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Spring Clean Your Garden

Josh Moses

Spring has arrived! Many of us love the idea of a good spring clean, whether that means sorting through things in the shed, or even tidying up and adding some polish indoors, but don’t forget about your garden! Getting your garden in tip-top shape for the warmer months doesn’t need to be difficult, especially when you’ve got the right job list and tools by your side. Every task has its importance and ensures you’ll have an outdoor space to be proud of come summertime.

Growing Strawberries

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Refresh the lawn


Your grass needs to take off its winter coat as much as you do, so there’s no better way to rejuvenate your lawn than by aerating the surface. Aerating your lawn will ensure the sun penetrates deep into the soil over the course of spring, assisting your lawn in staying greener for longer through the season. Aerating also allows you to loosen and remove any pesky weeds which may have settled into your lawn over the winter.

Keep it trimmed:

While the winter weather tends to slow down lawn growth, you'll find that warm weather brings it right back up to speed. Consistent mowing allows for healthy grass shoots to flourish while the weak ones will be left behind. Uneven growth can also be avoided with regular mowing. With grass cut to a flat, uniform length, it allows for an even absorption and distribution of nutrients coming from water and the sun, which enhances the health of your grass, soil and root systems that lie beneath.

Mowing The Lawn


With warmer weather comes a surge in every gardener’s least favourite sight, weeds! Don’t take it personally, you haven’t done anything wrong. Weeds can appear anywhere that there’s a bit of space, even the gaps between tiles or concrete are prone. When physically removing weeds, be sure to pull the whole plant out, including the roots. We’ve made the process a breeze with our very own Stand-up Weed Puller!


You've just managed to get your lawn through a cold winter, and now it’s feeding time! Spring is THE season to fertilise as your lawn breaks the winter dormancy and the soil beneath starts to warm up. However, like many other tasks which have long-lasting impacts, timing is key. If you apply fertiliser too early in the season, then your lawn won’t receive the full benefit and nutrient intake from active growth. You’ll notice grass growth begin to accelerate when soil temperatures reach approximately 15°C. Once your soil is consistently measuring temperatures above this number, it’s time to begin.

After your next bout of rainfall, disperse some liquid fertiliser over your plants and lawn. As it breaks down and filters into the soil, it’s absorbed by the growing roots and used to fuel growth and flowering. Hoselink’s very own range has been scientifically formulated and has been 100% developed and manufactured in Australia, with options for your lawn, plants and soil available!

Note: You’ll be able to source an outdoor thermometer to measure the temperature of your lawn from your local hardware store.

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Fertiliser Starter Pack

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Tidy and prune

Spring's the season to prune any shrubs or bushes that were left alone over the autumn and winter period. Doing this early in the season will ensure that the plant continues to grow evenly and doesn’t tangle or become an eyesore on top. While you're in the garden, reach for your Hoselink 2-in-1 Hedge Shears and tidy up your hedges to maximise their health and create a more visually appealing display in your outdoor space.

If you host any fruit trees in your garden, remove any messy growth from the branches with a handy pair of Secateurs, allowing you to maintain a manageable width and height for harvesting fruit and provide more sunlight and spring warmth on the body of the tree. The same goes for your perennials and evergreens, which may require having their foliage trimmed back to encourage new growth.

As part of your spring prep routine, give your gutters a thorough clean of any dirt and leaf litter with your Hoselink Long-reach Pivot Gutter Cleaner to prevent any build-up that may cause issues during wet weather. If you’ve got rain tanks, clearing up your gutters may ensure that the rain can travel without blockage or obstruction for those hot summer days. The best part of cleaning your gutters is that the leaf litter doesn’t need to go to waste either! Find out what you can use it for below.


Don’t miss out on mulch

One of the easiest ways to make your backyard look polished and prepared for the season ahead is to add a fresh coating of mulch to your garden beds. Mulching conserves water, lowers the temperature of your plant’s roots (crucial in warmer weather), feeds the soil and suffocates weeds. The best approach is to wait until the soil warms up and dries a touch before replenishing it with mulch. However, be sure to steer clear of the stems and crowns of your plants and, if you’re anticipating some of your flora to self-seed, give those ones the opportunity to germinate first before you cover the bed with mulch.

Spread your mulch evenly with the use of Lightweight Bamboo Gardening Gloves, or opt for an Extendable Rake to help keep your layer of mulch level, which allows it to stay in place during heavy rain and wind. Edging is also an important process to consider as it creates a border around a tree or garden bed to prevent mulch from drifting off into your lawn. Similarly, it prevents your lawn from infiltrating flower beds. It also acts as a barrier for weeds and gives your outdoor space a tidier appearance.

Mulching the garden bed

Get composting

If you haven't thought about it before, now’s a great time to set up a compost spot in your own garden. It’s as simple as buying a compost bin from your local nursery or hardware store, or you can even build your own from scratch.

Having a compost bin allows you to easily manage put your organic waste in the one spot. Once it’s broken down, you'll have a dense, rich compost material that your plants can thrive on. Include a generous mixture of grass clippings, leaf litter, vegetable peelings and any excess you may have from pruning your garden. Make sure to stir your compost with a garden fork each month to keep it aerated!

Garden Trowel

Garden Trowel

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Automatic Tap Timer with Rain Sensor

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Plant and grow

Early spring is a rewarding time to plant vegetables, trees, shrubs and annuals. It’s also the time to remove plants that have died or are well past their best and can’t be revived, in order to accommodate new plantings. When working out where to grow a new plant, consider the amount of space that's needed as your flora will growth upwards to the side. If you haven’t done so before, we strongly recommend growing your own herbs and veg, something both rewarding and delicious! Include versatile varieties that can be used in multiple recipes like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and chilli as well as basil, thyme and parsley!

All plants grown in containers, including indoor plants which have outgrown their home, should be re-potted come spring. Place your plants into slightly larger pots with fresh potting mix and replant into the old pot but with fresh potting mix.

Pot planting in the garden

Start saving water now

You’ll want to incorporate some water-saving techniques and strategies into your watering routine this spring to ensure that you are well equipped for a hot summer.

Check for any broken nozzles and tap fittings and replace, if necessary, as well as staying alert for leaks. You can also save the water used when steaming or boiling in the kitchen! Allow it to cool and water your vegetable garden or indoor plants with it – they’ll appreciate the extra nutrients. Even the shower plays a role. You can place a bucket in the shower and collect cold water as the shower heats up. There’s no shortage of ways to efficiently maximise the use of water around your home and ensure every drop goes to good use.

If rain is forecast, delay your watering and turn any automatic sprinkler systems off until the weather dries up again. For smart watering without the work, consider Hoselink’s Automatic Tap Timer with Rain Sensor, which prevents your irrigation system from coming on unnecessarily.

Note: Hoselink’s fitting system provides a 100% watertight connection is guaranteed to never leak or burst off your hose!

automatic tap timer with rain sensor



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