Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

Great for trees and large shrubs

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An environmentally friendly way to water large trees and shrubs by delivering water directly to their roots underground.

The Hoselink Root Waterer & Soil Breaker attaches to your hose via the free Hoselink connector.  As you start to depress the pole into the ground, press the trigger to release water.  This will help the pole easily go into the ground to water roots.

By watering the roots of plants, you'll avoid wasting water through evaporation and ensure water is delivered directly to the roots.

You can also use this method to break up hard soil, making the removal of weeds or plants much easier.

The Root Water & Soil Breaker comes pre-fitted with a Hoselink Accessory Connector (12mm) for a quick and easy connection to your Hoselink fitted hose.

Special mention: We'd like to thank James Watkins for inventing this product. 



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Product Specifications

Root Waterer & Soil Breaker
Model Name Root Waterer & Soil Breaker
Model Number 5532
Material Aluminium, brass, ABS plastic
Colour Silver, gold, green
Maximum Pressure 150psi
Tube Length 85cm
UV Resistant Yes
Assembly Required Yes (simple)
Hose Fitting Size 12mm
Individual Item No
Warranty 1 year

What's Included

  • Root Waterer
  • Accessory Connector


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Root Waterer & Soil Breaker has a rating of 5/5 based on 31 reviews.

Happy customer

By: Verified Buyer
15 September 2018
I made my first purchase from Hoselink recently and didn't know what to expect. When the item I ordered arrived I was completely satisfied with the standard of quality and I plan to make further purchases from Hoselink in the future. I have to say that there is no false advertising here - you get what you see and then some.

root waterer and soil breker

By: Verified Buyer
29 August 2018
great product and even better service - well done!

A wonderful piece of garden equipment

By: Verified Buyer
18 February 2018
I have been using my Deep Water and Soil Breaker for a couple of years mainly establishing my lawn that I started with runners. I have plenty of water from our own underground supply. Some areas of clay soil were a little higher than others and I found that those areas lacking in moisture when using my sprinklers because of run off. I experimented with the Deep Water tool placing a number of watering holes on the high area. Problem fixed, after a short time I was able to just use the sprinkler, the water was not running off the high areas but down the holes that I had created. But another use that I have proven so great is the watering of small and large trees. I have a council park at my back fence with some well matured trees of about a third grown but struggling for water. I have also been planting some Queensland Bottle trees, here again absolutely wonderful. With the established trees first I developed about six holes about a meter from the trunks, those holes are now the full depth of the Deep Water device, approximately one meter deep, It is a hard mix of clay silt and black soil, dumped by council over about fifty years By the third watering the holes had reached the full depth of the tool, just with a little gentle movement of the handle of the device, but no real pressure. I also have found that if you start a new hole by 20 cm and just leave the water turned on when you come back in twenty minutes the probe will have found its way down to full depth, with very little water on the surface around the tree. Most of the trees now can be watered from one or two holes as the water has now found it way to all holes around individual trees. We have experienced weeks of 40 degree heat wave conditions and all small and large trees are responding so well. I water them once a week and have mulched them well, this also covers any of the holes and prevents the loss of moisture. A wonderful, wonderful Tool.

Water soil breaker.

By: Verified Buyer
15 December 2017
Very good product.

Can't do without it!!

By: Verified Buyer
5 October 2017
This is the best for hot weather watering as it gets water straight to the roots of the plants - I already notice a difference with the vitality of my hydrangeas. Thanks!!

What a product!

By: Verified Buyer
15 September 2017
I have been looking for something like this for years! I live in an area with poor soil quality and the water never quite gets to the roots with a traditional trigger sprayer. This enables you to get to the roots of the plants but is also very sturdy and has no leaks. It's that good that I have purchased a second for my place and also one for my father. Highly recommend!

Amazing Garden Product

By: Verified Buyer
5 March 2017
I purchased the Root Waterer and Soil Breaker for my Husband. Mainly to save his back from more pain. Well my Husband is over the moon with this. He calls it his miracle machine. Other comments are FABULOUS/SO EASY TO USE/HAS NEVER EVER SEEN ANY GARDEN IMPLEMENT LIKE THIS IN HIS WHOLE 70 + YEARS. He even takes friends into the garden to show off his new toy. Thankyou Hoselink for developing a garden implement that disabled people can use without any worry of injury

Great Idea

By: Verified Buyer
8 February 2017
I use this product for Garden Beds and Large Pot Plants. It gets the water down at the roots instead of sitting on top of the soil and soaking down. Definitely saves on water through lower evaporation. I was concerned about the strength of the product. Once opened I knew this was not going to be a problem - sturdy and well made. One word of caution - make sure the holes at the bottom are at least 1" down before turning water on to avoid soil being sprayed everywhere in a muddy mess. I wasn't looking at what I was doing - I'll blame the dog for distracting me.

Root waterer

By: Verified Buyer
8 February 2017
Great product thanks

what a great idea!

By: Verified Buyer
13 January 2017
This product is easy to use. Love the idea of watering efficiently

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