February is here and the heat is on. Maintaining your garden during the hottest month of the year can be demanding, but with the right tools you can make watering your outside space a breeze.

Water, water everywhere

So there may not be much in the way of rain this month, but that doesn’t mean your well-kept beds and borders need to suffer in the sun. Something as simple as a sprinkler can mean summer gardening is a little more hands-off, giving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So, which sprinkler?

Choosing the right sprinkler for your garden can be tricky, but with Hoselink’s diverse range of sprinklers you can customise your watering experience to suit you. To help you decipher the options we’ve put together a handy watering guide.

Oscillating sprinkler

This sleek yet sturdy sprinkler is ideal for large, rectangular lawns. Its spray is designed to cover an area up to 15m x 12m and is fully adjustable to ensure only the areas you want to water get wet. With a water flow control gauge and a variety of spray settings including width control tabs and on/off valves to help narrow down the reach of the spray, you can choose to water the whole lawn or just one side. This premium sprinkler performs well even at properties with low water pressure and, with a built-in cleaning pin and fine mesh filter, it will stay good as new use after use.

Material: Zinc metal body, brass

Price: $66.90

9-pattern sprinkler

Is your garden an odd shape? Do you only want to water a garden bed or awkward corner of a courtyard? Then this sprinkler is ideal for you. The 9-pattern sprinkler is a versatile watering tool for average size yards of all shapes. Offering water coverage up to 6m with most of the spray functions, this clever sprinkler is an easy and hassle free way to hydrate your lawn. A simple turn of the dial can offer 360- or 180-degree coverage, a vertical arc or straight stream of water to ensure you reach every corner of the garden.

Material: Zinc metal body, aluminium fan

Price: $32.90

Classic round sprinkler

Sometimes simple is best, and with this classic 360-degree fountain spray sprinkler there’s no need for a lengthy instruction manual. Ideal for small to average size yards, this sprinkler promises a quick and easy watering solution. Boasting an even spray reaching up to 6m, this sturdy metal sprinkler works best with good water pressure. Simply connect to your hose, turn on the tap and away you go!

Material: Metal

Price: $15.50

Low pressure wobble sprinkler

What if I have low water pressure where I live? Problem solved! The wobble sprinkler is specifically designed to work well with low water pressure. Dispersing up to 6m diameter of water, this sprinkler emits droplets of water in a 360-degree direction, rather than a mist, helping to reduce water wastage whilst still sufficiently saturating your lawn. The unique wobble head ensures a nice even distribution of water and can even be connected to multiple low pressure wobble sprinklers using a daisy chain of hoses, to help water large areas at once, making this sprinkler a great all-rounder.

Material: Metal, plastic

Price: $40.90

Impulse sprinkler spike

If your lawn is on the larger side then this sprinkler will go the distance. Frequently used by professional groundskeepers, this sprinkler delivers an even coverage of water over a large area for a sufficient soaking up to 30m in diameter (with good water pressure). Fully adjustable to spray from a 30-degree to 360-degree radius, with the option to alter the range and arc of the water as well as its spread, the sturdy spike also ensures it won’t budge wherever you choose to position it.

Material: Metal, brass

Price: $34.90

Tripod impulse sprinkler

The ultimate large garden sprinkler, this product is the big sister of our smaller impulse sprinkler spike. Suitable for large yards and acre blocks, the lockable legs can be extended up to 115cm and can be adjusted to fit comfortably on flat ground or a slope. Functioning effectively with both low and high water pressure, this stable sprinkler offers complete versatility with its clever adjustable features, including a varying water circumference and flow distance. Despite its large size and sturdy appearance, the tripod is light and easy to move, making this sprinkler a firm favourite.

Material: Metal, brass, plastic

Price: $94.90

Whirly spike sprinkler

If you want a solidly constructed sprinkler that will water tough-to-reach garden beds and tall shrubs, then this good old-fashioned whirly spike sprinkler is a great choice. Extending from 51cm to 86cm, the extra height helps to reach over tall plants and awkward spots. Best suited to mains water pressure, this moving sprinkler requires strong water pressure to operate effectively. With a sturdy spike to anchor it to the ground, the whirling spray promises hours of fun for both kids and the plants!

Material: Steel, brass

Price: $41.90