Great Garden Gates

Great Garden Gates


Not only are gates useful, keeping things in or out of your garden, they can be a magnificent part of your garden. Some gates are recycled from unexpected items and some are wonderful works of art or both. Here are some truly great gates….

Recycled Metal work gate

Gate #1

Wonderful project for those handy people with lots of old tools not quite ready for the bin.

Recycled Bicycle Gate

Gate #2

A very unique gate, made from an old bicycle.

Incredible metal tree art gate

Gate #3

An absolute work of art.

Amazing winking eye metal gate

Gate #4

Amazing! This gate certainly stands out from the crowd.

Rustic distressed wooden gate

Gate #5

A very gorgeous rustic pair of gates.

Metal birds wooden gate

Gate #6

A wonderfully simply gate with one very special feature.

Stunning flower metal work gate

Gate #7

Wonderful fits in beautifully with the great hedge.

Wonderful wrought iron gate leading to a lake

Gate #8

Whilst the gate is fabulous it what’s beyond it that really steals the show.

Wooden colouring pencils colourful gate

Gate #9

If you have a kids play area or they have their own vegie patch then this would be a wonderful gate.

Recycled metal bedframe gate

Gate #10

Clever use for an old bed frame.

Simple wooden gate painted green with climbing flowers

Gate #11

A simple gate can be turned into something special with a splash of colour.

Simple grey gate with flower basket

Gate #12

Adding some decoration and a flower basket changes a normal gate into something rather beautiful.

A garden gate really can be a wonderful thing, hopefully this has inspired you to get a great garden gate if you haven’t already.

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