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Spray Gun Buyer's Guide

Josh Moses

If you’ve ever used a garden hose without a sprayer or nozzle, then you would know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to get the water to spray out at the appropriate speed (rather than gush or drip out), not to mention the fact that you’re unable to pick an adequate stream or flow pattern. What about trying to control the flow rate? Sometimes your only option is to place your thumb over the hose end…only to end up leaving yourself drenched in cold water. No thank you!

Then again, you might have also had the unfortunate experience of having to buy and replace several sprayers each year as they can often break, leak, let you down or leave you wondering why you didn’t just opt for a cheap watering can!

comfort 8 pattern sprayer 

We often talk about hose reels and hose connectors as the be all and end all of watering, but don’t be fooled, your spray gun is just as important. While your reel and connectors are the cogs and gears working behind the scenes to deliver a great watering experience, the spray gun is your point of control; the vehicle that drives the water from your hose to your lawn and plants.

Seeing as a spray nozzle is the tool that a gardener will have the most hand-to-product contact with, at Hoselink we’ve spared no expense in developing spray gun options with comfort, simplicity and efficiency in mind.

8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer on White Background

Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer

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7-Function Spray Gun

7-Function Spray Gun

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Why do I need a high-quality spray gun?

Garden hose sprayers can come in many varieties, with numerous different styles, sizes, weights, colours, materials, spray patterns and flow rates forming part of its make-up. With the amount of choice out there it can be overwhelming trying to find the right sprayer to suit your garden and personal watering habits. Rest assured, picking the right spray nozzle can mean a lifetime of happy watering.

Given the amount of time you will spend watering the garden, you’ll want to make sure your chosen spray gun is comfortable, easy to grip and simple to use. Although quite straightforward on the outside, a high-powered, dynamic spray gun can drastically impact the time it takes you to water, as well as your ability to hit those hard-to-reach spots, and your capacity to water all different shape and size plants.


What sprayers do Hoselink sell?

Hoselink sells a choice of eight hose sprayers and nozzles (Fan Nozzle with Flow Control, 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer, Compact Flow Control Spray Nozzle, Brass Spray Nozzle, Brass High Pressure Jet Nozzle, Blaster, 7-Function Spray Gun, and Fertiliser Spray Mixer), plus seven wands (Super Jet Washer, Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner, Long-reach Shower Spray Wand, Root Waterer & Soil Breaker, Shower Spray Wand, 4-Pattern Extendable Wand, and 8-Pattern Spray Wand), each with their own respective benefits.

What’s the difference between Hoselink’s sprayers and other brands?

Aside from the superior quality and first-class raw materials used to construct them, our sprayers are completely unique to Hoselink because they’re custom-designed to fit with our no-leak, no-burst fittings, which means you’re guaranteed a comprehensive, proficient and dependable watering experience from start to finish. We’ve left no stone unturned in the design process for our sprayers, ensuring that ergonomics and user-friendliness are at the forefront. From comfort when holding the sprayer through to the assortment of spray patterns on offer, our sprayers maintain their longevity and durability no matter what the weather conditions are! However, if you were to run into any mishaps, don’t fret! Our friendly customer experience team are on hand to provide set-up support, troubleshooting advice and even organise repairs for your sprayer if any mishaps were to occur in the garden.

What are the benefits of each sprayer and the differences between them?

Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer

Our second-edition sprayer embraces all the learnings we’ve taken from our 20 years serving Australian gardeners. Leveraging our industry experience and feedback from trusted customers, this sprayer was designed to enhance your water flow and optimise your watering experience. We designed the 8-Pattern Sprayer completely in-house and put it through over 12 months of rigorous testing before we were confident in permanently adding it to our collection.

Check out the user-friendly features of this sprayer below:

    • Comfortable grip - The ergonomically-designed soft rubber grip handle is easy to hold no matter what task you’re undertaking.
    • Lightweight – At only 150g, you’ll be watering in complete comfort without feeling weighed down.
    • Adjustable - The water flow adjuster allows you to set a precise water flow for whatever plant type you're watering.
    • Thumb-control lever - As opposed to trigger-style sprayers, which require force to hold down the trigger, causing hand strain, this gun gives you full water control with a simple push of the thumb. No straining necessary!
    • 8 spray functions - Enjoy a wide variety of spray functions that are clearly marked, easy to read and genuinely useful. The settings include cone, jet, centre, mist, vertical, flat, full and shower.

This design doesn’t require servicing and being made of plastic, it’s also more suitable to use with a variety of water types, avoiding internal build-up.

comfort 8 pattern sprayer


Super Jet Washer

Super Jet Washer

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8-Pattern Spray Wand

8-Pattern Spray Wand

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Brass Spray Nozzle

Hoselink’s Brass Spray Nozzle is extremely easy to use, in fact all you need to do is twist the nozzle to turn the water flow on and off. The strength of the water flow can also be adjusted by twisting the nozzle. If you continue to twist the nozzle in an anti-clockwise direction the internal bar can be removed, allowing you to remove any debris that could be caught inside. However, because it doesn't have an on/off lever or trigger, it may not meet waterboard requirements, so best to check local guidelines.

