Happy households trust Hoselink quality.

Hoselink’s range of high quality garden sprinklers are great for all of your watering needs. We have sprinklers for small areas, large yards, rectangular lawns and oddly shaped flowerbeds. Whatever the type, size or shape of your garden, Hoselink has the right sprinkler for you.

FREE Accessory Connector

All Hoselink sprinklers come with a FREE Accessory Connector for an easy and quick ‘point and twist’ connection to your Hoselink fitted garden hose.


If you want guaranteed results, use your Hoselink sprinkler with Hoselink hose fittings. Hoselink sprinklers are also compatible with garden hoses and hose fittings from other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sprinklers

A Soaker Hose is a plastic hose with holes throughout its length and emits a spray outwards, similar to a sprinkler, but in one long line. A Weeper Hose slowly "weeps" water and looks like it is dripping. Because Weeper Hoses drip directly into the ground underneath them, they are suitable for watering garden beds, can be buried under mulch and are useful for conserving water. Soaker Hoses, on the other hand, act more like a sprinkler. Many people like to use them on nature strips or other long sections of garden.

Yes. The Weeper and Soaker Hoses have different threads at each end of the hose allowing you to join more than one length together. The maximum length we recommend for effective watering is 30m.

Impulse sprinklers have the longest reach of any of our sprinklers and are designed to cover very large areas. We have two options – the Impulse Sprinkler Spike sits closest to the ground, or the Tripod Impulse Sprinkler which can be used on slopes and set at various heights, which can be useful to reach over garden beds.

Hoselink has a range of sprinklers to suit a variety of needs but the ones that have proven to be most popular with our customers are the Oscillating Sprinkler and 9-Pattern Sprinkler. The Oscillating Sprinkler covers a large area, is very robust and works well on rectangular lawn spaces. The 9-Pattern Sprinkler covers around 6m and is perfect for setting up in awkward spaces and reducing water waste because of the various settings.

Our Impulse Sprinklers (Ground Spike & Tripod variations) have the most adjustments and variations of all our sprinklers. They are best suited to large spaces and are the same type of sprinklers you often see used on playing fields and golf courses. They feature adjustments that can be made to the distance sprayed, radius, arc and distribution of water. If you’re looking for a sprinkler with various settings for a typical home situation, the Oscillating Sprinkler will allow you to water the lawn without watering the pavement next to it, with settings for flow adjustment, oscillation and spray width.

The Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler can be joined up with other sprinklers of the same type. You will need to add extra hoses and connectors. Each of these sprinklers has an outlet opposite the water inlet which can be unscrewed to add extra sprinklers.

The Water Saver reduces water use up to 25% by pulsing the water flow through the sprinkler. It is gear driven and will assist with increased saturation. The Water Saver is designed for use with some sprinklers and irrigation and is not suitable for use with any other hand held watering devices.

The answer is the Low Pressure Wobble Sprinkler. This specifically designed sprinkler disperses up to a 6m diameter (depending on water pressure), emitting droplets of water rather than a mist which helps to reduce water waste and provide sufficient coverage.