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Great range

Whether you want a high pressure spray for cleaning, a soft spray for watering delicate plants, a reliable classic, or multiple spray options, Hoselink’s range or sprayers and nozzles has you covered.

Easy to Use

Hoselink’s sprayers and nozzles are ergonomically designed and are easy to use for any age, including for those with arthritis. Made for Australian conditions, they are durable, long lasting and backed by a warranty. 


For a burst-free watertight connection with your sprayers and nozzles use Hoselink hose fittings. Hoselink sprayers and nozzles are also compatible with other brands of hose fittings.

Sprayers & Wands

Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

ITEM: 5528 Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

Rating: 4.88 626 reviews Perfect all-round trigger spray gun More Info


Premium 7-Function Spray Gun + Fitting

ITEM: 9951 Premium 7-Function Spray Gun + Fitting

Rating: 4.83 18 reviews Save! Includes Accessory Connector with Swivel More Info


8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer

ITEM: 5534 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer

Rating: 4.40 10 reviews Multi-function setting via spray dial More Info


Flow Control Spray Nozzle

ITEM: 5535 Flow Control Spray Nozzle

Rating: 5.00 3 reviews Sturdy, reliable and easy to use More Info


Ergo-Flow Sprayer

ITEM: 5529 Ergo-Flow Sprayer

Rating: 4.38 42 reviews Easy to hold, high flow spray More Info


Fan Nozzle with Flow Control

ITEM: 5522 Fan Nozzle with Flow Control

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews Wider watering with easy flow control More Info


High Volume Sprayer

ITEM: 5523 High Volume Sprayer

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews High water flow without the trigger More Info


8-Pattern Spray Wand

ITEM: 5566 8-Pattern Spray Wand

Rating: 4.50 2 reviews For those hard to reach jobs More Info


Shower Spray Wand

ITEM: 5555 Shower Spray Wand

Rating: 3.67 6 reviews Perfect for additional reach More Info


Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

ITEM: 5556 Long-reach Shower Spray Wand

Rating: 5.00 4 reviews Extra length to reach hanging baskets with ease More Info


4 Pattern Extendable Wand

ITEM: 5561 4 Pattern Extendable Wand

Rating: 4.74 19 reviews Watering with reach! More Info



ITEM: 5560 Blaster

Rating: 4.81 236 reviews Good things come in small packages More Info


Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle

ITEM: 5565 Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle

Rating: 5.00 3 reviews Small sprayer, big blast of water More Info


Sold Out
Super Jet Washer

ITEM: 5563 Super Jet Washer

Rating: 4.89 725 reviews Make easy work of a tough job More Info


Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner

ITEM: 5564 Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner

Rating: 4.73 60 reviews Light, extendable gutter cleaner with pivot head More Info


Extendable Cleaning Brush

ITEM: 7003 Extendable Cleaning Brush

Rating: 4.60 52 reviews Super soft bristles + water flow control More Info


Fertiliser Spray Mixer

ITEM: 5537 Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Rating: 4.80 15 reviews Variable spray mixer for fertiliser & weed sprays More Info


Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

ITEM: 5532 Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

Rating: 4.80 35 reviews Great for trees and large shrubs More Info


Basic Spray Nozzle

ITEM: 5530 Basic Spray Nozzle

Rating: 4.91 117 reviews Classic style garden nozzle More Info