brass jet nozzle

Compact Flow Control Spray Nozzle 

If you're a fan of simplicity in watering but also convenience, the compact flow control spray nozzle is for you! Our most lightweight sprayer yet has been thoughtfully designed, particularly for arthritis sufferers. Adjust the flow control from on to off and easily stop anywhere in between. This nozzle is still versatile while being easy to operate. 

compact flow control sprayer

Brass High-Pressure Jet Nozzle

This powerful sprayer is perfect for jobs that need extra pressure like washing the car or hosing down pavers. With a far-reaching output that sprays at a distance up to 8 metres (depending on water pressure), this cleverly designed nozzle gets the job done quickly. The spray is changed by simply twisting the head, and when completely open it projects a powerful jet spray or it can be changed to a strong mist.

brass high pressure jet nozzle


Hoselink’s Blaster is a great option for high-pressure hosing. Despite its small size, it can be used to reach windows, rooves and other out-of-the-way places. Featuring a flow control lever, you can control the pressure to customise your watering. The short, straight design allows for the maximum amount of water to flow through the sprayer in the shortest amount of time.

blaster nozzle being used to clean car

Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Connect the Fertiliser Spray Mixer to your hose and quickly and conveniently dispense commercial fertiliser or weed spray on to your lawn or garden. The easy-to-use trigger spray is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis and are unable to use a pump-style bottle.

fertiliser spray mixer

Compact Flow Control Spray Nozzle

Compact Flow Control Spray Nozzle

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Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

Featuring a soft-grip rubber handle, the Premium 7-Function Spray Nozzle is comfortable and easy to use. Solidly constructed from metal, this sturdy nozzle has seven different spray settings in its repertoire as well as a handy continuous spray lock that means you don’t need to apply constant pressure to the trigger with your fingers – let the lock keep you watering! With the range of different spray settings, you can customise your watering experience.

7 function spray gun

What are the benefits of each wand and the differences between them?

Super Jet Washer

The Super Jet Washer increases the velocity of the water from your garden tap to produce a fine hard spray that makes easy work of cleaning away stains, dirt and mud. It’s ideal for a number of applications thanks to its two interchangeable nozzles that deliver a strong pinpoint blast or wide fan spray. Easily clean cars, boats, windows, guttering and more.

super jet washer being used to clean car

Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner

Our Long-Reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner allows you to flush water into hard-to-reach places such as guttering and roofing, made easy by the cleaner’s pivot head, which can be adjusted in a 270-degree radius to suit whichever task you're undertaking. At 106cm, this lightweight aluminium rod extends to 160cm at full length, reducing the need for a ladder. Up close the spray is concentrated and strong, yet as you move it away the spray is deposited in a fan-like pattern, making it well suited to a range of cleaning tasks.

long reach pivot gutter cleaner being used to clean house gutters


Shower Spray Wand

Hoselink’s Shower Wand allows you to take care of your hanging and potted plants with ease. Its specially designed metal showerhead delivers a soft spray that is gentle on delicate leaves and flowers, but most importantly, it’s comfortable and easy to use thanks to its quality lightweight construction and soft-grip rubber handle.

shower spray wand

Long-Reach Shower Spray Wand

Hoselink’s premium hand-held watering device, the Long-Reach Shower Spray Wand, offers all the same features and benefits of the Shower Spray Wand, but with an extra-long lance for those harder to reach areas.

long reach shower spray wand


Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

The Hoselink Root Waterer & Soil Breaker offers an environmentally-friendly way to water large trees and shrubs by delivering water directly to their roots underground. Simply lower the pole into the ground and press the trigger to release water. The best part is it easily attaches to your hose via the free Hoselink connector. By watering the roots of plants, you'll avoid wasting water through evaporation and ensure it is delivered directly to the roots.

root waterer and soil breaker

4-Pattern Extendable Wand

Whether watering or cleaning, this extendable sprayer can reach higher than any other sprayer can. It can be extended anywhere between 93cm and 160cm to suit the task and is easily adjusted. With four different spray patterns and two soft-grip rubber handles, this wand is easy to hold, light enough for anyone to use and offers a supreme watering experience for any seasoned gardener. In addition, the pivot head allows you to adjust the angle, ideal for when using the gutter setting to clean out guttering and downpipes.

4 pattern extendable wand

8-Pattern Spray Wand

The Hoselink 8-Pattern Spray Wand combines a multi-function sprayer with a variety of spray settings and a longer wand length for additional reach over garden beds and into hanging baskets. Complete with a 270-degree pivot head for an all-round watering experience, this wand allows you to turn the water on or off via the twist mechanism at the top of the handle.

8 pattern spray wand

Is there anything else I need before I start watering?

To ensure an efficient watering process when using our sprayers, we do have a few recommendations:

- To control the flow of water, make sure to combine your sprayer with a Hoselink Hose Connector with Flow Control on the end of your hose.
- To prevent your hose from twisting, connect it with an Accessory Connector with Swivel.
- To keep your spray gun operating smoothly, be sure to lubricate it with silicone oil (Premium 7-Function Spray Gun only)

We care about Australia and the planet

We're always pushing to do better for the environment and have committed to building partnerships to help protect and rejuvenate Australian flora and fauna while we cultivate a better world with our sustainability efforts