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Help and support for our range of Hose Connectors

Leaking Fittings

Leaking at the tap

If water is leaking from the top of the Universal Tap Connector, it is usually resolved by further tightening the connector on to the tap. Try using a towel wrapped around it to get a better grip.

- Ensure the Universal Tap Connector is not cross-threaded and screwed tightly on to the tap.
- Unscrew the Universal Tap Connector and inspect the black washer in the top of the connector. If the washer is damaged or missing, contact Hoselink for a replacement.

Spurting water between the fittings

Hoselink maintains a watertight seal via the o-ring to o-ring seal between fittings. If water is spurting out from where the two fittings connect, then it is most likely due to a missing o-ring.

To resolve:
- Disconnect the fittings from each other.
- Inspect the face of each fitting for the black o-ring.
- Replace the missing o-ring with a spare. Spare o-rings are supplied with all Hoselink connectors, kits, hoses and reels. You can also buy spare o-rings HERE.

Water trickling from the nut or between fittings

This is most likely caused by an incorrectly fitted Hose End Connector. You will need to remove and re-fit the hose on to the connector using the following instructions - click HERE to view.

Damaged Fittings

Flow Control Lever has snapped

If the lever on your Hose Connector with Flow Control has become damaged, click HERE to purchase a replacement lever.

Damaged Accessory Connnector with Swivel

If the swivel head of your Accessory Connector with Swivel has separated from the main body, a brass stem with two rubber o-rings will be exposed. If this has happened, then the item needs replacing. Please contact customer service for in-warranty replacements.

Tap Connector won't fit my tap

If the Tap Connector seems too small, unscrew and remove the size reducer. Then, screw the main connector body back on to the tap.

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