When it comes to adorable additions to the garden, I don’t kid around… Whether they’re screaming, doing yoga or learning to walk in a wheelchair for the first time, goats are hugely popular on the internet. But why are these mammals the new it thing? I can’t give you a definitive answer, but this selection of some of my favourites may just make you a goat lover. Be warned, they’re almost too cute to handle. 


They're a little bit (or a lot) mischievous, just like human kids...

Baby goat with tongue outImage Source


And just as energetic!

jumping baby goat
Image Source


This one has found a great place to stand…

goat standing on woman
Image Source


And this one has found a Labrador to cuddle.

Baby goat and labrador
Image Source


Apparently baby goats look adorable in jumpers…

baby goat wearing jumper
Image Source


So here’s a second one.

goat in jumper
Image Source


And cute never goes out of style!

baby goat wearing sunglasses
Image Source


Here are a couple of best friends enjoying the garden.

two goats with flowers
Image Source


And these two having a chat by the fence.

two goats playingImage Source


And if you’re still not convinced that goats are adorable, just look at Frostie the Snow Goat walking for the first time (accompanied by his piglet friend)!

goat in wheelchair with pig
Image Source


Or this little guy munching on a leaf.

baby goat eating leaf
Image Source


And last but not least, this group having a little afternoon nap...

baby goats sleeping
Image Source


What's not to love?!


*Unless you’re truly committed to caring for a pet goat, and have the space to accommodate it, please stick to scanning for cute photos online!