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Retraction Issues

Hose not retracting fully into casing

Click HERE to download our troubleshooting guide for hose reel retraction issues.

Hose cannot be retracted or extended

This may occur if the hose has lapped over itself. The hose will need to be pulled until fully extended. Brace the unit with one hand and pull with force until untangled.


Leaking from the leader hose entry point

Use a flat screwdriver to remove the side cover located on the same side as the leader hose. If there is a small drip coming from between the leader hose and elbow joint, this can be fixed by turning the hose on full pressure and using a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the hose clamp until the leak stops.


Hose is kinking

Extend the hose and turn the tap on full to remove any kinks. The hose should not retain a memory and kinks should fill out. Ensure the hose reel is mounted high enough; if too low the hose can rub on the aperture and cause kinks.

Always walk the hose out as needed, do not stand at the hose reel and pull the hose out, allowing it to pool at your feet, because a kink can occur when you then walk it out. Ensure the Hose Reel is mounted on a wall so it can swivel freely 180°.

Water pressure

Water pressure greatly reduced

Compare pressure when the spray nozzle is detached to ensure it is not a blockage within the spray gun head.

Fully extend the hose, inspect for kinks, and turn the tap on full to remove possible pinch points.

Reverse water flow through the reel by attaching the spray end of the hose to the tap to try and dislodge any blockage. Note: This product is not suitable for use with very low water pressure.

Hole in Hose

Damaged hose

If your hose has sustained damaged, it can be cut and repaired with the use of Hoselink’s Hose Repair Kit. For more information click HERE.

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