Leader Hose Extension 5m

Adds length between hose reel and tap

$ 20.90

Product Info

For use with Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels.

Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels come fitted with a 2m leader hose.  When you add the 5m Leader Hose Extension it creates a 7m long reach between the tap and hose reel.

This item is a 5m length of hose with a Hose Connector on each end.  Simply connect one end to the Tap Connector and the other end to the Leader Hose.

Because it is an additional length, there will be a join between two Hose Connectors where the Extension Hose connects to the Leader Hose.  This is completely safe due to the no-burst nature of Hoselink Hose Fittings.

This is not a no kink hose so is only recommended for extending the reach of the leader hose. 

For the 25m Hi-flow Retractable Hose Reel you'll need the Hi-Flow Leader Hose Extension, click here

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Product Specifications


  • Hose Joiner (ie. 2 x Hose Connectors)
  • 5m Hose Reel Hose

Hose Connectors are pre-fitted to the hose.


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Leader Hose Extension 5m has a rating of 5/5 based on 189 reviews.

Adds versatility

By: Verified Buyer
18 February 2018
Let us place hosereel further from the tap and improve its reach. Recommended.

Convenient and handy.

By: Verified Buyer
9 January 2018
The 5 metre extension hose is ideal for setting up away from the tap outlet which, sometimes, is in an inconvenient spot. Great accessory.

Reel Accessories

By: Verified Buyer
28 December 2017
Along with the the 30 metre hose we also purchased Leader Hose Extension 5m & we were so happy we did. It is a real pleasure to purchase something & you don't get swamped with other problems,

Handy To Have

By: Verified Buyer
28 December 2017
Didn't use it yet as the hose link 5m was enough, but great quality and small price.

All bases covered!

By: Verified Buyer
26 December 2017
The extension gives me the added flexibility of placing an additional hose reel mount at another corner of the house where there is no tap, which gives me an additional 5m in length and avoids having to drag the hose around a corner, as the hose needs to be in a direct line with the hose reel when you extend it.

My hoselink hose

By: Verified Buyer
21 December 2017
You advertise it on tv saying that it won't burst, has quality fittings and reels out and retracts easily. Everything you have said is true. I love my hoselink hose. Thank you for being honest and making a quality product.


By: Verified Buyer
23 September 2017
Just what the doctor ordered without it my grass would be brown

Best hose ever

By: Verified Buyer
11 March 2017
No leaks and great service

5m hose extension

By: Verified Buyer
23 February 2017
I was unable to get a full 180 degree sweep. I used a pole opposite tap to mount hose and used extension to connect GREAT outcome. thanks

Ideal hose for small areas.

By: Verified Buyer
11 February 2017
5m length is ideal for use in a small patio area where you don't need or want to store a longer hose. Can handle the pressure with no risk of blowing out the connections.

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