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Water Wise Starter Kit

With flow control, swivel function & trigger spray gun

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The innovative new Water Wise Starter Kit will put an end to all your hose woes.  This product is approved by Smart WaterMark.  For more information click here

Built tough for Aussie conditions, you can count on these hard wearing long lasting hose fittings to NEVER burst off your hose!

If you already have a hose, don’t worry about guessing which fittings you need to get started, this kit has it all. 

A kit with a difference:

  • The Accessory Connector with Swivel built-in, allows you to turn your spray gun without tangling your hose.
  • The Hose Connector with Flow Control gives you full water flow control at your fingertips without racing back to the tap.  Turn water on/off or adjust flow with ease.  Perfect for a quick and easy switch from spray gun to other watering accessory.
  • Premium 7-Function Spray Gun is durable, serviceable and with the trigger operation, meets the requirements of water boards.
  • Only Hoselink hose fittings are guaranteed to never burst off your hose.

Fitting any size Australian tap and standard size garden hose (12mm), these innovative hose fittings provide a 100% watertight connection every time.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed ‘point and twist’ connection they are easy to use for any age, including for those with arthritis.

To keep things as simple and user friendly as possible, the face of each fitting has been specifically engineered to be identical. This means each part of the Hoselink hose fitting system is completely interchangeable. You can connect taps to hoses, hoses to accessories, and hoses to hoses without needing additional parts. Now isn’t that easy.

This kit includes:

  • Universal Tap Connector + Hose Connector (for the tap end)
  • Hose Connector with Flow Control + Accessory Connector with Swivel (for the spray end)
  • Premium 7-Function Spray Gun
  • Spray Gun Lubricant & 3 Spare O'Rings

Learn how to connect Hoselink to your hose by watching the video here

Purchase Hoselink hose fittings and join thousands of Australians enjoying a better watering experience. Hoselink fittings are covered by a 3 Year Warranty and the Premium Metal Spray Gun is covered by a 12 month warranty.  If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within 30 days we’ll happily give you your money back.

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What's Included

Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

High quality, heavy duty metal spray gun with a soft grip rubber handle. Enjoy complete water control with 7 different spray settings. Long periods of watering are a breeze with the continuous spray lock feature.

Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector

Screws onto any size Australian tap for a watertight seal between your tap and hose.

Accessory Connector with Swivel

Accessory Connector with Swivel

The built-in swivel function prevents the hose from twisting when you're watering. Screws directly into the thread of your spray gun and connects to your hose.

Hose End Connector

Hose End Connector

Clamps onto your standard size garden hose (12mm) in a secure connection guaranteed to never burst off.

Hose Connector with Flow Control

Hose Connector with Flow Control

Provides full water flow control at your fingertips, no more running back to the tap to turn off the water. Makes switching watering accessories quicker and easier than ever.

Product Specifications

Model Name
Water Wise Starter Kit
Model Number
Fittings (nylon), spray gun (metal, rubber)
Green, yellow, metallic, black
Fitting Size
Sprayer Weight 395 grams
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty Premium 7-Function Spray Gun - 1 year
Tap Connector, Hose Connector - 3 years
Accessory Connector with Swivel & Hose Connector with Flow Control - 1 year

What's Included

  • Universal Tap Connector (x1)
  • Hose Connector (x1)
  • Hose Connector with Flow Control (x1)
  • Accessory Connector with Swivel (x1)
  • Premium Metal 7 Function Spray Gun (x1)
  • Spare O-Rings (x3)
  • White Split Rings (x2)
  • Spray Gun Lubricant
  • Fitting Instructions


Tap Connector 3 years
Hose End Connector 3 years
Hose Connector with Flow Control 12 months
Accessory Connector with Swivel 12 months
Premium 7-Function Spray Gun 12 months


Q. Can I use Hoselink with my other watering accessories, pressure washers, etc.?
A. Yes, it can be done either with an adapter or by direct connection.  For more information, see this link: http://www.hoselink.com.au/view/Sprinkler-Accessory-Compa

Q. Will this kit fit my tap?
A. The included Universal Tap Connector fits the 2 common tap sizes found in Australia, by way of use with or without the included size reducer.

Q. Can I use this kit with a recycled water tap?
A. Yes!  We now have a brass converter available that turns the reverse thread into a regular thread.  You can then attach our Universal Tap Connector to this.  See http://www.hoselink.com.au/buy/recycled-water-tap-converter/5748


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Water Wise Starter Kit has a rating of 5/5 based on 147 reviews.

Water Wise Starter Kit

By: Verified Buyer
9 March 2018
The product arrived very quickly, immediately hooked up to my hose, and have not looked back. Great product to date.


By: Verified Buyer
9 March 2018

I purchased 4 hoselink starter packs. On one hose the nozzle would just constantly blow off so we put the old one back on. On a second hose the same thing has started to happen. The fitting has been put on correctly but the nozzle has blown off 3 times.


Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review recently. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with you hose end connectors.

We have found all kinds of different hoses available on the market - all 12mm on the internal diametre therefore suit our fittings fine however sometimes the exterior lining of the hose is extremely thick or narrow which can cause some issues when trying to fit our hose end connectors to your hose! However we have a solution which is super easy to do at home and will resolve the problem for you!

All you need to do is use a pair of secateurs and make the gap in the white split ring wider. This will allow the split ring to clamp around the hose further should your hose be narrow or be able to fit around a larger diametre hose! When you look at the split ring (just near the split) you will see a faint indent across the entire width of the split ring which will indicate where you need to cut.

Once complete if you follow the same steps in fitting the connection to your hose, this should then hold in place.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,
The Hoselink Team



By: Verified Buyer
7 March 2018
Best fittings we've had foe our garden, by far.


By: Verified Buyer
3 March 2018
Thanks people excellent products will be buying more shortly

Water Wise Starter Kit

By: Verified Buyer
1 March 2018
Very happy with this purchase. Doesn't leak like so many other fittings. worked on some of my retractable hoses but one of them was a little too plastic-like to seal properly. May have to look at the Hoselink retractable hoses in the near future as the quality of products seems great. Thanks

Fantastic Product and service

By: Verified Buyer
25 February 2018
This product is by far the best one we have tried, we have tried many! Loved that it came so quick too, definitely highly recommend

love it

By: Verified Buyer
24 February 2018


By: Verified Buyer
23 February 2018
Love this product. No more bursting connectors. Won’t go back to cheaper hose accessories.


By: Verified Buyer
22 February 2018
This product is the best thing since sliced bread. I always had leaking hoses and they would burst off now I have no trouble with my hose. I would recommend this product to anyone considering this product......

Starter Pack

By: Verified Buyer
22 February 2018
arrived quickly and now no dripping or spraying where its not wanted . had great pleasure throwing out old fittings

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