Gifts for Gardeners

From edible gardens to pot plants, maintaining lush lawns to cutting tools, we’ve got a range of brilliant gifts for seasoned and novice gardeners alike to aid them in every outdoor project. To help take the legwork out of finding the right Christmas pressie, we've rounded up our favourite gardening gifts for the festive season ahead. Including a Secret Santa Gift Guide!  

Pink Secateurs  

Brighten up your garden tool box with these vibrant secateurs. Ideal for pruning, trimming and cutting all manner of plants, shrubs and small trees, you’ll be able to prune with ease using the sharp Japanese steel blade suitable for even heavy-duty cutting jobs. Featuring a non-slip grip, these secateurs are reliable and lightweight with an ergonomically-designed handle to alleviate the strain on your hands. They even feature a safety lock for storage. 


Garden Tool Tote Bag  

Keep all of your tools close by and in one place with Hoselink’s Garden Tool Tote Bag. With various internal and external organisation pockets, it’s perfect for many tools and items you may need in the garden. This gift is ideal for someone who may not have a shed for storage or just likes to have a selection of tools nearby to avoid going back and forth to the shed. The Garden Tool Tote Bag is also machine washable, so you won’t need to worry if it gets mucky! 

garden tool tote bag

Organic Plant Health Seaweed Tonic  

Whether your gift receiver has indoor or outdoor plants, they are definitely going to be appreciative of some Plant Health Seaweed Tonic. Not only is it organic, but it’s perfect for resurrecting a sick plant or keeping existing ones in great shape.  


Stainless Steel Multipurpose Garden Knife  

This handy all-purpose garden tool does far more than simply cutting. Beautifully presented with a leather-look protective sleeve, the knife has a pointed tip to help penetrate hard soil, a serrated edge perfect for opening plastic bags and slicing through weed roots, an engraved depth gauge ideal for measuring how deep to sow your seeds and bulbs, plus a curved shape for easy digging. Functional, lightweight and durable, the Multipurpose Garden Knife has a contoured handle with a textured non-slip finish to give you a firm grip for safe use. 


Pruning Saw  

If you have an orchard, lots of trees or any large, demanding branches in the garden, then we recommend our Pruning Saw to tackle tree limbs with ease. Perfect for cutting through sticky sap-laden branches and many other tough pruning jobs, the saw will continue to cut through with its sharp, low-stick teeth and high-quality blade made from ultra-sharp carbon steel. Its curved rubber grip handle allows for two-hand use to give you full control when sawing, and the blade conveniently folds into the handle for safe storage when not in use. To learn more about pruning with this saw, watch this video with our Resident Horticulturist Ben Hayman: The Secret to Using a Pruning Saw with Ben Hayman | How-to Garden Series | Episode 6. 


Garden Knee Pads  

Protect your joints as you garden with these convenient and functional Knee Pads. The lightweight, hard-wearing knee pads are fully adjustable to give the perfect fit, with two Velcro straps that fasten behind the knee. Ideal for comfort on the go, the pads are designed to be both strong and stretchy, made from soft, water-resistant neoprene that moulds to your knees to protect them from injury or inflammation as you plant, mulch and prune. 

knee pads

Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set  

All the essential hand tools for one great price, this classic Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set is perfect for digging, potting, planting, cultivating and weeding. No gardener should be without these durable tools featuring stainless steels ends and ergonomically-designed soft rubber handles for added comfort and grip. The Trowel is ideal for digging through soil and planting seeds; the Fork makes quick work of cultivating the soil and lifting weeds; whilst the Weeder is designed to uproot weeds in one swift action using its pointed split-tip fork end also suitable for scraping out unwanted plants from in between pavers. Tools also available to buy separately. 



Once you’ve got the plants, you’ll need to keep up the maintenance. With Hoselink’s Guillotine Lopper, you can cut through branches big and small using its Teflon-coated high-carbon steel blade. Cutting quickly and cleanly through branches up to 45mm thick, this speciality tool features aluminium handles and a steel head designed to hook over branches to help steady them in place before cutting. 


Weeper Hose

Your garden can’t grow without water, and if you’ve chosen to plant a veggie patch or live in a particularly scorching part of Australia, then it’s well worth picking up a Weeper Hose to meet your garden’s needs. This clever hose seeps out water instead of spraying it, allowing the water to be soaked up by the soil instantly from the source, avoiding water wastage and helping to prevent evaporation during hot summers. Made from nylon, the hose is best used with low water pressure and can be positioned in a straight line or gentle curve above ground or buried under a thin layer of mulch. The Weeper Hose comes in a choice of 7.5m or 15m lengths that can also be easily joined together - no extra fittings required! 


Stand-up Weed Puller 

It’s no surprise the Hoselink Stand-Up Weed Puller is a best seller, it makes even the dullest job (weed pulling) oddly satisfying! It has been ergonomically designed to avoid bending over too far and having to damage your knees or back. This gift is perfect for anyone with a lawn and will absolutely be well-loved and used in any home!  


Retractable Hose Reel  

While this may seem like an obvious mention, why not give your loved one the gift of an easy home watering experience? Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels are available in 20m, 30m and Hi-Flow 25m, meaning they can suit homes of all different shapes and sizes. These are also available in charcoal or light grey colourways, which will complement most colour schemes. With a ‘stop-anywhere’ locking system, Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels will offer convenience as well as automatic retraction, helping you avoid kinks and tangles. Treat a loved one to five-star watering this Christmas! 


Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Under $25 

Crackle Glass Jar Solar Light 

One of Hoselink’s newest Solar Light additions, the Crackle Glass Jar Solar Light is a beautiful gift that is sure to light up your Secret Santa... literally! This one will definitely be a crowd favourite at Kris Kringle this year. The light looks great hung up or set on a table and has a unique, eye-catching design that is great for decorating and illuminating any outdoor space.  


Handy Snippers 

Hoselink’s Handy Snippers are a perfect Secret Santa gift for the silly season this year. If you know someone who has indoor or outdoor plants then these, like the name suggests, are super handy! They are small in size but big on cutting power, ideal for snipping herbs and flowers.  


Solar Garden Fairy Party Lights  

Fairy lights are a must-have for the upcoming festive season! Hoselink’s Solar Garden Fairy Party lights are available in warm or cool white colourways. They are also weather resistant, meaning they are perfect for year-round celebrating. Give someone the gift of eco-friendly, ambient lighting to brighten up their Christmas.


Planter Bag  

Hoselink’s Planter Bags are a gift you can't go wrong with! Available in three different sizes, these are perfect for planting, collecting debris, or temporarily storing plants while you move home or search for the perfect pot. These are cost effective and make a great secret Santa gift.  


Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves 

Soft, breathable, eco-friendly and lightweight, these Bamboo Garden Gloves promise comfort whilst protecting your hands as you work in the yard. Elasticated around the wrist to keep out debris, the seamless gloves are latex dipped underneath for extra grip as you garden. The gloves come in small, medium and large sizes. They also make an excellent stocking stuffer! 


Slate Plant Labels 

Get organised in the garden with these beautiful Slate Plant Labels designed to help you easily identify plants and edibles as they grow in your garden beds and pots. Write your choice of plant, herb, fruit or veg names with our Silver Marker Pen for the perfect finish, available to purchase separately or in a discounted bundle. With individually cut edges and a rustic finish, the weatherproof black labels come in a pack of five and can be wiped clean with methylated spirits for use again and again. 

slate plant labels

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