Collection: Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

  • 9-Pattern Sprinkler

    9-Pattern Sprinkler

    Popular sprinkler with multiple spray options

    Item: 5640-WG

    1382 reviews
    Was $39.90
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  • Peach Secateurs on a white background

    Secateurs 225mm | Peach

    High quality, heavy duty.
    Next shipment due mid June - no pre orders.

    Item: 6553-C

    185 reviews
  • Residential
    Warm grey water wise starter kit in use on hose, spraying with the mist setting
    Water Wise Starter Set

    Water Wise Starter Set

    Full set of connectors + multi-function spray gun

    Item: 2270-WG

    959 reviews
  • Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

    Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

    The essential garden hand tool set

    Item: 6635-C

    51 reviews
  • Super Jet Washer

    Super Jet Washer

    Makes any cleaning job easy

    Item: 5563-WG

    1070 reviews
  • Extendable Cleaning Brush

    Extendable Cleaning Brush

    Super soft bristles + water flow control

    Item: 7004-WG

    291 reviews
  • Garden Tool Tote Bag

    Garden Tool Tote Bag

    Holds all your garden hand tools & accessories

    Item: 6580-CH

    29 reviews
  • Misting Timer

    Misting Timer

    Short misting cycle for automated cooling.

    Item: 5824

    99 reviews
  • Auto-fill Pet Water Bowl

    Auto-fill Pet Water Bowl

    Fills automatically to keep your thirsty pets hydrated!

    Item: 1003-WG

    49 reviews
  • Two path solar lights on a white background

    Hamptons Style Solar Path Light | 2 Pack | 16LED | MONTAUK

    Timeless coastal elegance
    Due mid June - no pre-orders

    Item: L337

    23 reviews
  • Solar Camp Light with white top and black base on a white background

    Solar Camp Light | 3 Colour Modes | 2 LED | MARSHMALLOW

    Illuminate your outdoor adventures

    Item: L611

  • Decorative Round Solar Wall Light 1LED - 2 Pack

    Round Solar Wall Lights | 1LED | 2 Pack | FLAIR

    Decorative lighting for your outdoor spaces

    Item: L110

    132 reviews
    Was $39.90
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  • Two solar up and down wall lights on white background

    Solar Up & Down Wall Light | 4 LED | 2 Pack | Warm White | GALLERY

    Makes a welcoming entrance light
    Next restock late May. No pre orders.

    Item: L112

    5 reviews
  • Two Solar Tiki Torch Lights on white background

    Tiki Solar Light | 2 Pack | FLAME

    Enhance your outdoor space with a cozy inviting glow

    Item: L331

    28 reviews