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Cultivating Connections

At Hoselink, we are well known for our Hose Connectors, the very product that launched us 21 years ago. But as time has gone on that connection has evolved into something more meaningful. As the range grew, we realised our products aren’t just helping to revolutionise your gardening experience, they’re helping to build connections with nature and each other outside, and we can’t wait to share more about this with you.

We are proud to inspire people from all walks of life across Australia to care for the environment, to cultivate an outdoor sanctuary, to grow food, and to learn and inspire each other, our children, neighbours and friends.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, the connections made with Hoselink are enduring

Hoselink strives to enrich people’s lives, now and for generations to come. We create products and offer a service like no other, that connects people and communities to their gardens, outdoor spaces, to nature and to those they love.

Watch the Cultivating Connections Series

Cultivating Connection

Meet Nora Awad, a Sydney-based teacher who inherited her green thumb from her Lebanese father. In this first episode of the Cultivating Connections series we visit Nora and her family to find out how gardening connects them to each other and to their rich culture.