FAQ's | 2595-WG | 12mm to 18mm Converter | Connectors

Q. Is this the only way to convert between 18mm and 12mm Hoselink fitting systems?
A. There is no single piece solution to converting between the 2 systems.  The 12mm to 18mm Converter gets around this by combining 2 parts that will screw together.  You can then attach the respective fittings onto either end.

Q. Will there be any loss of pressure?
A. There will be a pressure difference when you switch down from 18mm to 12mm.

Q. Why would I use 18mm hoses and fittings?
A. Larger internal 18mm diameter hoses and fittings are typically used in low water pressure situations, or where a high volume of water is required.  They are often used in commercial situations such as at sporting fields, golf courses, nurseries, farms and parks.  Many people in rural situations use these hoses where water pressure is very low, such as supply from a dam or tank.  Anyone can choose to use 18mm hoses and fittings but they're typically used as a solution to low water pressure.

Q. Why aren't the 18mm fittings green and yellow?
A. We wanted to make it easy for customers who use both 12mm and 18mm hose fittings to identify which is which.