Hose Connector with Flow Control can also be switched to the halfway position to limit the flow of water if you need a more controlled volume of water coming through the hose, i.e. when watering more delicate plants.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control was designed as a residential-use fitting and as such it is not suited to the more industrial/heavy-duty 18mm fitting size. Unfortunately, the 18mm fittings are not currently available with a Flow Control.

Both Accessory Connectors can be used to link your hose to a watering accessory such as a spray gun, sprinkler or wand. The difference between them is that the Accessory Connector with Swivel has a rotating head which means that as you move your spray gun while watering your garden, the rotating head will pivot instead of moving the whole hose. This is good for preventing kinks and minimising strain from hauling your hose constantly.

The Universal Tap Connector can fit 25mm (1”) and 20mm (¾”) taps. This covers almost every tap size found in Australia, so you can be confident that the Hoselink Universal Tap Connector will fit your tap. Connection to either size thread is done via the included size reducer.

This set of fittings will allow you to convert to a variety of different connections on other brand watering equipment you may already have. It is a handy set of additional connectors that will allow you to adapt to any of your existing non-Hoselink watering accessories, such as sprinklers, sprayers, wands and hose-on watering products. By purchasing this bundle alongside any starter kit or hose reel package, you’ll be prepared for any connection situation!

Yes, you can easily join any Hoselink hose end to another, without the need for additional pieces thanks to the unique bayonet design of Hoselink fittings. You simply point and twist to connect hose end to hose end. To convert two hose ends over to Hoselink, we recommend a Hose Joiner Set which consists of two Hose End Connectors. You simply attach these onto each end of the hose and point and twist to achieve a 100% watertight connection between your hoses.

The 9-Pattern Sprinkler sprays up to 6m diameter, depending on your water pressure and the setting chosen. The 9 different patterns are soaker, rounded square, square, gentle jets, classic round, arc, half moon, narrow band and wide band.

The 9-Pattern Sprinkler sprays up to 6m diameter, depending on your water pressure and the setting chosen. The 9 different patterns are soaker, rounded square, square, gentle jets, classic round, arc, half moon, narrow band and wide band.

The Oscillating Sprinkler sprays an area up to around 15m x 12m.

The green fittings are 12mm fittings which are used on typical residential garden hoses. The red fittings are 18mm fittings used for heavy-duty commercial and rural hoses.

The Blaster is a great little spray gun for high-pressure hosing. Use the Blaster to reach windows, eaves and other out-of-the-way places as well as for cleaning pavers and even giving the car a once over. Featuring a handy flow control lever, you can control the water pressure to suit your needs as you go.

The Hoselink Soaker Hose is a lightweight flat plastic hose with tiny holes at regular intervals. When in use, a fine spray is emitted, designed to provide even water coverage for lawns, large garden beds and nature strips, much like a sprinkler, though with a lower volume of water. The Soaker Hose can be faced upwards for an outward, fountain-like spray or turned over to spray directly into the soil when more of a soaking is required. The Hoselink Weeper Hose, in comparison, is a flat nylon-covered hose designed to slowly weep water into garden beds over a longer period of time. This type of hose can be buried under a light covering of mulch or placed on top of the soil. It is particularly useful for conserving water as water is seeped directly into the soil at a slow rate, keeping soil moist but not waterlogged whilst also preventing wastage from evaporation.

The Weeper and Soaker Hoses have different threads at each end of the hose allowing you to join more than one length together without the need for extra accessories. The maximum length we would recommend having would be 30m, depending on your water pressure, to allow the hoses to still work effectively. To be clear, you can join one Soaker Hose to another Soaker Hose and one Weeper Hose to another Weeper Hose, but you cannot join a Soaker Hose to a Weeper Hose.

The soaker hose sprays areas up to 4m wide and comes in either a 7.5m or 15m hose length.

Both of our 2-Way Tap Adapters perform a similar function in splitting your tap into two outlets, which allows you more scope to plan out a garden. It is worth pointing out the Easy Turn Tap Adapter has 3/4 Inch (20mm) tap outlets, whereas the Brass Tap Adapter has 1 Inch (25mm) tap outlets. They are both of a comparable quality though the brass tap adapter is probably the most durable due to its brass construction. The Easy Turn is made of high-quality plastic, nylon and rubber. That said, the Brass Tap Adapter can be vulnerable to frost damage, so if you are situated in an area prone to frost you might want to keep this tap adapter inside when not in use or consider purchasing the Easy Turn Tap Adapter instead. The Easy Turn Tap Adapter also has the larger easy-to-use levers, making it the preferred choice for anyone with arthritic hands.