7.5m Weeper Hose

ITEM: 4849 7.5m Weeper Hose

Rating: 4.82 45 reviews Ideal for watering garden beds More Info


15m Weeper Hose

ITEM: 4848 15m Weeper Hose

Rating: 4.84 79 reviews Ideal for watering large garden beds More Info


7.5m Soaker Hose

ITEM: 4852 7.5m Soaker Hose

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews An easy watering solution More Info


15m Soaker Hose

ITEM: 4853 15m Soaker Hose

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews Even watering for long garden & lawn spaces More Info


Oscillating Sprinkler

ITEM: 5642 Oscillating Sprinkler

Rating: 4.95 866 reviews Perfect for large rectangular areas More Info


9-Pattern Sprinkler

ITEM: 5640 9-Pattern Sprinkler

Rating: 4.91 976 reviews Durable, versatile for average yards and odd shapes More Info


Classic Round Sprinkler

ITEM: 5638 Classic Round Sprinkler

Rating: 4.90 393 reviews Small to average yards - no moving parts! More Info


Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler

ITEM: 5635 Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler

Rating: 5.00 4 reviews Works with low water pressure More Info


Impulse Sprinkler Spike

ITEM: 5648 Impulse Sprinkler Spike

Rating: 4.79 68 reviews Great coverage for large areas More Info


Tripod Impulse Sprinkler

ITEM: 5647 Tripod Impulse Sprinkler

Rating: 4.93 107 reviews Ultimate large garden sprinkler More Info


Whirly Spike Sprinkler

ITEM: 5643 Whirly Spike Sprinkler

Rating: 4.50 32 reviews Good old-fashioned whirly action, but better! More Info


Nozzle Flow Meter

ITEM: 5809 Nozzle Flow Meter

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews Install near sprayer to easily see water usage More Info


Tap Flow Meter Gauge

ITEM: 5815 Tap Flow Meter Gauge

Rating: 4.82 112 reviews Install at tap to measure water usage accurately More Info


Misting Timer

ITEM: 5825 Misting Timer

Rating: 4.91 56 reviews Short misting cycle for automated cooling More Info


15m Misting Kit with Directional Heads

ITEM: 5518 15m Misting Kit with Directional Heads

Rating: 4.82 50 reviews Cooling for outdoor areas or greenhouses More Info


Total Misting Package (Kit + Timer)

ITEM: 5827 Total Misting Package (Kit + Timer)

Rating: 4.85 81 reviews All-in-one solution to staying cool this summer! More Info


Mini Sprinkler Kit

ITEM: 5650 Mini Sprinkler Kit

Rating: 5.00 4 reviews Perfect for watering garden beds, 10 sprinkler heads More Info


Misting System Extra Hose 7.5M - Grey


Misting System Extra Hose 7.5M - White


Misting System Stop Mist Valve - Adjustable Head


Misting System In-line Directional Head


Misting System Inline Mist Valve


Misting System Stop Mist Valve


Misting System Hose Connector


Misting System Installation Clip


Misting System Installation Pin


Mini Sprinkler Kit: 4 Way Outlet with Flow Control


Mini Sprinkler Kit: 4 Way Outlet


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