Garden Sprinkler Systems

Water with a smile, Hoselink-style!

  • Customised watering
  • 12 month warranty
  • Free connector with every sprinkler
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Hoselink’s range of high quality garden sprinklers are great for all of your watering needs. We have sprinklers for small areas, large yards, rectangular lawns and oddly shaped flowerbeds. Whatever the type, size or shape of your garden, Hoselink has the right sprinkler for you.

FREE Accessory Connector

All Hoselink sprinklers come with a FREE Accessory Connector for an easy and quick ‘point and twist’ connection to your Hoselink fitted garden hose.


If you want guaranteed results, use your Hoselink sprinkler with Hoselink hose fittings. Hoselink sprinklers are also compatible with garden hoses and hose fittings from other brands.


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Watering Bundle

Watering Bundle ITEM: 9965

The right tools to water your entire garden More Info


7.5m Weeper Hose

7.5m Weeper Hose ITEM: 4849

Ideal for watering garden beds More Info


15m Weeper Hose

15m Weeper Hose ITEM: 4848

Ideal for watering large garden beds More Info

Was $30.90 Now $27.90

On Sale
Oscillating Sprinkler

Oscillating Sprinkler ITEM: 5642

Perfect for large rectangular areas More Info


9-Pattern Sprinkler

9-Pattern Sprinkler ITEM: 5640

Durable, versatile for average yards and odd shapes More Info

Was $29.90 Now $26.90

On Sale
Classic Round Sprinkler

Classic Round Sprinkler ITEM: 5638

Small to average yards - no moving parts! More Info


Impulse Sprinkler Spike

Impulse Sprinkler Spike ITEM: 5648

Great coverage for large areas More Info


Tripod Impulse Sprinkler

Tripod Impulse Sprinkler ITEM: 5647

Ultimate large garden sprinkler More Info


Out Of Stock
Whirly Spike Sprinkler

Whirly Spike Sprinkler ITEM: 5643

Good old-fashioned whirly action, but better! More Info

Was $41.90 Now $37.50

On Sale
Water Saver

Water Saver ITEM: 5821

Use with sprinkler to save up to 25% of water More Info


15m Misting Kit

15m Misting Kit ITEM: 5510

Entertaining area or greenhouse system More Info


Total Misting Package (Kit + Timer)

Total Misting Package (Kit + Timer) ITEM: 5826

All-in-one solution to staying cool this Summer! More Info