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High quality tools designed with useful features

  • Cutting and pruning tools
  • Sturdy hand tools
  • Gloves and protective equipment

Garden Care

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Pink Secateurs 225mm

Pink Secateurs 225mm ITEM: 6553

High quality, heavy duty. And they're pink! More Info


Blue Secateurs 225mm

Blue Secateurs 225mm ITEM: 6554

High quality, heavy duty. And they're blue! More Info


Ratchet Pruners

Ratchet Pruners ITEM: 6540

Makes pruning easier More Info


Handy Snippers

Handy Snippers ITEM: 6576

Quickly cut stems More Info



Lopper ITEM: 6565

Extra length and leverage makes cutting and pruning easy More Info


Guillotine Lopper

Guillotine Lopper ITEM: 6568

Easily cuts through branches 45mm thick! More Info


Lightweight Lopper

Lightweight Lopper ITEM: 6566

Tough, yet light! More Info

Was $39.90 Now $31.90

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2-in-1 Hedge Shears

2-in-1 Hedge Shears ITEM: 6570

Keep your hedges neat and tidy! More Info


Pole Pruner

Pole Pruner ITEM: 6567

Extension Lopper + Saw Blade More Info


Pruning Saw

Pruning Saw ITEM: 6575

Cut through sticky sappy plants with ease More Info


Quick-grip Tool Organiser

Quick-grip Tool Organiser ITEM: 6560

Ideal for storing rakes, brooms, mops and more More Info



Sharpener ITEM: 6535

Keep your blades and tools sharp and ready More Info


Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set

Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set ITEM: 6635

Save with this bundle More Info


Garden Trowel

Garden Trowel ITEM: 6630

Ideal for digging, potting and planting More Info


Garden Fork

Garden Fork ITEM: 6632

Strong and sturdy for weeding and cultivating More Info


Garden Weeder

Garden Weeder ITEM: 6634

Ideal for removing small plants and weeds More Info


Hand Scythe Weeder

Hand Scythe Weeder ITEM: 6636

Make light work of the toughest weeds More Info


Kids Gardening Set

Kids Gardening Set ITEM: 6633

Colourful and strong More Info

Was $24.90 Now $19.90

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Soft Knee Mat

Soft Knee Mat ITEM: 6637

Comfort whilst gardening More Info


Leather Gauntlet Gloves

Leather Gauntlet Gloves ITEM: 6660

No more scratches up your arms More Info

Was $34.90 Now $28.50

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