Getting the most from your Hoselink Reel

Just purchased a Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel but not sure how to get the most out of it? No problem! Follow our simple tips and advice to maximise the potential of your new reel and keep it looking and working great for years to come.

​​Moving the Hose Reel between locations

Your Retractable Hose Reel comes with one Wall Bracket. If you have more than one tap and are planning to use the reel in two locations, i.e. between the front and back yard, you’ll need to purchase an Additional Wall Bracket & Tap Connector Set. This will allow you to easily disconnect from one tap, lift the Hose Reel and slot it into a bracket in a new location. Simply connect the Leader Hose to the tap and away you go.

Every Hose Reel has two conveniently located handles to make transportation easy - find one on top of the reel and one underneath. Please bear in mind that the longer the hose inside, the heavier it will be. You should also keep in mind the additional weight if the hose is filled with water.

The Retractable Hose Reels weigh as follows (without water):​

15m Retractable Hose Reel – 9kg
20m Retractable Hose Reel – 9.45kg
25m Retractable Hose Reel – 12.55kg
30m Retractable Hose Reel – 13.95kg
25m Hi-Flow Retractable Hose Reel – 13.55kg

Can't mount your reel to a wall?

If you live in rented accommodation, haven't got a suitable place to wall-mount your Retractable Hose Reel or simply would prefer not to, then why not try one of our mounting alternatives? The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post offers an excellent alternative to wall-mounting, able to be positioned anywhere in the garden that's close to a tap. The powder-coated metal post must be secured to the ground to take the weight of the reel, ideally using concrete. The hole in the top of the post holds the reel in place, allowing it swivel and follow you as you move around the yard.

Alternatively, the Fixed Ground Mount provides a stable bracket for your reel to sit in, allowing it to rotate as you move around the garden. This mount can be secured to surfaces such as pavers, decking or concrete using the hardware provided.

Locating the Hose Reel more than 2m from the tap

The 2m Leader Hose the Retractable Hose Reel is supplied with is used to connect the reel to the tap. If you need to install the Wall Bracket farther than 2m away from your tap, you’ll need to add an additional length of hose that has been fitted with Hoselink’s no-burst connectors. There are a couple of different options to do this.

You can use a length of 12mm (or 14mm if you have the Hi-Flow Reel) garden hose you already have and purchase a Hose Joiner Set. You will then need to fit the two Hose End Connectors included in this set to either end of the hose. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our pre-cut and fitted Leader Hose Extensions available in 1.5m or 5m lengths for both the standard Retractable Hose and the Hi-Flow Reel. Simple point and twist to fit one end to your existing Leader Hose and the other end can be twisted on to your Universal Tap Connector.

Protecting and caring for the outer casing

The plastic outer case of your Retractable Hose Reel is UV-stabilised; however, we have, in addition, created a range of Hose Reel Covers for extra protection against the sun and the elements. Available in three designs: Classic, Florida Palms and Birds of Paradise, a cover is particularly helpful if your Hose Reel is positioned in strong sunlight throughout the day. Covers can also help to brighten up your backyard with their eye-catching designs.

Occasionally we receive reports of wasps setting up house in the screw holes around the casing. This can leave behind a rusty-brown discharge, but don’t worry, this is not rust. Your Retractable Hose Reel will be supplied with a set of Hose Reel Plugs to block up these small openings. If you need spares, additional plugs can be purchased. A cover can also help to prevent this problem.

Keeping your hose and reel clean

You may find that the hose can drag dirt inside the casing when it retracts. We recommend periodic cleaning of the hose to ensure it continues to operate smoothly.

To do this, simply stand at the case and hold a wet cloth over the hose as it retracts. You can also use the sprayer end to wash the full length of the hose when it is fully extended. Just ensure you retract it back into the case when you've finished.

If the inside of the case becomes dirty, you can spray water into it. Any water will come out of a drainage hole at the bottom of the reel.


If you are concerned about protecting your Hose Reel from would-be thieves, you can use our Padlock to secure it to the bracket. You may also consider disconnecting the spray gun from the hose and storing it safely away.

Alternatively, you can remove the unit from the bracket for storage in your garage or shed.

Ensuring the hose does not kink

This is easily done by always walking the hose out as far as it is needed, then locking it off. Never stand near the hose reel case and pull the hose out, allowing it to pool on the ground. If you do this, when you walk off it will behave like any other hose and a kink may form along its length.

As you move around the garden, it is a good idea to extend or retract the hose as you go to suit your position from the reel casing.

Always fully retract the hose when you finish watering, walking it back in to prevent damage to the hose and kinking. Do not let it go when retracting as this can cause significant damage to the reel.

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