Perfect Paths

Perfect Paths


A path in your garden can be an opportunity to create something very special out of something very practical. I have put together a collection of perfect paths for your inspiration.

A path made of tiny stones dipicting a peacock

Path #1

This isn’t just any path this is a work of art.

Red brick crazy paving path

Path #2

A gorgeous rustic brick path gives a cottage garden feel.

Gravel path with squiggly edge

Path #3

The simple pebbles aren’t the main feature of this path, it’s the curved edging.

bricks amongst block paving

Path #4

Paving slabs with a brick middle, stop the path from being very plain.

slabs, pebbles and stones make up a path

Path #5

Mixing textures and patterns makes for an interesting feature.

simple stripes of wood make a short path

Path #6

Paths don’t have to be massive to make a big impression.

Large slabs of concrete make a stepping stone path

Path #7

More than just stepping stones, wonderful how there isn’t a simple straight edge.

wood chip path through a flower bed

Path #8

Using a natural material such as this wood chip, creates a seamless blend with the garden.

Large stepping stone slabs

Path #9

These big stones slabs each have their own character creating a perfectly imperfect path.

Slabs make a floating stepping stone path over pond

Path #10

For those of you with a big water feature then this floating path way is just gorgeous.

There is something for everyone from the simple and stylish to the fancy and impressive. If you have your own perfect path please share a picture with us over on our Facebook page.

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