Cleaning Tools Buyer's Guide

With so many cleaning tools available, it’s hard to know where to start or what tool suits each job best. Hoselink has a wide range of products to suit every type of cleaning job you may have around the house or garden. This blog is your go-to guide on all you need to know, providing you with tips, tricks, how-tos and hacks on all of Hoselink’s cleaning tools to help you choose the right product that will make cleaning easy.  

Retractable Hose Reel   

Hoselink’s Retractable Hose Reel is possibly the most versatile of all the cleaning tools! Each Reel comes fitted with a Comfort-8 Pattern Flow Control Sprayer. This spray gun has a variety of patterns to suit all your cleaning, washing and watering needs. The functions best suited to cleaning are ‘jet’, ‘full’ and ‘flat’.   

The jet function is perfect for strong, streamlined cleaning and blasting away any dirt or grime. The full function allows for the highest flow of water to be expelled from the spray gun, ideal for washing down boats and water sports equipment, such as surfboards or stand-up paddleboards. The flat function is excellent for rinsing down a car once washed to remove soap or any other cleaning products. This function makes rinsing neat and even, ensuring you don’t miss a spot!   


Water Wise Kit  

While Hoselink’s Water Wise Kit isn’t necessarily classified as a tool, it is a great place to get started using Hoselink while benefitting from our point and twist hose connectors guaranteed never to leak or burst off your hose. This kit is Smart WaterMark Approved, and includes everything you need to attach to an existing 12mm garden hose. It includes a Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer, a Hose Connector with Flow Control, a Hose End Connector, a Universal Tap Connector, and an Accessory Connector with Swivel.   

This Accessory Connector with Swivel is a must-have when you are swapping between cleaning tools and other fittings on your Hoselink system. The swivel function also enables you to move and turn while using any tool without tangling your hose up! If you’ve been waiting to try Hoselink, there’s no reason not to with fittings that are guaranteed never to leak or burst, backed by a two-year warranty and a lifetime of customer care.   


Extendable Cleaning Brush   

Our Extendable Cleaning Brush is one of Hoselink’s most popular cleaning tools, and for good reason. This cleaning brush is fitted with an easy-grip handle and a Hoselink Accessory Connector, making it quick to connect to your existing Hoselink Reel or hose and get to cleaning. The Extendable Cleaning Brush is features super soft bristles, making it easier than ever to scrub away dirt from your car, boat, bike and windows without scratching and with a constant stream of water at your fingertips. Add any soap or Hoselink’s Car Shampoo to the brush end to get the most out of your clean. With a new lock-in head design, it’s easy to keep the brush at the angle you desire. Reach between 103cm and 168cm with the extendable handle, enabling you to reach those high and hard-to-reach spots with ease. The brush is also fitted with a flow control lever at the base of the handle, so if you need to stop the water mid-way through cleaning, you don’t need to go back to the tap. Talk about convenience!   



The Hoselink attachment you didn’t know you needed! The Blaster is perfect for, quite literally, blasting water. It comes pre-fitted with a Hoselink Accessory Connector for a fast connection to your hose. The Blaster may appear small in size, but it has incredible reach for all those tricky spots! The Blaster also increases water pressure; simply adjust it by using the flow control lever. This handy tool is perfect for cleaning pavers, driveways, outdoor furniture, windows, eaves and other out of the way places that need a strong clean!   

Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner   

If you were looking for the perfect gutter cleaner, look no further! The Hoselink Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool to blast away pesky leaves and dirt from your gutters with ease. Featuring an extendable handle from 106cm to 160cm, what was once a tedious job requiring a ladder is now easier than ever! Control the tool with three easy-grip handles, a completely adjustable 270-degree pivot head, and a flow control lever to adjust the stream. The water, which projects from the head, is in the shape of an eye, making it super powerful and precise, perfect for not only gutters but car rinsing and other cleaning jobs too. If you’re not after intense water pressure, simply reduce with the flow control leaver at your fingertips.   


Super Jet Washer   

For those more challenging cleaning jobs, the Super Jet Washer is up to the task! With two interchangeable brass heads, this washer is incredibly versatile. The jet nozzle relies on water pressure to perform at its best, but it is perfect for several jobs, including cleaning boats, RVs, cars, bikes, fences, awnings, outdoor furniture, eaves, pavers, decking... the list goes on! Use the jet nozzle for a more precise aim on a specific area and the fan nozzle for a wider reach. This tool even comes with a built-in thread to screw the brass nozzle you aren’t using to prevent it from getting lost. The Super Jet Washer is fitted with a comfortable easy-grip handle for the best control while cleaning and features a lever to turn the water pressure on or off without returning to the tap. Stains, mud, dirt or grime, no job is too big for this powerful tool!   


High-pressure Jet Nozzle   

For a speedy and compact attachment that gets the job done, Hoselink’s High-Pressure Jet Nozzle is perfect! This fitting can reach up to eight metres in distance (dependant on water pressure) and is great for washing down hard surfaces. Simply twist the brass head to adjust between a jet forced spray to a strong mist. Designed with brass to stand up to tough Australian conditions, this nozzle will be your go-to attachment for any cleaning job.   


Handy Cleaning + Hose Reel Pack   

Love the sound of all these tools? Want to give everything a try? Then this is the bundle for you! This money-saving bundle includes all of Hoselink’s crowd favourites for cleaning and general everyday use, giving you the ultimate solution to any job. In this pack, you will receive a Retractable Hose Reel in any colour and size you like, along with all the fittings you need and a Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer. Also included is a Super Jet Washer, Pivot Gutter Cleaner and Extendable Cleaning Brush. These tools are great for cleaning cars, boats, RVs, driveways, gutters, awnings, outdoor furniture, water sports equipment and much more! With tools like these, no dirt, mud or mess is too much to handle. If that wasn’t enough, the bundle also includes a Click-on Adapter Set, allowing you to simply ‘click-on’ to your existing accessories with ease, plus a Hoselink Universal Tap Connector and Accessory Connector. Both provide that watertight seal that Aussies know and love! 

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