Protective Gear you Need in the Garden

Ashley van Raad

Gardening can be a great therapeutic activity for any individual, but only when we have an annoying graze from a rose thorn or a niggle in the back from winding up a hose do we realise how much a role protective gear and quality products play in the garden. In this blog, we’ll share the best products for staying safe and comfortable outside and how to protect your body. All these areas are important to take care of, from your joint and skin to your posture, so let’s get into it!

Protecting your knees

Of course, our knee joints are super important. But it is no secret that our joints will have some wear and tear as we age, which is why it’s essential to look after them. One of the best things you can do to support your knees and the rest of your body while gardening is to avoid too much pressure on them whilst kneeling. This is where Hoselink’s Soft Knee Mat comes in. Not only will it protect your favourite pair of jeans from getting dirty, but the extra padding provides joint protection too and creates a comfortable place to kneel, especially when working on hard pavers or gravel. The Soft Knee Mat is perfect for working in the garden or even around the house.

Don’t forget that when you are kneeling, keep your posture straight, your core muscles switched on, and remember not to overdo it! If you can feel your body fatiguing, take a rest, and get back in the garden another time.

If you don’t want to keep picking up and moving a Knee Mat, try our Garden Knee Pads instead. These pads will still offer the essential protection and comfort you need but will stay strapped to your knees as you move around the garden. You won’t have to bend and pick up a mat as you go, saving your back and your knees!. Knee protection is all about preventing potential injury. While kneeling correctly and keeping your posture in a good position is essential, our knees are still delicate and require protection from injuries and inflammation. The Hoselink Garden Knee Pads have all the features to make working in the garden more manageable. With water-resistant properties and soft padding, these knee pads will adjust, stretch and support your knees through every gardening job.


Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves

Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves

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Was $7.50
Garden Knee Pads

Garden Knee Pads

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Was $19.90

Protecting your hands

We’ve all been there: getting cuts, grazes, and dirt all over our hands. Thankfully, Hoselink’s Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves are designed to be eco-friendly, lightweight and provide a comfortable layer between you and sharp thorns so you remain protected in the garden. Many people don’t realise that it is imperative to use gloves when using garden chemicals as many of them contain harmful ingredients, which should not touch your skin. It is essential to have breathability in your gardening gloves in the summertime, which is where the bamboo comes in. Bamboo is known for its breathability and anti-odour properties that will keep your hands feeling comfortable for hours. These Garden Gloves are also finished with waterproof latex to make gripping gardening tools easier. Did you know they are also machine washable? You’ll be able to keep these gloves looking good as new for a long time, saving money on having to replace them frequently.


Garden Tool Tote Bag

Garden Tool Tote Bag

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Was $39.90
Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

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Was $42.90

Garden Tool Carriers

Are you tired of running to and from the garden shed or the garage to get more tools? If so, it might be time to try a Hoselink Garden Apron. The Garden Apron provides plenty of convenient storage options with its multitude of pockets designed for gardening on the go. The apron features 14 pockets of different sizes, accommodating any tool you might need, preventing you from continuously bending down to a toolbox or running and back and forth to the garden shed. Not to mention the straps are adjustable, so it fits just right! Wearing an apron will also help to prevent stains and dirt from getting on your favourite outfit. Did we mention it’s also machine washable?

If an apron’s not for you, then why not try our Garden Tool Tote Bag? Not only is it available in a gorgeous shade of green, but this tote bag also features a large interior and multiple pockets on the outside to secure your tools, twine, seeds and anything else you might need. It can be wiped clean and is machine washable too.

Either of these tool carriers makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes to garden.


Sun safety

The sun can be great for supplying us with much-needed vitamin D excellent for building our immune system up. But it is also the thing we need the most protection from. While the sun makes it easier to get outside and enjoy your time in the garden, too much sun can cause skin and eye damage or even lead to skin cancer. In Australia, it can get particularly hot through the summer, so be wary of when the hottest time of the day is and consider saving gardening jobs for outside of these hours. Next time you’re outside, remember to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and slap on a wide-brimmed hat along with UVA-protected sunglasses to stay safe.


Ratchet Pruners

Ratchet Pruners

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Was $28.50
Garden Apron

Garden Apron

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Was $29.90

Cutting tools

All of Hoselink’s cutting tools have been designed to protect your hands and make cutting anything feel like a breeze! One of our top picks is our ergonomically designed Handy Snippers. These were created to fit easily in the hand, are lightweight, and can be used by both left and right-handed people. The Snippers are ideal for cutting flowers, herbs and other small stems.

Have a bigger job in mind? Our Hoselink Loppers will get the job done. These Loppers have long-reach extendable arms with six different settings and ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades, helping you reach without hurting your back or needing a ladder.


Ergonomic tools

At Hoselink, we want to make life easier in the garden, which is why our product development team works hard to create tools that will help take the frustration and strain out of gardening jobs. Our best and most popular example of this is the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel. With a pull-out stop/start ability, as well as a self-winding mechanism, you’ll never have to manually wind up a hose again! It takes away the kinks and tangles most of us struggle with and saves you from needing to carry anything heavy or bend over. Available in 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m sizes, there’s a Hose Reel suitable for everyone so that you can water your garden with ease.


Another excellent product for protecting your back and getting rid of those pesky weeds is our Stand-up Weed Puller. Say goodbye to the days of bending over or kneeling and straining your back for hours; the Stand-up Weed Puller is bound to make weeding a breeze.

Do you struggle with a tough old tap that’s impossible to turn? The Easy Tap Turner was designed for those with weak or arthritic hands to make turning the garden tap on less of a pain. Simply attach to your tap, and away you go – no more struggles!

We hope this blog has been a good start to learning about protective gear for the garden. Remember always to read directions for use and ask for help if you don’t feel confident. View the complete Hoselink Protective Wear Collection here. Stay safe!

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