Save Water with Hoselink

A drier than expected year has resulted in water shortages and severe drought across much of Australia. With some regions on water restrictions, it’s important to be as water-efficient as possible, and that includes choosing home and garden products with the Smart Approved WaterMark seal of approval to ensure every precious drop is saved.

‘It doesn’t feel like long since the end of the last drought eight years ago, and we’ve been doing really well as a nation to keep our water use down,' says Chris Philpot, CEO at Smart Approved WaterMark, 'However, there is always more we can do to help save water by choosing water-efficient products and making small changes in our behaviour. Smart Approved WaterMark identifies products and services that save water to help you make the right choices. So next time you’re shopping for water-related appliances for your home and garden, look for the hand holding the blue water drop.’

Hoselink’s patented hose fittings are Smart Approved WaterMark-certified, guaranteed never to burst off or leak. In fact, they’re proven to save water thanks to their reliable, 100% watertight fit on your hose. Our latest addition to the fitting range is our 12mm Hose Connector with Flow Control designed to give you full control at your fingertips. Fitting to the end of your hose in place of the Hose End Connector, the flow control lever allows you to toggle the strength of the water flow as well as turn it off and on at the end of the hose, ideal for changing accessories with ease as well as stopping water flow so not a drop is wasted whilst you return to the tap.

What’s the difference between Hoselink and other fittings?

The most commonly used hose fitting in Australia is the 'click-on' connector, which has been identified as having two main weak points: weak retention claws inside the female fitting and poor grip, causing connectors to frequently burst off the hose, wasting an untold amount of water over time. Hoselink’s connectors fit together with a unique ‘point and twist’, bayonet-style fitting containing a white split ring and internal barb that clamps the hose firmly to the connector to ensure it never moves, and a watertight o-ring to o-ring seal between the connectors.

What makes Hoselink fittings better?

Hoselink’s fittings offer a new, much more reliable way to use your garden hose, with every product designed for ease of use and functionality. Made from strong nylon fibre designed to last for many years in the harsh Australian sun, the 'point and twist' design is simple to use regardless of age and is even suitable for those with arthritic hands.

The Hoselink fittings range extends to a series of 18mm connectors and hoses ideal for commercial and rural use thanks to the same leak-proof guarantee. The larger internal hose diameter allows for increased water flow and pressure whilst the three-layer material knit and thick wall design helps prevent kinks and twists, with high abrasion resistance to prevent damage from dirt, debris or rubble.

Every fitting in the Hoselink system has an identical face, so multiple hoses can be joined together with ease whilst adding and changing accessories is a breeze – there’s no need for any extra connectors! Suitable for any standard 12mm or 18mm hose.

Can I use my existing watering accessories with Hoselink fittings?

Yes! However, depending on your existing accessory connection, you may require an adaptor. If you have a watering accessory with a male or female thread, then it can be connected natively to the Hoselink Tap Connector (female thread) or Accessory Connector (male thread). If you have a fixed/moulded click-on fitting that cannot be removed then you may need a male connector piece or a female click-on adapter. Unfortunately, this is not a 100% watertight connection, so we do recommend Hoselink fittings wherever possible. In many instances, click-on connectors are removable, so the extra connector is not needed to adapt your accessories to the Hoselink system.

Hoselink Connectors are available to buy individually, starting from just $6.50, or as part of a Starter Kit, starting from $21.50, whilst our bestselling Retractable Hose Reels come pre-fitted with Hoselink Connectors and start from $179.

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