Hoselink Fitting Instructions

Follow these steps for a no-burst, watertight connection

Hoselink fittings are easy to install, fit any standard garden hose, and once installed via these instructions, we guarantee they will never burst off your hose!


Click the image to the right to download the instructions in Adobe PDF format.

Watch the Video

Watch Tim Kierath, founder of Hoselink show how easy it is to connect with Hoselink (1:38).

 Video on Fitting Hoselink to Your Hose

NB: Every order includes a copy of these instructions.

Leaking Fittings

If you're fittings are leaking, please have a read of our troubleshooting steps below or watch our video that addresses the issue.

 Video on Fixing leaking Hoselink Fittings

  1. Check O-Rings: Check the face of each fitting for a black O-Ring. If an O-Ring is missing from either fitting, replace with a spare O-Ring supplied with this kit. Use only Hoselink supplied O-Rings. If none are available, please contact Hoselink.
  2. Remove the Hose Connector from your hose:
    1. Unscrew the yellow nut
    2. Use a small screwdriver to wedge the White Split Ring back up the hose
    3. Submerge the entire fitting in boiling water for 10 seconds
    4. Drain the water away, place the fitting between your feet and firmly pull the hose straight upwards
  3. Re-fit the Hose Connector as per instructions & ensure:
    • The hose is cut straight
    • The White Split Ring is flush with the end of the hose
    • Boiling water is used
    • The hose is pushed down as far as it will go

Leaking at the Tap

  1. Unscrew the Universal Tap Connector and check the black washer in the top of the connector. If the washer is damaged or missing, please contact Hoselink.
  2. Screw the Universal Tap Connector tightly back onto the tap, making sure it is not cross threaded