Super-Grow Garden Fertiliser Concentrate

Fast release liquid all-round garden health treatment

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Hoselink’s Super Grow Garden Fertiliser Concentrate is an all-round garden health treatment formulated to keep your garden flourishing.

The complete fertiliser not only contains all 16 essential nutrients for plant growth but minute quantities of every element in the atomic table. This significantly reduces the chance of insect attack and disease, and helps with the healthy formation of a plant. With regular application of Super Grow, you can say goodbye to spraying insecticides! 

Rejuvinate your garden with this highly concentrated liquid formula designed to help your plants grow, flower and fruit. Suitable for use on both new and established plants as well as vegies, lawns and trees, this fertiliser offers a fast-release feed allowing elements to be absorbed almost immediately at the roots.

Enriched with fish emulsion which provides vital minor elements and amino acids giving plants resistance to disease and insect attack, the Super Grow also conditions soil and improves nutrient uptake

This formula contains the three major elements necessary for healthy plant growth: nitrogen to promote the growth of healthy green leaves, phosphorus for stimulating strong root growth and plant development, and potassium to assist with fruit and flower production. 

Hoselink Super Grow promotes vigorous growth, adds liquid humates and reduces nutrient loss in sandy soils.​​

Directions for Use

Watering Can

Refer to dilution rates table below. Figures based on pre-mixing in a 9-litre watering can.

  1. Fill watering can with water
  2. Mix required amount of Super Grow into solution
  3. Apply evenly over selected application

Hoselink NEW Fertiliser Spray Mixer (new product arriving late April 2019, these instructions are not applicable to the current version):

Refer to dilution rates table below. Dilution rates; 450ml of Super Grow covers 202.5m². *based on foliar application

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Siphon tube required - unscrew the bottle and remove the siphon tube, then unscrew brass pin from above selector dial and push into the top of the siphon tube. Reassemble.
  3. Pour concentrate into Hoselink’s Fertiliser Spray Mixer.
  4. Select dial (refer to table below) and walk slowly using a sweeping action to apply evenly over the desired area.


Plant/Application Type

Rate per 9Lt watering can

Hoselink  Spray Mixer Setting  

Application  Frequency



1 with insert screw.
Dilute 50/50 with water

Every 1-2 weeks

Foliar Application


1 with insert screw

Every 1-2 weeks

New Plantings


1 with insert screw

At planting and in 2 weeks



3 with insert screw

Every week



3 with insert screw

Every week

Established Plants 


5 with insert screw

Every 1-2 weeks



5 with insert screw

Every 2 weeks



5 with insert screw

Every 2 weeks (during growing period)


Super grow is highly concentrated, apply only at correct breakdown. 

Expert Tip: For a complete balanced fertiliser combine with Hoselink Plant Health Seaweed Tonic Concentrate.

Proudly made in Australia.

​When to fertilise

​The start of spring is the best time to fertilise most plants in your garden, depending on feeding needs. However, you can also fertilise plants when a more rapid growth rate is required as well as throughout the year when needed, i.e. when a plant is actively growing, fruiting or flowering.






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Product Specifications

Typical Analysis

W/V  Nitrogen (N) 11.0% Phosphorus (P) 1.4%  Potassium (K) 7.3%
W/W (WA only)  Nitrogen (N) 9% Phosphorus (P) 1.2% Potassium (K) 6.1%
N: 7.5 :1    


Safety Data Sheet


What's Included

  • 1 x 1.25ltr Super-Grow *Garden Fertiliser* Concentrate
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue


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