Basic Starter Kit

Connectors for tap and hose, add your own sprayer

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The Basic Starter Kit is great for use with caravans or if you already have a watering accessory (sprayer, sprinkler, etc.) with a threaded inlet you would like to use.

Built tough for Aussie conditions, you can count on Hoselink’s hard wearing long lasting hose fittings to NEVER burst off!

Fitting any size Australian tap and standard size garden hose (12mm), these innovative hose fittings provide a 100% watertight connection every time.

The Basic Starter Kit includes:

  • Universal Tap Connector x1
  • Hose End Connector x2
  • Accessory Connector x1

Thanks to the ergonomically designed ‘point and twist’ connection they are easy to use for any age, including for those with arthritis.

To keep things as simple and user friendly as possible, the face of each fitting is identical. This means each part of the Hoselink Hose Fitting system is completely interchangeable. You can connect your tap to hose, hose to accessory, and hose to another hose without using additional parts. Now isn’t that easy.

For fitting instructions click here

Purchase Hoselink Hose Fittings and join thousands of Australians enjoying a better watering experience. Our hose fittings are covered by a 3 year warranty and if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within 30 days we’ll happily give you your money back.


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  • No-burst guarantee
  • Hard wearing, long lasting
  • 3 year warranty

What's Included

Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector

Screws onto any size Australian tap for a watertight seal between your tap and hose.

Accessory Connector

Accessory Connector

Securely connects your hose to your trigger nozzle in a watertight seal that won't leak or burst off. Screws directly into the thread of your trigger nozzle.

Hose End Connector

Hose End Connector x 2

Clamps onto your standard size garden hose (12mm) in a secure connection guaranteed to never burst off.

Product Specifications

Model Name
Basic Starter Kit
Model Number
Connectors (nylon), Split ring (plastic), O-Ring (rubber)
Green and yellow
Hose Fitting Size
Tap Thread Fitting Size 25mm (1”) and 20mm (¾”) with included reducer
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 3 years

What's Included

  • 1 x Universal Tap Connector
  • 1 x Reducer
  • 2 x Hose End Connector
  • 1 x Accessory Connector
  • 2 x White Split Ring
  • 3 x  O-Rings
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue


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Basic Starter Kit has a rating of 5/5 based on 595 reviews.

Finally a connection that doesn't leak

By: Verified Buyer
29 September 2018
This has been the first hose connection system in over 30 years experience that doesn't leak. I fully recommend Hoselink products.

Good for nurseries

By: Verified Buyer
23 September 2018
We have used this product and put it through its paces everyday at our small nursery. Very robust even when hose is moved and pulled in all directions. We are swapping all our connections to hoselink

9 years and still perfectly reliable

By: Verified Buyer
20 March 2018
Bought my first set 9 years ago and they were still perfectly connecting, I bought a new set as I moved and left the first set for the new tenants. The best connectors on the market.


By: Verified Buyer
5 March 2018
Great product easy to use and does the job well

Basically Easy

By: Verified Buyer
2 March 2018
I purchased an “Basic Starter Kit”, I was sick of constantly reattaching my burst hoses, having leaking fittings and getting wet attaching and detaching hoses and hand spray guns. I saw the Hoselink ad on TV and bought a set to try it out, I was impressed by how solid the fittings are and how easy it was to replace the existing fittings. Not only that, but also how easily the bayonet style fittings are to attach/detach, I was so happy with my purchase I have ordered additional sets to replace all my hose fittings.

Great product

By: Verified Buyer
1 March 2018
First time ever hoses have stayed on the taps when pressure cleaning. Will be changing all garden hoses to hose link fittings now


By: Verified Buyer
24 February 2018
The quality of these fittings is far beyond those that you would find in your local bunnings. Solid construction and easy to use, they should never give you a days problem and definately no leaks :)

Basic starter

By: Verified Buyer
24 February 2018
Fantastic will not go back to the old one's. So happy with hoselink

Basic starter kit

By: Verified Buyer
23 February 2018
I was pleased with the quick delivery,and the ease to fit to the hose. We have quite high water pressure and so far have no problems with hose connections coming apart

New hose

By: Verified Buyer
22 February 2018
Get an old hose, attach the new fittings and tada =new hose (and it doesn't break away)

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