Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm)

Complete water control at the end of your hose

$ 7.90

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Have full water control at your fingertips with Hoselink’s new design Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm) with easy-fit system and durable nylon construction. 

You fit it to the end of your hose in place of our standard Hose Connector, effectively turning the end of the hose into a tap!  Be sure to only use this connector at the end of the hose where water comes out.

Want to change from your spray gun to a Super Jet Washer?  Simple!  Just push the lever to turn off the water and change your watering accessory, then turn the water back on.  No getting wet or running back to the tap.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control can also be used to increase or decrease water pressure, without having to adjust your tap. 

  • Change spray accessories with ease
  • Water flow adjustment at your fingertips
  • Same fitting technology as all Hoselink no-burst hose fitting

It works by clamping your hose securely into your hose fitting so it won’t come apart.  This unique and patented technology utilises a barb and white split ring that locks your hose and fitting together in a super tough connection making it practically impossible to break.

Please take care not to drop the Hose Connector with Flow Control on hard surfaces, such as concrete, as it can be damaged with rough use or mishandling.  This product carries a 12 month warranty.

The Hose Connector with Flow Control is only compatible with Hoselink 12mm Hose Fittings.

Purchase Hoselink hose fittings and join thousands of Australian enjoying a better watering experience.  If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we’ll happily give you your money back.

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Product Specifications

Model Name
Hose Connector with Flow Controller
Model Number
Green and yellow
Hose Fitting Size
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required Yes
Individual Item Yes
Warranty 12 months

What's Included

  • 1 x Hose Connector with Flow Control 12mm

Q. How do I use the Hose Connector with Flow Control?
A. You need to fit it to the spray end of your hose, just like you would a Hoselink Hose Connector.  If you already have a Hose Connector on the end of your hose, you can replace it with a Hose Connector with Flow Control. 

Q. Can I use the Hose Connector with Flow Control at the tap end, as a tap?
A. No, you cannot use of this product at the tap end.  A metal tap is a more reliable way to turn off the water supply. Water must flow out of the Hose Connector with Flow Control, not into it.

Q. What does the Hose Connector with Flow Control do?
A. It has a ball valve inside that allows you to turn the water flow on or off and to adjust water pressure when needed. This makes it a convenient addition to your hose.

Q. How do I remove the Hose End Connector from my hose?
A. Unscrew the nut and use a screwdriver to lever the white split ring a few centimetres up the hose. Place the whole connector and hose end into a cup of very hot water to soften the hose.  Drain off the water, put the connector between your feet and pull the hose straight up.


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Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm) has a rating of 5/5 based on 68 reviews.

spare part

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2018
well i thought it was all going to hard to order my replacement part, but it wasnt.... the part was pictured and i just clicked and ordered it, that easy, didn't even need man of the house............ speedy delivery too, thankyou

Hose connector

By: Verified Buyer
30 September 2018
Does what you say

Connector with Flow Control

By: Verified Buyer
24 September 2018
I purchase this item for my husband to make it easier for him to switch connections without having to walk back to the tap and switch it off. It has made life a lot easier so thank you.

Hose System.

By: Verified Buyer
10 September 2018
You cannot buy any better.

Flow control/complete control

By: Verified Buyer
6 September 2018
The Hoselink connector with flow control, is a great idea. We are in a rural area, and have a lot of hose watering requirements. The flow control allows us to switch the pump on and regulate the watering to exactly what is required without having to walk back to the tap each time. A great idea. We would not consider anything but Hoselink with their strength and security of not coming apart, especially when needed. Having experienced the potential hazards when other types of water fittings fail in bush fire situations, there is no other choice for me than Hoselink. Thank you Hoselink

A robust product with an unfortunate weak link

By: Verified Buyer
2 September 2018
My connector with flow control failed today (1.9.18) due to the poor construction of the On/Off lever being the key part. This is very good accessory saving much time in going back and forth to connect /disconnect other accessories, sometimes up to 30 metres plus each time. Also making cleaning jobs easier I found. The lever constructed of plastic obviously doesn't like the outdoors. The flow connection being an integral part of my hose system remains attached. The lever should be constructed of metal. Noting its size would not be expensive. I noted someone else in a colder climate has experienced a similar situation. The lever appears to have developed stress cracks around the attachment screw holes. In use terms the flow accessory doesn't get that much actual work, spasmodic maybe a good description. A great accessory which I initially was very pleased with but unfortunately this flaw in the construction once broken renders the unit useless. Very Disappointed.

Hoselink's Response

Hi Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! It's really disappointing to hear this happened to your Flow Control Connection. We are always looking for ways to improve our products wherever possible so I have passed your feedback on to the products team for reviewing. I can also see that our customer service team has sent out a replacement lever for you to get this issue resolved. Please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great for Camping

By: Verified Buyer
1 September 2018
This product is great for controlling the water flow when filling our camping trailer water tank. It us the ability to turn off the water at the tank end and limit any spillage.

Flow control connector

By: Verified Buyer
24 August 2018
Great product very pleased with not having to walk back to the tap to turn it on or off.

Excellent idea, but quality is an issue

By: Verified Buyer
27 June 2018

These are an excellent idea, and very handy when you are a long way from the tap and wish to change fittings without water going everywhere! Unfortunately the quality of these fittings is an issue - so far we have had two of these fail due to the yellow plastic flow controller becoming brittle and breaking, rendering the fittings useless. Would be improved if this part could be substituted for a full metal part that is not susceptible to UV degradation.


Hi Rod,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate your feedback on this product. This is definitely something that we have noticed and have made improvements on therefore I have sent you an email about replacement fittings.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team


Service and Products

By: Verified Buyer
8 March 2018
Very pleased with product and excellent customer service, will be dealing with Hoselink for any future needs I require that they supply.

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