5 Things To Know About Hoselink Fittings

We have put together a quick guide on everything you need to know about your Hoselink fittings. We are also sharing a few reasons why Hoselink fittings are going to make your watering experience in garden the most efficient and care free.

bursting off hose

Never Bursts Off, really?

Yes, we guarantee our fittings will never burst off! You may have experienced this in the past whilst working with other branded hoses or taps and the next minute you are soaked because your fitting has burst off!

Why our fittings never Burst off

Our fittings have a unique way that they fit to the hose. Our fittings have been ergonomically designed with a bayonet style connection so you simply line up the two fittings and point and twist to connect. Once connected, the two fittings are 100% watertight.

Easy to use?

Yes! Our fittings are simple and easy to use. They are great for any age including for those with arthritis.

Fittings: All for one and one for all

All Hoselink connectors will connect to each other – there are no male or female ends so unlike other brands you never have to worry about whether or not your fittings are going to match up. We like to make your life simple!

Connecting your Existing watering Equipment to Hoselink?

No problem! If you have watering products from another brand you can still introduce Hoselink fittings and connectors to your watering family. You can remove the fittings on your other branded products and replace with a Hoselink connector or else you can connect via one of our adaptors. Yes, it is a simple as that!


Our products are built to last. We mean it. We only use durable materials and exhaust testing in the harshest conditions to ensure we bring you the best possible products.

Transferring an existing Hose End Connector fitting onto a new hose?

Yes, no problem! If you want to remove our fitting from an old hose and place it on a new hose you can do that. Unlike other brands with crimped on connectors, Hoselink can be re-fit, in a couple of simple steps.

Removing the Hose End connector from your Hose:
1. Unscrew the yellow nut.
2. Use a small screwdriver in the gap of the white split ring to wedge it back up the hose.
3. Submerge fitting in boiling water for 10 seconds.
4. Remove from water, place the fitting between your feet and firmly pull upwards.

For the full Hoselink Fitting Instructions please visit: https://www.hoselink.com.au/view/hoselink-fitting-instructions/

Happy Watering!

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