Storing your hose properly makes it easier to use.

Storing Your Hose

If you're not using a hose reel, garden hoses are best stored in large loops on a hose hanger or hose holder.   This will help prevent tangles and kinks and make it easier to use and rewind when you're finished.

Prevent Tangles & Kinks

If your hose is stored in large loops on a hanger, when it's time to use it, simply take each loop off one at a time and only take as much as you need.  Then walk the hose out and it should follow you easily.  By preventing hose twist, you'll minimise the risk of annoying kinks.

Helpful Accessories

You'll also find a range of accessories to make using your garden hose easier, including shelves to store extra fittings and sprayers, to hose guides.  Brick corners can be tough on hoses and a hose guide will help it glide around corners - this both protects the hose and makes it easier for you to pull.