Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer

Why You Need A Tap Timer In Your Garden

Adriana Camilleri

Our gardens serve a purpose: to decorate, to supply food to our kitchens, as well as a place for solitude, relaxation and meditation. Whether you are just starting or your thumbs are well and truly green, your garden will benefit from a good hydration boost.

Just like gardeners, all plants need water for life. Plants need water to grow higher branches, more vibrant petals, fruitful produce, and more robust root systems. Water is an essential component of the photosynthesis process, which involves taking the energy from sunlight and using it to convert carbon dioxide and water into food.

Water is the transporter of nutrients through a plant. The nutrients are delivered to the stem of the plant, up through the leaves, down to the roots and out into the soil. Without water, food cannot be supplied to a plant, which means its overall health is severely impacted. Without water for a sustained period, a plant will become sick and could become host to a range of bugs and diseases. Its growth rate will be stunted, and the likelihood of fruit or seeds minimised. The soil around the plant will also dry up, reducing its access to nutrients and eventually killing it.

So, what do you do if you forget to water? Never fear as you can always invest in a reliable tap timer.

What is a tap timer?

A tap timer is an automatic device that can be attached to any garden tap you would usually attach a hose to for manual watering. A tap timer is ideal for hooking up to irrigation or sprinkler systems, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to water or turn off the tap. A tap timer is also the perfect addition to a water-conscious garden, so you do not have to worry about over-watering your plants – you can program the timer to water for any length of time you desire. A tap timer is the answer to any gardeners’ water management plan. If you are a gardener who forgets to water their plants, or you are worried about the lack of water your plants will receive when you’re on holiday, then a tap timer is the perfect addition to your garden.

How does it work?

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer is a 180mm in length by 85mm in width device that fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to fix to your garden tap. The timer is designed with both a ¾-inch and 1-inch tap thread designed to fit any standard Australian garden tap. These threads can be screwed directly on to your tap with no extra fittings or tools required. This is the assembly done with, and now all you need to do is program your timer.

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How to program the timer

Once the timer is fitted to your garden tap, the large LED display screen makes it simple to program to your desired garden water management plan. The screen also has a built-in energy-saving function that turns the screen off when not in use. First, ensure you insert two AA batteries into the back of the device. It is essential to secure the back-cover flush with the casing when you’re done, so give it a firm press down to ensure the cover is in place. This will create a watertight seal to keep water out, prolonging the life of the device.

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer comes with a multitude of setting options to allow you to fully customise your watering routine. You can program the timer to water your garden for any duration between one second and 300 minutes, and as frequently as one hour to every 15 days.

The timer has a manual ‘on/off’ watering feature, so you do not have to turn off your automatic settings or reprogram your device if you wish to water your garden in-between your set schedule manually. It also has a handy rain setting so you can temporarily stop your watering schedule if rain begins to fall.

Hoselink Automatic Tap Timers come with an instruction manual to help guide you through all the settings and features. With the ease of setting up the Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer and the multitude of watering functions, the only problem you’ll have is forgetting how to manually water once this device is set up in your backyard!

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What is the water frequency?

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer can be set to water from every 1 hour up to every 15 days, giving you an ample amount of time to manage the water frequency to your exact preference. If you are setting up your tap timer for the maximum amount of scheduled days, we recommend you check the battery indicator to ensure there’s enough power to last through this duration. If you intend to go away on holiday, we suggest replacing the used batteries with new ones to prevent your tap timer from running out of juice while you’re away. If this is not an option for you, why not ask a neighbour or friend to check on the timer while you are gone?

What pressure of water can run through the timer?

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer can withstand a maximum pressure of 150psi.

What if it rains and I don’t want my tap timer to come on?

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer has a speciality function called the rain delay. This function is manual, so will require you to check the weather forecast and set the rain delay function to ‘ON’, so that when the rain starts to fall the tap timer will not disperse extra water on to your garden. This is the perfect function for water-saving and desert-thriving gardens. Just don’t forget to push the same button again when you’re ready for the timer to resume its usual automatic schedule.

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Is the tap timer compatible with Hoselink connectors?

Yes, the Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer works seamlessly with our Universal Tap Connector and your Hoselink-fitted hose. Screw the Universal Tap Connector on to the bottom thread of the timer (the top thread screws directly on to your tap), and you are ready to attach it to your Hoselink-fitted hose. Easy!

Key takeaways

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer is:

  • Water-efficient – The timer helps save water through its programming technology. Set it up to water at the correct time of day for your garden, and the exact amount of time you want your yard to be watered for.
  • Time-saving – By using a timer, you’ll have more time to spend pruning, weeding, planting or simply enjoying your garden, helping you to make the most of your outdoor space.
  • Easy to use and set up - This device might be compact, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in simplicity and function. The buttons are clearly marked with each functionality, and the LED screen has a large digital display, making it simple to read. There is no assembly required, simply pull it out of the box, insert your batteries, screw on to the garden tap and connect your hose. Simple!
  • Stylish design - The timer has a sleek black casing with grey trim as well and our signature Hoselink logo.
  • Durable - The tap timer is weatherproof and has a one-year warranty.
  • Versatile - With the ease of Hoselink connectors and Hoselink’s reliable kink-resistant hoses, the options are endless. Connect your tap timer to a Hoselink sprinkler or irrigation kit for the ultimate watering experience. The garden is your oyster with the Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer!

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