Flowerless Colour

Flowerless Colour


Flowers don't have to be the only things bringing colour to your garden. If you're anything like me, then you'll love the different colours the garden bursts with throughout the seasons and finding more ways, to bring in more colour, is a winner! Here are 10 awesome plants that have colour even when they're not in flower:

Begonia Rex - Escargot - green leaves with a white swirl pattern There are lots of varieties of Begonia with wonderful leaves. The Begonia Rex Escargot (left) and the Begonia Rex Stained Glass (right) are two gorgeous examples. Begonia Rex - Stained Glass - red leaves with a white edging
Bromeliads - yellow, orange and red leaves You'll be forgiven for thinking that the colourful parts of a Bromeliad are it's flower but no these are indeed it's leaves. These are great plants for a colourful tropical garden. Bromeliads - deep reds and purples leaves
Geranium - green leaves with a thick purple ring Geraniums have pretty flowers and colourful leaves. That's a 2-for-1 in colourful gardening! As if that wasn't enough of a bargain they are really easy to take cuttings from too. Pot full of geraniums - purples leaves with a green edge
Hemizygia - white and green leaves with purple flowers These are ideal for a cottage garden full of colour. The pretty leaves and gorgeous flowers are a nice addition to any flower bed. Hemizygia aka Candy Kiss - white and green leaves with purple flowers
Hypoestes - pink and green flecked leaves Depending on which variety you go for, these can be a subtle addition or a bold statement piece within the garden. Sadly a short lived plant but a wonderful one none the less. Hypoestes - green and pink flecked leaves
Lamium - green and silver leaves Lamium is an excellent choice for a large garden, these hardy plants can be used to cover any area with a sea of colour. They're frost hardy too. Lamium - green and silver leaves with small pink flowers
Pennisetum - purple leaf grass It's easy to forget that grasses can be for decoration and not just for lawns. The hardy Pennisetum provides excellent height to a flower bed. Pennisetum - purple/red leaf grass
Purple Basil - Dark purple leaves Yep that's right you can get purple basil! There are several varieties available which are also edible. These can be grown indoors or outdoors in beds or in pots, perfect for everyone! Purple Basil - Dark purple frilled leaves
Sedum - purple succulent leaves A great choice for gardeners who are looking for an easy to grow colouful plant. Of course these aren't the only colourful succulents take a look at our blog Selecting a Succulent for more great options. Sedum - Dragons Blood - Purple/red and green leaves
Veg - Deep purple cabbage leaves Cabbage (right) and Lettuce (left) are wonderful additions to the garden with the added bonus of being edible. Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?! Veg - red and green lettuce leaves

Of course these are just a small selection of plants that will bring colour to your garden, with such a huge variety available there is definitely something out there perfect for your garden!

Happy Gardening!

N.B. This article has been written for Australian gardens. If you're reading this from around the world, we do hope you've found it a useful stepping stone for your own further research.

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