Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Variable spray mixer for fertiliser & weed sprays

$ 17.50

Connect the Fertiliser Spray Mixer to your hose to quickly and conveniently dispense commercial fertiliser or weed spray onto your lawn or garden.

Tired of ill-fitting connections to pre-mixed fertiliser spray bottles?  Due to strong demand, we've introduced the Fertiliser Spray Mixer so you can enjoy a reliable connection between your Hoselink fitted hose and spray mixer, no more leaky fittings!

The Fertiliser Spray Mixer is fully adjustable, allowing you to adjust both concentration of product used and flow of water.

How to use the Fertiliser Spray Mixer

  1. Fill the spray bottle with pre-mixed fertiliser or mix concentrate according to product directions. 
  2. Attach to your Hoselink fitted hose.
  3. Adjust the Mixer Control Lever to adjust the volume of fertiliser drawn through the venturi system.
  4. Turn the Flow Control Lever to adjust water flowing through the hose.
  5. Spray onto lawn or garden as required.

How it works

The venturi system draws a measured amount of fertiliser up from the spray bottle and mixes it with water flowing through the sprayer.  The more open the valve, the more fertiliser is used.  The benefit of this system is it allows for an even spread of fertiliser.

A note about fertilisers

This product is suitable for use with commercially available fertilisers or weed sprays.  If you are using a product from a pre-mixed spray bottle, simply tip it straight in.  If you are using a concentrate please follow the directions on the bottle (it may recommend diluting with water before use).

It is not suitable for use with compost or worm farm liquid as the sediment in these liquids will clog the spray outlet.

Bottle holds 500ml.

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Product Specifications

Model Name Fertiliser Spray Mixer
Model Number 5537 (Consists of 1x5536 and 1x2470)
Material ABS plastic, PVC bottle
Colour Black and green
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Bottle Volume 500ml
Hose Fitting Size 12mm
Warranty 1 year

What's Included

  • Fertiliser Spray Mixer (x1)
  • Accessory Connector (x1)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue

Q. What is the dilution into 9 litres of water?
A. According to our tests, this gives the most accurate dilution as recommended on Seasol concerntrate bottles.

Place desired quantity of fertiliser concerntrate in bottle
Top bottle to half full with water (this will only minimally dilute liquid and will allow your concerntrate to fully disperse).
Turn the Mixer control lever to ¼ on.
Turn Flow Control to Full.

Q. How can I achieve an exact measurement?
A. In reality, you cannot achieve an exact measurement as there are many variables including your water pressure, how much concentrate you use, which brand you use, what type of product you are using.  You can vary output by increasing or decreasing the flow rate, or by increasing or decreasing the concentrate used.





Write a product review

Fertiliser Spray Mixer has a rating of 5/5 based on 13 reviews.

Great product

By: Verified Buyer
12 September 2018
Works just as well as the rest of the range

Multi Use

By: Verified Buyer
26 August 2018
Great for fertiliser and also washing the car for foaming.

fertiliser spray mixer

By: Verified Buyer
17 March 2018
Finally, after a long search I have found a logical product which controls the mix rate and the water at the end of the hose!

Best way to use water- on fertiliser

By: Verified Buyer
15 March 2018
I have been looking for something like this in hardware stores but no one else makes them. I thought the 500ml size would be too small, but it is fine. Makes fertilising much quicker and easier. Only suggestion would be to put measuring markers on the side. It would make it easier to mix the correct proportion of fertiliser to water.

Fertilising Whole Garden in 20 minutes

By: Verified Buyer
2 February 2018
This is so easy to use, just put your fish emulsion mixture into the spray mixer, turn hose on, push handle into on position and fertilise/boost your garden. I fertilised my whole garden in 20 minutes, the thing that took the longest was mixing the fish emulsion. So much fun, and easy to use. Highly recommend


By: Verified Buyer
16 December 2017
The is truly a wonderful gardening tool and is a delight to use. I have discarded all of the other problematic generic mixers. It is well made, robust & does the job. Thank you.

Easy to use

By: Verified Buyer
18 November 2017
Very easy to use. Would have liked to widen sprayer. Works efficiently. Far better than ready made sprayer packs you get in large garden centres.

Fertilising was never this easy

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2017
Great product quick and easy to use as it works exceptionally well and allows you to see how much has been used. The adjustment to limit of have full flow of contents makes it easier for different fertilizing needs. Has made it easier to spray fertilizer than the commercial products.

Spraying without wat shoes

By: Verified Buyer
23 September 2017
I bought one to use instead of the standard fitting that Yates provide with their Weed n Weed range. Those fittings return more water towards you than out the front mixed with the product. I now don’t get wet shoes when using the Hoselink bottle. An aditional purchase option of bottle with swivel connector would be appreciated. I would have happily paid the difference in cost between the standard connector and swivel connector.


7 September 2017
Hoselink should make something similar to this but as a foaming lance similar to the karcher attachment. Means i wouldnt have to drag my karcher out each time i wash my car. i could just attach to my hoselink hose and wash the car with ease

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