Solar Lights Buyer's Guide

There’s really no better place to utilise solar lights than the sun-kissed shores of Australia. Whether you want accent lights for better visibility after dark, spotlights for feature areas, security floodlights, decorative illumination for patios, or functional marker lights for pathways, steps, driveways or an outdoor bin space, Hoselink has a wide range of LED Garden Solar Lights suitable for every purpose.

Why solar?

Solar lights are not only a viable alternative to conventional outdoor wired lights, particularly where installing electrical lighting is prohibitive, but they’re also eco-friendly, low in cost and highly energy-efficient thanks to their LED bulbs and energy-saving power source.

Nowadays, traditional incandescent bulbs are considered the least energy-efficient light bulbs on the market, with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) leading the way as the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient light source, which also happens to be low in CO2 emissions, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Yep, you read it right! Light bulbs do in fact contribute to the world’s carbon dioxide emissions created in the generation of electricity to power them.

Entirely portable with a choice of mounting to a wall with the included screws or sticking to any flat surface with Hoselink's Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape, our solar lights are all below 6V, making them safer than most electric kids toys!

How does it work?

Using a solar cell to absorb energy from the sun throughout the day, the cell powers a built-in battery, which charges during daylight hours and stops after dark when the light automatically illuminates between dusk and dawn.

Choosing solar lights

Hoselink Solar Lights come in all shapes, sizes and functions, so to help you select the right light for your outdoor space we’ve put together this handy lighting guide. Every light we sell is 100% water-resistant and comes with a 12-month warranty. Remember, these lights require a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day to operate, so ensure you have a sunny position to mount your lights in before you purchase.



Solar Floodlight with Sensor  | PARAMOUNT

Ideal for use as a security light for added property protection, this solar light features 80 ultra-bright LED bulbs and a built-in motion detector that can sense movement from up to six metres away. With three lighting modes including a medium light, dim light changing to high light when motion is detected, and a sensor mode without the dim light, you can choose to illuminate your driveway, path or patio for added security after dark.

Lighting modes Three (medium light, dim light sensor, and sensor mode without dim light)

How to install Mount on a wall using a 6mm drill piece and the supplied plugs and screws or fix to a surface with two long strips of Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape


Medium Solar Wall Light with Sensor | ABODE

With a lighting angle that can illuminate up to 120 degrees, a motion sensor for detecting movement, one lighting mode and three different time settings, this solar light is perfect for illuminating a patio area, barbecue, decking, fence or walkway. Motion can be detected from up to six metres away, transitioning from continuous dim light to a temporary bright light, ideal for added security. The duration of the motion-activated bright light can be adjusted to one flash for 20 seconds, two flashes for 40 seconds or three flashes for 60 seconds using a timer button located on the side of the unit.

Lighting modes One (dim light with motion sensor)

How to install Mount to a wall using a 6mm drill piece and the supplied plugs and screws or fix to a surface with 1-2 strips of Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape


Small Solar Wall Light with Sensor | HAVEN

These compact lights are perfect for illuminating an outdoor bin area, doorway, path, steps, fence or decking. With LED bulbs angled on each side, you can achieve a wider range of luminosity, up to 120 degrees. The integrated responsive motion sensor can be detected from up to six metres away, transitioning the light from dim to bright for approximately 20 seconds. The dim light will remain on continuously until motion is detected.

Lighting modes One (dim light with motion sensor)

How to install Mount to a wall using a 6mm drill piece and the supplied plugs and screws or fix to a surface with one strip of Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape



Round Solar Wall Light | FLAIR

These highly decorative, excellent value lights have a beautiful rippled dome housing that emits a soft light, casting an eye-catching pattern against the wall and floor. Ideal to mount along a fence or wall, the lights produce a soft glow ideal for creating an ambient outdoor entertaining space or for decorating patios, pool areas and decking.

Lighting modes One (continuous dim light)

How to install Mount to a wall using a 6mm drill piece and the supplied plugs and screws or fix to a surface with one strip of our Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape positioned across the centre ridged line on the back of the light


Solar Fairy Lights | PIXIE

Available in a choice of warm or cool white colours, these gorgeous fairy lights promise to transform any outdoor space into a party zone! 16.5m in length with 150 twinkling LED bulbs, these Fairy Party Lights are ideal for bringing a festive atmosphere to balconies, decking, patios, plants and pergolas all year round. Featuring solid and flashing lighting modes, the lights feature a plug in, plug out solar panel so you charge it in the sun during the day ready to power your lights all night. This feature is especially helpful if your lights are in a shaded area.

