Recycled Water Tap Adapter

Converts 1" recycled grey water taps to standard thread

$ 8.50

Product Info

Recycled and grey water taps have a reverse thread and are often painted a mauve colour, to distinguish the water coming through the tap.

This product converts the reverse thread of grey and recycled water taps to a standard BSP thread which is found on regular taps in Australia.

You can now use Hoselink hose fittings on your recycled water taps by first attaching this Recycled Water Tap Adapator.  This brass adaptor screws directly onto your recycled or grey water tap.  You can then connect your Hoselink starter kit or Tap Connector as per usual.

It screws onto a 1" tap thread and presents a 1" thread for the hose fittings. 

This product is only suitable for use with recycled water taps and is an adaptor only.  You will need to purchase additional hose fittings to attach to this adaptor and to your hose.  We recommend selecting one of our starter kits.

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Product Specifications

  • Brass with rubber washer
  • Reverse thread for recycled water taps only
  • Fits 1" tap

Q. Do I need to buy anything else?
A. Yes, this will convert your recycled water tap into a regular thread. You can then attach a Hoselink Tap Connector. We recommend purchasing one of our starter kits in addition to this item.


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