5 Things To Know About Hoselink Fittings

There are so many things to love about Hoselink fittings, from their ability to last you for years to come, to user-friendly design and of course, the no leak or burst guarantee. Here are five things you may not have known about Hoselink fittings and the many reasons to try them out today.  

1. No Leaks or Bursts  

Say goodbye to the frustrating parts of using a hose and fittings that don’t quite work or leave you drenched in water! Hoselink’s patented fittings are a completely unique design that delivers a watering experience like no other, saving you the headaches and annoyances. Hoselink’s fittings create a water-tight connection by using a screw-on connection and O-Ring to O-Ring seal. Hoselink fittings have been designed with two different points of connection. One is the split ring and the other is the O-ring. The split ring keeps the hose end locked into the connector and the O-ring ensures the connectors do not come apart from each other. Having a reliable connection between the bayonet fittings is especially important for our water conservation efforts. Did you know that a leaking tap can waste 9000 litres of water per year? It has become increasingly important to save water and therefore having reliable watering products is essential. Our fittings are also backed by Smart Approved Watermark, so you know you are getting a trusted and effective product.  

hoselink fittings connected 

2. Easy to Use  

Using a simple point and twist motion, all Hoselink fittings are beginner-friendly and have been ergonomically designed to prevent strain on joints when using them. This is particularly useful for people who suffer from arthritis. Having easy to use fittings may not be as overrated as you think, by making it simple you are encouraging other family members to use it and maybe even get some chores done! Plus, less is more, with more multipurpose fittings, you won’t need the excess clutter that we all know can happen easily when it comes to home maintenance equipment.  

hoselink accessory connector

Did you know we also make 18mm fittings for those in rural environments? This is perfect if you are in an environment where the water pressure is low or you are using a water supply from a dam or a tank. Nobody misses out on an easy watering solution and these larger fittings can also be adapted using a 12mm to 18mm converter kit.  

3. There's a fitting for everything!  

No matter the accessory you are after, Hoselink has a fitting for it! We have worked hard to make our fittings as versatile as possible, not only to save time but also to minimise our environmental impact. When it comes to our fittings, it's all for one and one for all, with no such thing as male or female thread, all of our fittings can connect to each other, once again making the entire system work seamlessly and easily! If you’ve been wanting to try any Hoselink accessories such as the Fertiliser Spray Mixer, shower spray wand or even a sprinkler, it's easier than ever to do that just by using the Hoselink Accessory Connector. The fitting will simply twist onto your chosen accessory and then point and twist onto your Hose End Fitting. Swapping out accessories can be made even easier by using the Hose End Connector with Flow Control. This will allow you to stop the water flow from the palm of your hand rather than going back to the tap, this is a great time saver. Have you checked out our camping and caravan collection? It includes Hoselink fittings that make it easier than ever to use water in your home away from home.  

hoselink fittings

4. Adaptable  

No matter what your existing set-up is, altering it to suit Hoselink’s ecosystem is easily done. We guarantee that once you try our fittings, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try it sooner! We have created different bundles to get you started based on the existing watering products you may have. A common example of adapting to Hoselink is an existing garden hose you may have. You can simply take off the fittings already attached and follow a few simple steps to add Hoselink fittings. Take our Basic Starter Set, this includes two Hose End Fittings, a Universal Tap Connector and one Accessory Connector. Once you have removed the old fittings, cut the ends of your Hose using Secateurs or a sharp knife. Place the white split ring so it is flush with the end of the hose. Dip the end of the hose into a mug of boiling water to soften the hose end. Push down the end of the hose into the connector as far as it will go. Screw on the nut. Repeat this on the other end. Once the hose has been adapted to Hoselink fittings, you can use your Universal Tap Connector to attach it to your tap. The Universal Tap Connector has a removable thread so it will fit both of the standard tap sizes in Australia. An Accessory Connector is an excellent fitting to have on hand so that you can quickly connect to a Sprayer or watering Accessory like a Cleaning Brush or Super Jet Washer. The Accessory Connector simply attaches to your Hose End using a point and twist motion.  

If converting your system isn’t something you’d like to do, you can always use one of our adaptor fittings or adaptor sets to convert any of your products. For more information on this, check out our Adapting to Hoselink page by clicking here.  

adapting to hoselink

Now you can enjoy a leak and burst free watering experience! To watch the full video on fitting instructions, click here.  

5. Durable and Long Lasting 

Hoselink fittings were built for the tough Aussie conditions and will withstand almost any climate, no matter how extreme the conditions may be. Better yet, you’ll never need to worry about pressure causing the fittings to burst off, as they can withstand high water pressure of up to 500psi! The average water pressure in a household is only 100psi, so the chances of reaching the maximum are very slim. If you’re worried about sun damage to your Hoselink fittings, fear not, they are all made from a durable high-quality nylon with UV protection. We have several customers who bought in our early days (the late ’90s!) and still have their fittings. A worthy investment if you ask us! If you're still not convinced, Hoselink’s fittings are backed by a 3-Year warranty (on standard hose fittings which include: Universal Tap Connector, Hose End Connector and Accessory Connector). Other fittings have a 12-Month warranty. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Hoselink fittings, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They are available to help with any questions you may have and are available via online chat, phone, or email.  

fittings in collection

There you have it, five things you need to know about Hoselink’s fittings. Visit our website for more information and if you have any questions or aren’t sure which products are right for you, get in touch with our friendly customer service team.  

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