Great Gift Ideas for Dad

Getting outside in the garden is a hobby loved by many, but especially by Dad. That's why we’ve compiled our best gift ideas to spoil Dad with this year. Whether he’s a gadget lover or just likes the basics, there’s something for every dad!  

Hose Reel

It’s the big one, but what dad wouldn’t like a hose that gets the job done and packs itself away at the end? The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel starts from $179 and is the ideal gift to give between siblings. Available to buy in 15m ($179),  20m ($199), 25m ($235) or 30m ($249) hose lengths, the reel will revolutionise the way you water. Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reels can be mounted to a wall or a post, making them perfect for any space! Fitted with a high-quality kink-resistant hose inside, a specially designed ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism and an automatic rewind system that neatly coils the hose into the reel on command.

If Dad likes to do a real thorough cleaning job, the Hoselink Blaster is a great way to reach those trickier places like windows, eaves and other more out of the way spots. Just like the name suggests, it does have amazing water pressure; however, it can be adjusted to suit all your watering needs. 


The Retractable Hose Reels come as a complete package including the spring-loaded hose reel and pre-fitted hose, Hoselink’s patented no-burst connectors, a Premium Comfort-8 Pattern Spray Gun, 2m leader hose and a bracket for mounting. If you’ve not got a wall to mount it on, we’ve got you covered with our 
Retractable Hose Reel Mounting Post The post can be set in the ground for a freestanding mounting option anywhere in the garden you have access to a tap. As an added bonus, the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel is now available in a stylish new colourway; charcoal. You can check out this sleek new addition here.

Cutting Tools

If your dad likes his tools, then Hoselink’s range of cutting gadgets provides an ideal gift. Our heavy-duty Lopper is perfect for chopping woody stems, small branches and heavy foliage – a great in-between when pruners are too weak, and an axe is too strong. The Loppers feature specially designed telescopic handles with six length settings for easy reach – no more back strain – a sharp Teflon-coated SK5 Japanese steel cutting blade, and soft rubber grip handles. Is your dad a fan of a multi-function tool? Our Stainless Steel Multipurpose Garden Knife is the perfect match for Dad. This Garden Knife will be Dad’s new best friend, allowing him to cut into bags of soil or mulch with ease, measure soil depth and cut through roots. This handy tool is finished with a non-slip handle and sheath for safe storing too.


Extendable Cleaning Brush

The relationship between a man and his car is a special one, and to help Dad take care of his ‘baby’ why not treat him to some of Hoselink’s brilliant car cleaning accessories? For washing, there’s the Extendable Cleaning Brush, a soft-bristled brush attachment for your hose designed to deliver a stream of water and gentle scrubbing power as you wash the dirt away. The handle extends from 103cm to 168cm, ideal for cleaning the car roof, and a small water flow lever at the base allows the water pressure to be fully controlled. Hoselink's Car Shampoo can also be added to the bristles to help remove tough dirt. This cleaning brush can be used on windows and other vehicles like boats and bikes, allowing Dad to keep busy!  


Water Wise Kit  

For a gift under $40, look no further than the Water Wise Starter Kit, the ultimate gift to get your dad set up with Hoselink’s fail-safe ‘point and twist’, 100% watertight hose connectors. Throw away your leaking click-on fittings and use this all-inclusive kit on any standard 12mm garden hose for a hard-wearing connection guaranteed never to burst off. Built for tough Aussie conditions, the kit comes complete with an Accessory Connector with Swivel, Tap Connector, Hose End Connector, Hose Connector with Flow Control (turn off the water without going to the tap) and Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer. 

Sprinklers & Irrigation 

As spring is almost upon us, it’s a good time to invest in a solid sprinkler that will keep the garden hydrated month after month. Hoselink’s best-selling Oscillating Sprinkler promises to make Dad’s life easier - ideal for watering large sections of the garden or lawn with minimal effort. Performing well even with low water pressure, the Oscillating Sprinkler has a number of adjustable controls to help you select the strength of the water flow, customise the saturation level and alter the spray settings to suit narrow spaces or to fix the spray in one position. The sprinkler’s sturdy metal construction will keep it well in place, while the built-in cleaner and fine mesh filter will protect it use after use. 


For the ultimate greenhouse grow-your-own set up, treat your dad to the Hoselink Total Misting Package, the all-in-one solution to keeping veggies cool and hydrated this summer. The fully customisable kit comes with a 15m long PVC tube, eight directional misting heads that emit a fine misting spray, a Misting Timer and Tap Connector. Create a misting environment perfect for salads and other veggies or use the kit to set up a cooling effect on an entertaining area or even an animal pen. Each Misting Kit comes with hanging snap clips which can be used to attach the tube to string. Alternatively, you can use nails for a more permanent fixture.  

Stand-Up Weed Puller  

Help Dad protect his back and save him struggling with pesky weeds with a Hoselink Stand-up Weed Puller! This innovative tool is popular for a reason as it saves the user from getting down on their hands and knees and makes pulling up weeds enjoyable! With ergonomic features such as an easy-grip handle and built-in ejection system, weeding becomes virtually effortless! Simply push the claws into the ground, lean back slightly and eject! Better yet, pair this gift with a Hoselink Planter Bag to store garden waste, transplant other plants or even grow herbs and veggies... talk about versatile!  


Tap Timer with Rain Sensor 

All the technology you need in one little device! Treat Dad to the ability to water with peace of mind and little effort. Hoselink’s Tap Timer with Rain Sensor is a clever little device that packs a tonne of features, from a child lock to programming and manual watering. Its best feature by far is the ability to stop watering when the rain does the work for you, saving any water wastage. Tap timers are fantastic for helping anyone to have an efficient watering routine, allowing you to go and put your feet up or go away on holiday while the timer does the rest. Hook it up to your irrigation system or sprinkler and programme three separate schedules. If Dad loves a functional, easy-to-maintain garden, then this is the gift for him! As a little bonus gift, if Dad takes a keen interest on the rain fall, a rain Rain Gauge makes the perfect gift! These are great for teaching kids but also simply great for the grown ups like Dad who just like to know these things! 


Help Dad out with the success of his garden by giving him the gift of fertilisers. Hoselink's Fertiliser Starter Bundle is the perfect way to help Dad and get him started if he's new to gardening. The bundle includes a Plant Health Seaweed Tonic, which is great for helping plants grow more vigorously and assisting with flowering and fruiting. The bundle also includes a Super Grow Garden Fertiliser containing 16 essential nutrients for plants to grow. This fertiliser also reduces the likelihood of any insects attacking and disease being spread to your green life. With regular application, Super Grow is bound to have Dad saying goodbye to insecticides forever! Lastly, the bundle includes a Fertiliser Spray Mixer, making it quick and easy to disperse fertiliser from your Hoselink connected hose wherever you need it.


Gift Card

If you’re stuck for ideas and in a bit of a hurry, a gift voucher from Hoselink is always an option so Dad can choose what he’d like best. Select an amount starting from $25 and away you go. The receiver doesn’t have to use the entire amount in one transaction either, so they can spend in different increments as they wish.


There you have it, Hoselink’s guide to the best gifts for Dad. We hope he has a wonderful Father’s Day!

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