Winter Garden Gadgets Buyer’s Guide

Ashley van Raad

We all know that winter can be a dreaded time; it’s cold, usually windy, a bit rainy, and just not as inviting as being curled up inside with the heater switched on! But, nevertheless, the work outside must continue. To help you out, we’ve prepared an in-depth guide to the best garden gadgets that will make winter jobs easier and keep your outside space looking gorgeous all season long!



Plant health is important all year round, but especially in winter when it’s common for plants to struggle as they battle against the elements. Hoselink’s Plant Health Seaweed Tonic is the perfect antidote. Consider it like a plant medicine; it promotes strong soil structure and provides your plants with many of the nutrients they need to flourish year-round. Seaweed Tonic can be used on seedlings as well as mature plants to assist with transplant shock, new growth or to help sick and dying plants. Click here to watch our Get Out and Garden Series with Hoselink Horticulturist Ben Hayman, where he explains all about fertilisers and how to use them.

Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Fertiliser Spray Mixer

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Was $36.12
Garden Growth Pack

Garden Growth Pack

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Solar Lights

If you want to keep using your outdoor area through winter, then the Hoselink Solar Lights range is perfect for bringing some much-needed ambience. While you may still need an outdoor heater or fire on the go, Hoselink’s Decorative Solar Lights are guaranteed to make any space feel cosier. Better yet, there is a light for every part of the garden! You will find Solar Spotlights and Floodlights for adding visibility and added security to your home as well as many decorative options. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and the results will be more than enough to motivate you to brave the cold. Read our Solar Lights Buyer’s Guide blog here.


Modern Solar Bollard Light | Motion Sensor | 40LED | TORUS

Modern Solar Bollard Light | Motion Sensor | 40LED | TORUS

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Was $74.71
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Patterned Solar Wall Light | 1LED | 4 Pack | ORBIT

Patterned Solar Wall Light | 1LED | 4 Pack | ORBIT

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Another great gardening job for later in the winter is pruning. Plants are typically easier to prune during this time as they are in a very passive state. Hoselink’s Secateurs are perfect for pruning small to medium branches with their extra sharp blades and ultra-comfortable design. We also have the small but mighty Handy Snippers, which are compact in design and ideal for harvesting herbs and produce all year round. If you are lucky enough to have flowers that bloom in winter, then the Handy Snippers can also be used for cutting flowers and making a gorgeous homemade bouquet. You can read our blog on flower bouquets by clicking here.


Slate Plant Labels

Hoselink’s Slate Plant Labels ensure you’ll never forget what you planted again! They’re ideal for labelling seedlings and plants inside and out. If you want to grow some winter veggies or sow a few seeds in the greenhouse for spring, the Slate Plant Labels will help you feel organised and stay on top of what you’re growing where over winter.

Slate Plant Labels are also great for getting kids out in the garden as your little ones will be able to name their favourite plants or design a label for newly sown fruits and veggies. They also serve as great reminders on how often to water your plants and any other conditions or requirements they may have as you can write on both sides of the label. As an added bonus, the Slate Plant Labels can be purchased with a Hoselink Permanent Marker Pen. This pen’s silver colour will make for a standout effect, and won’t wash away with any rain or bad weather.




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Extendable Rake

Extendable Rake

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In addition to Hoselink’s other cutting tools, Loppers are ideal for cutting those hard-to-reach plants. Like our Secateurs, they are ultra-sharp and will help you achieve a clean cut when tidying up the garden. This will also reduce the risk of damaging a plant by tearing it. Loppers are a great in between tool for when pruners may be too weak or your plant is too high to reach. This handy tool features telescopic handles designed to make it easier to reach branches and protect your body as you do so.


Lightweight Bamboo Gloves

An absolute essential piece of protective wear in the garden; Hoselink’s Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves are eco-friendly, comfortable and easy to clean. Whether you’re planting, pruning, or watering, gloves are a necessity, and not just to protect you from the cold weather. These gloves are machine washable and will keep your hands dry as well as protecting from thorns, cuts and scrapes. The gloves feature a latex grip on the palm side of the glove to allow for a better grip on your gardening tools, while the seamless bamboo lining has anti-odour properties to keep your hands comfortable enough to wear for hours before washing.


Extendable Rake

The Hoselink Extendable Rake is by far the handiest tool you can buy this winter! Leaves and other debris falling from trees is probably one of the most tedious cleaning jobs we need to undertake from autumn through to spring. Thankfully, this Extendable Rake will help you to clean up the mess quickly and easily. Typically, rakes will take up a lot of space in the shed or garage, but this Extendable Rake collapses down into less than a metre long by 21cm wide, perfect for anyone wanting to be smart about their storage! Just because this rake is compact, it doesn’t mean it’s less sturdy. The lever on the handle will lock the rake into place and keep it at the desired length while you get to work.


Retractable Hose Reel

Finally, the star of the show and possibly our most important essential: the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel! Even in winter, while you may get some rain, your garden still needs watering from time to time, especially if you’re growing any seedlings or have pot plants. Be sure to water a few times a month and ensure deep saturation is achieved. The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel makes watering easier than ever thanks to its automatic retraction mechanism, allowing you to stop and start wherever you please and tidy the hose away with ease. No mess, no kinks, and no tangles, it doesn’t get much better than that! Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels also come fitted with a Comfort 8 Pattern Spray Gun featuring a range of spray options to suit all your watering needs.

Another great way to ensure your garden stays hydrated is with Hoselink’s Root Waterer. This product also doubles as a soil breaker and delivers water directly to the roots of your plants. There are many varieties of plants that will benefit from this type of watering at any time of year, including hedges and trees.


There you have it! Our Winter Gadget Guide. Hopefully this blog has helped you figure out what tools you need to get out and garden this winter. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel for our How-to Garden Series with Horticulturist Ben Hayman. Ben has a tonne of knowledge to share and will arm you with the best tips and tricks to keep a happy, healthy garden all year round.

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