Lighting modes Two (solid and flashing light)

How to install Hang, wrap or string these lights around trees, bushes, decking, balconies… the possibilities are endless! The solar panel is removable if you need to place it in a more optimal position for charging


Solar Festoon Lights | FIESTA

Transform your space after dark with these striking Solar Party Bulb String Lights! Perfect for a party, Christmas festivities or for an ambient glow throughout the year, these lights can be hung from pergolas, wrapped around balconies, or strung through the trees. The set features a removable solar panel allowing you to charge it in a sunny spot and plug it in ready for a night-time display. At the press of a button you can choose between four lighting modes, including flashing to really get the party started!

Lighting modes Four (constant light, slow flash, quick flash, and pulsating light)

How to install The removable solar panel can be mounted using the included screws or use the spike to place in the garden. You can hang, string or wrap the lights around trees, bushes, balconies and pergolas


Decorative Solar Lantern | MANDALA 

Make a statement in your backyard, on your outdoor dining table or camping area with this eye catching solar lantern! This lantern displays a beautiful mandala style light that is sure to be a show-stopper. Enjoy some ambience in any space with this lantern.

Lighting modes One (continuous dim light)
How to install Hang from a hook, place on a table or use the included ground spike to place in the ground.


Solar Garden Globe | RADIANCE 

Eye-catching and effective, this Garden Globe Light can be staked into the soil for an attractive garden light in flower beds or along a pathway, or it can be hung as a beautiful pendant light from a sunny pergola or tree branch. Emitting a warm white glow from both halves of the globe, the light will automatically come on at night and turn off at dawn for ambient garden lighting year-round.

Lighting modes One (continuous solid light)

How to install Stake into the ground with the included spike or hang the globe as a pendant light



Solar Spotlight | FOCUS

Ideal for uplighting trees, illuminating a garden feature or creating a focal point amongst the flower beds, Hoselink’s Solar Garden Spot Light is fully directional, easy to relocate and a breeze to install, with a powerful integrated rechargeable lithium battery. The choice of lighting modes includes a white wide illumination auxiliary light, a yellow high beam main light and a combination of both simultaneously, offering a variety of lighting effects for your outdoor space.

Lighting modes Three (main light, auxiliary light, and main light/auxiliary light combined)

How to install Push the included spike easily into the soil. The fully adjustable solar panel can be repositioned for optimum sun exposure


Adjustable Solar Spotlight | PINNACLE

Featuring an adjustable head with a built-in motion sensor, this light is perfect for mounting above an entryway, using as a security light or angling to light up a garden feature. Detecting movement from up to five metres away, the light will remain dim until motion is sensed when a bright light will then come on for around 20 seconds. The large solar panel can be mounted to any flat wall or fence, while the light head itself can be rotated 360°.

Lighting modes One (dim light with motion sensor)

How to install Mount to a wall using a 6mm drill piece and the supplied plugs and screws or fix to a surface with 1-2 strips of Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape


Solar Path Light with Motion Sensor | ELLIPSIS

An attractive and practical way to illuminate walkways, this Garden Path Light emits a warm yellow tone that becomes brighter when motion is detected. The light comes with three separate components allowing you to choose between two installation heights by using or omitting the middle section of the ground spike. Easy to install with no wiring required, simply stake the light into the soil and let the sun do the rest!

Lighting modes One (dim light with motion sensor)

How to install Push the spike easily into the soil, ensuring the solar panel will receive a minimum of four hours direct sunlight per day


Modern Solar Bollard Light | TORUS 

This sturdy outdoor light is perfect for illuminating garden walkways and entrances. The eye-catching ring light can be switched between three modes: constant dim light, dim light with motion sensor, and bright light with motion sensor, for a customisable way to light up your property. Waterproof and weather-resistant, the built-in sensor automatically triggers the lights to come on after dusk and switch off at dawn.

Lighting modes Three (constant dim light, dim light with motion sensor, and bright light with motion sensor)

How to install Fix the base of the light to solid ground using the included screws, or simply stake into the soil using the spike. Ensure the solar panel will receive a minimum of six hours direct sunlight per day before installing

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