Renter-friendly Products You Need

Usually, the rules with renting are pretty strict: no drilling holes in the walls, no permanent fixtures… that sort of thing. While the regulations in each rental may be different, it certainly helps to have alternatives that aren’t permanent but make your place feel a bit more homely while making life in the garden easier.

Solar Lights and Solar Light Tape 

The best part about Hoselink Solar Lights is that you don’t need to get your drill out to install them. Many of them, especially the decorative ones, can be hung in a tree, installed on a fence or wrapped around a hedge. Better yet, they can be mounted with Hoselink’s Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape. This tape can hold up to 5kg in weight and can be applied to wood, brick, glass, tiles, acrylic and gyprock. To use this tape, it is very simply done by removing the plastic binding from the outside, making both tape sides sticky. To remove the tape without damaging walls, especially those with paint, it must be done with careful technique. Start by using a hair dryer to loosen the bond between the surface and the item that are taped together. Heat until it is hot to the touch, then, carefully pull the tape off the wall. If there is any tape remaining, use an old razor blade to remove. Be extremely careful not to scratch any surfaces or remove paint. Any sticky residue can be removed with a solvent adhesive remover, at the manufacturers instructions  

Solar Lights are the perfect way to elevate your garden, balcony or any other outdoor space. Some are great for decorating purposes and showing off your plant life, others are ideal for brightening up a poorly lit area with a spotlight, or making it easier for you and your guests to see with path lighting. Just because we are heading into the colder months doesn't mean the outdoor entertaining has to stop! Be sure to check out our Festoon Lights as well as our Fairy lights for your next soiree! 


10m Compact Portable Hose Reel 

The Compact Portable Hose Reel is exactly what the name suggests; a hose reel you don’t have to provide a permanent home for! 

This Compact Reel has everything you need: a 10-metre hose, no-burst fittings, two metres of leader hose and a Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer. With a built-in handle and lightweight design, you can take this reel with you anywhere in the garden or on a balcony. Simply connect to the tap, and away you go. Use the handle to wind the hose up when you’re done for a neat way to water your yard. The portable reel comes in a stylish, warm grey colour scheme that will blend into any outside space.


Slate Plant Labels 

Hoselink’s Slate Plant Labels provide the perfect way to organise your plants in your rental home. You can write the labels on both sides, which is handy to remind you what you’re growing and how often they require watering. They can be used in pot plants, raised beds or direct in the ground, and the stylish slate design offers a natural, modern look.

These Slate Plant Labels can be moved into different spots whenever you may need them. If you’d like your labels to have a permanent name on them, you can use the Hoselink Silver Permanent Marker Pen, which is available to purchase on its own or in a bundle with the Slate Plant Labels. This pen will ensure that the writing does not run, wash away or fade with the weather. However, if you do need to change the name on the label, you can remove the marker with a methylated spirit at the manufacturers instruction.


Garden Tool Tote Bag 

If you don’t have access to a shed in your rental but would still like a convenient way to store and transport your gardening equipment, the Hoselink Garden Tool Tote Bag is perfect! The machine washable bag is available in a gorgeous green colourway with several storage pockets for easy access to all your tools, spare connectors, seed packets and anything else you might need in the garden.


Heavy Duty Planter Bag

The Hoselink Heavy Duty Planter Bag is the perfect solution for collecting garden waste, carrying tools and soil, or as a makeshift pot for your plants. The Planter Bags are strong and durable and have excellent drainage properties. They’re available in three sizes: 25L, 45L and 100L, making them ideal for any size rental property. Better yet, the planter bags can be folded away into a compact size when not in use, saving precious space in your garden or balcony.


Classic Round Sprinkler 

This small but mighty sprinkler is a must-have for compact gardens. It can cover up to six metres in reach and can be moved easily around to cover a large outdoor area. Having a sprinkler like this means that you’ll be able to give your garden all the water it needs without having to install a complete irrigation system. It arrives pre-fitted with a Hoselink Accessory Connector, allowing you to connect with ease to your Hoselink-fitted hose. If you are new to Hoselink, we recommend trying a Starter Kit to give you all the connectors you need to fit one garden hose.


Easy Tap Turner 

If you have a stiff or maybe old tap in your rental, the Easy Tap Turner is the perfect way to prevent any struggles. No matter the placement of your fixture, the Easy Tap Turner allows you to quickly and easily turn your tap on and off thanks to its large handle with ergonomic grip design. This product is especially beneficial to those with weak or arthritic hands.


Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves

Gloves are essential for any gardener, especially Hoselink’s Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves are eco-friendly and ultra-comfortable. These are naturally anti-odour, eco-friendly, and incredibly soft, making them great for working in the garden. As an added bonus, they’re machine washable, meaning you can get tons of use out of them and will spend less money having to replace them.


Rain Gauge 

Hoselink’s Rain Gauge can collect and measure up to 120mm of rain! The gauge is perfect for renters as you can simply stake it into the ground with the built-in spike rather than installing it on a wall. The Rain Gauge can prove very helpful for adults as much as it is for kids who enjoy learning about rainfall and the importance of water.


Metal Hose Reel Box with Hose

Not only is this hose reel alternative perfect for concealing your untidy hose thanks to its attractive design, but it is also a free-standing fixture, making it ideal for renters! It is super simple to use, and you still benefit from rewinding your garden hose without kinks and tangles. Turn the crank handle to rewind, and the self-layering mechanism will do the hard work for you, helping you keep your outdoor space tidy and free from messy hoses!


2-Way Brass Tap Adapter 

Short of taps in your rental? The 2-Way Brass Tap Adapter is the perfect solution. Turning one tap into two, you can use one side for a hose and the other for a sprinkler or any watering accessory such as a Super Jet Washer.

 2-way-brass-tap adatper

So, there you have it, our in-depth guide to renter-friendly products. Don’t forget you’ll need to check with your landlord before installing anything that will cause damage to the property.

N.B. Please note, this guide has been written for Australian gardeners. If you’re located somewhere else, we hope this has been a helpful stepping stone in your research!

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