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Top 5 Essential Tools for Beginner Gardeners

Holly Noakes

Do you want to start growing your own food at home but aren’t sure where to start and what tools you will need? Well, look no further as today, I am sharing my top five tools for every home gardener. These tools are everyday essentials in the garden, so it's important they are high-quality and easy to use.

Gardening can be frustrating at times, especially when you’re a beginner gardener trying to work out why your plants have suddenly decided to lose the will to live (yes, I’m talking to you, sassy house plants!) So, having quality tools you can rely on is extremely important.

Sustainable gardening is all about creating systems that work together to create ease, flow and balance. It shouldn't feel forced or too hard. If it does, then stop, and think if there is a better solution. If it continues to be complex, time-consuming and frustrating, then it won't be sustainable long-term, and you're more likely to give up or do it less often. This, in turn, will mean your garden will suffer, and you will be completely discouraged to continue.

Having quality tools and easy-to-follow routines will level up your garden's production. If you have a limited amount of time to spend tending to your garden, then these five tools will help you maximise your efficiency and output, giving you more free time to spend enjoying your beautiful garden and fruitful harvests.

These top five tools will help get you started on your journey to growing and developing your own edible garden. There are many different tools involved in home gardening, but I have picked the top 5 that I think are the most important to get you started.

1. Retractable Hose Reel for easy watering

Honestly, once you have a retractable hose, you will never go back. I used to get so frustrated and end up skipping watering days with my old, kinked hose because I just couldn't be bothered to deal with it. This meant my gardens suffered, and on sweltering days it is so important to give your gardens a quick drink in the morning before you rush off to work. Having a retractable hose in a convenient location will help you keep your gardens thriving all year round.

The Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel also features a Hose Connector with Flow Control, which allows you to decrease the amount of water flowing for small pots or delicate plants, as well as shut the water off entirely without needing to return to the tap.

A tool like this will help create ease and flow in your gardening routine and stops watering from becoming a tedious task. Watering is now my form of quiet meditation. It allows me to spend more quality, productive time in the garden.


30m Retractable Hose Reel | Charcoal

30m Retractable Hose Reel | Charcoal

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Was $275.00
Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

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Was $42.90

2. Garden Fork, Trowel and Weeder Set

The ergonomic hand trowel and fork tools are essentials in the home garden. Most of the time, you are digging small holes to plant seedlings, so they are the perfect size for the task. These hand tools are great for so many jobs in the garden, from planting to harvesting, weeding or maintenance. Having tools that perform multiple functions is also much more economical, especially when you start out. I recommend choosing tools that you will use for a range of different gardening purposes.


3. Secateurs

Having a quality pair of secateurs for your home garden is so important! You will use these regularly to take cuttings, harvest vegetables and prune your plants and trees. They must be high quality and extra sharp to ensure it is easy and clean to cut, which is important to the plant's health.

It is essential to make clean cuts on stems and branches so that the tree can heal quickly and regrow correctly from the same location. If you are taking cuttings for propagation, it is vital that the stem is cut clean and the end is not squashed or damaged; otherwise, roots will not form.

Harvesting with secateurs also reduces the risk of unnecessary damage to the plant by accidentally pulling the plant out whilst trying to pick your vegetables. Harvesting your vegetables and herbs regularly can also increase your plant’s production. It's a win-win!


Peach Secateurs on a white background

Secateurs 225mm | Peach

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Secateurs 225mm | Sage

Secateurs 225mm | Sage

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Was $35.90

4. Garden Gloves

Garden gloves are an essential form of protection when working outside. Your garden gloves will undoubtedly get a good workout, and they are not something you want to buy after every single use. Poor quality gardening gloves will not protect your hands and allow dirt particles to pass through the fabric easily. As much as I love getting my hands in the soil, it is important to use gloves when you can. Harmful bacteria can get into small cuts on your hands, and plant thorns or sharp sticks can be dangerous when you are weeding. The Hoselink Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves are lightweight, breathable and keep debris out. They are suitable for all home gardening needs, plus; they are machine washable, so you can freshen them up after a weekend in the garden.


Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves

Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves

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Was $7.50
Garden Tool Tote Bag

Garden Tool Tote Bag

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Was $39.90

5. Garden Tool Tote Bag

This is where you keep all your small gardening tools, spare hose parts, sharpeners, plant labels, etc. Have you ever gone out to look at the garden or pick something and then end up pulling a few weeds, notice a branch that needs removing, or you find a bunch of extra ripe fruit or veggies ready to be picked? This garden tote bag allows you to have all your tools handy and even works as a harvesting bag to carry your ripe produce back inside.

Having everything in one convenient place means you can grab and go without wasting time trying to search your garden beds for lost tools (which are usually green and brown and impossible to find when you need them). This Garden Tool Tote Bag is essential for gardening efficiency and will help you achieve more in the garden. Keeping your tools together and out of the weather will also extend their life.

So, there you have it, five essential tools that will help you get started on creating a thriving edible home garden. They each have multiple uses and are perfect for small urban gardens or large-scale backyards. Use these tools on both your outdoor and indoor plants. It is important to remember to keep your tools clean and dry to extend their lifespan. Cleaning your tools regularly will also stop any pests and diseases from being transferred to other areas of your garden.

Starting an edible home garden is so exciting. There are always opportunities to continue learning and developing your skills, and in return, your garden's production will increase. Building layers of knowledge and watching your baskets start to overflow with an abundance of fresh produce is such a rewarding process. It's not about needing more land or having a bigger garden; it's about constantly improving and working more efficiently with what you have. You have the potential to grow so much food in the smallest of spaces if you utilise it and plant efficiently.


Get the basics right at the start, and you can continue creating lush edible gardens to feed you and your family for years to come!

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